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Help needed.

Help Needed

Becky Seifert is a registeredradiologic technologist (RT) who was trained by Dr. Myron Moskowitz, one of the outstanding authorities on mammography in the United States. She spent time learning at the University of Cincinnati, where Dr. Moskowitz is chairman of the department of radiology. She has become skilled with the Thompson CGR dedicated senograph mammography equipment used in our Mammobile and also in the Mammobile the University of Cincinnati has just acquired for Dr. Moskowitz's department.

She learned to operate the word processor at Societyheadquarters in order to communicate with the women whose breasts she has mammogramed and to make sure the results have been sent to each doctor for possible follow-up examinations or treatment.

Becky has learned to drive our Mammobile so that shecan take it into such areas as the mountains of Tennessee and to remote neighborhoods where few women are getting their annual mammograms, or any mammograms at all, for that matter.

Becky has been trained tomeet the press and handle interviews at press conferences in cities where women need to be alerted to the lifesaving prevention now possible with low-dose, state-of-the-art mammography equipment.

Becky has been joined byKaren Roberts, who has been giving mammograms for ten years and now travels with Becky. Women can't get better mammograms than those provided by Becky and Karen.

When Becky and Karen arrivein rural Tennessee or an inner-city church, they are always greeted with open arms and open hearts by the women of the church or by the volunteers from organizations such as the American Cancer Society.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of mammography-trainedRTs in almost every city in the country. Thus the goal of The Saturday Evening Post Society is to recruit many more women like Becky and Karen.

If you are already an RT--a nationally certified radio-logictechnologist--we will send you for in-depth, in-service training with established mammographers. If you fit the above descriptions but are not an RT, please write to us for information about RT schools at hospitals or hospital-based programs in your area where you could be trained. Most schools require that you be a high-school graduate with good grades. Write to: Mammography, Box 567, Indpls., IN 46206.

Photo: Becky Seifert, RT, enjoys spreading the gospel of mammography wherever she goes. She uses new Kodak fast film and finest equipment for good resolution with low-dose radiation.
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Title Annotation:radiologic technologists
Author:SerVaas, Cory
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
Date:Mar 1, 1987
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