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Help needed, available for flooded communities.

City-To-City Flood Aid Shape Up, Backed By NLC And State Leagues

Last week NLC's Board of Directors, working with state municipal leagues across the country, announced to members a plan to help flood victims in the hundreds of affected communities in Iowa, Arkansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois. NLC and the municipal leagues are working together to match needs with resources.

Nation's Cities Weekly begins this week, on page three, to print names, contacts and phones numbers for cities requesting aid so that other communities and state municipal leagues can get in touch to offer specific types of needed help.

The nature and proportions of this natural disaster are such the this effort will be a continuing project on which members will be informed through Nation's Cities Weekly.

For more information about how your community can help or be helped, read Nation's Cities Weekly or contact Leslie Wollack, who is coordinating this effort for NLC, at (202) 626-3020.
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Author:Ryder, Julianne Ryan
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Aug 2, 1993
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