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Helping skills for human service workers; building relationships and encouraging productive change, 2d ed.


Helping skills for human service workers; building relationships and encouraging productive change, 2d ed.

France, Kenneth et al.

C.C. Thomas


364 pages




France (psychology, Shippensburg U.) et al. present this textbook that describes communication skills for students and those in human service industries, such as crisis intervention, case management, mental health, and social services. They provide examples of ways to respond to clients, methods of creating positive relationships, problem solving, fine-tuning, establishing goals, nonverbal communication, scheduled appointments, and working with various types of client groups, like children and older people. The appendices contain exercises and sample consent forms. The new edition has updated research and expanded material discussing positive relationships and problem solving, and maladaptive behavior. The book was previously titled Supportive Interviewing in Human Service Organizations; some of the information appears in Crisis Intervention: A Handbook of Immediate Person-to-Person Help, Fourth Edition, from 2002.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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