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Helping our patients.

We, as nephrology nurses and technologists, can certainly affect how our patients live their years with chronic kidney disease in many different ways. In this issue of the CANNT Journal we have two different articles that both try to look at placing a more theoretical perspective on how we can help our patients.


The first article, entitled "Compliance, adherence, and self-management: Is a paradigm shift possible for chronic kidney disease clients?" is by Lucia Costantini. Lucia is a Master's in Nursing student at Ryerson University and a staff nurse in the hemodialysis department at Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga, Ontario. Lucia proposes that we need to move toward giving patients a more central role in determining their care and use self-management strategies to achieve this.

The second article, entitled "Nursing theory and clinical practice: How three nursing models can be incorporated into the care of patients with end stage kidney disease" is by Janet Graham, Regional Nephrology Access Coordinator at The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario. In this article, Janet describes how three nursing models/theories can assist nephrology nurses to gain more understanding of their practice and, thus, improve patient care.

Another way nephrology nurses can help their patients is by an increased understanding of the prevention and management of complex conditions. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is one such complex condition. The pharmacy review article for this issue of the CANNT Journal is entitled "An update on the treatment and management of diabetic peripheral neuropathy" by pharmacists Jennifer Donnan and Seadna Ledger. The authors discuss how difficult the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy can be, especially for our patients with this condition on chronic dialysis, and review several different pharmacological treatments that may be useful for some patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Finally, on pages 15 to 17, we are proud to present to you some of the highlights from CANNT 2006, just held in London, Ontario. The number of award winners this year and the quality of their work was especially rewarding to see. The more-than-70 verbal and poster presentations were also outstanding. Many of the presentations were especially applicable to the theme of the conference and encouraged us all to Renew, Replenish, Revitalize. Kudos to all the volunteers who worked so hard on the planning committee for CANNT 2006.

Please send all submissions, questions or comments to:

Gillian Brunier, Editor, CANNT Journal

Fax: (416) 495-0513

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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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