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Help mums; COMMENT.

email: Forum: Your view? Tel: 01484 437767 THIS week is National Breastfeeding Awareness Week and it's great to see Huddersfield at the forefront of the campaign.

The long-term value of breastfeeding has long been known and it's important that all women get the support they need to carry out this most natural yet vital function to give newborn children the best start in life.

It's not always easy. Breastfeeding can bring with it a whole host of problems - some caused by attitudes little short of ignorant.

Breastfeeding is thought to help babies against gastro-intestinal infection, respiratory and ear infections, allergic diseases such as eczema and wheezing and sudden infant death syndrome.

It is also believed to help their neurological development.

Women who have breastfed are at lower risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Need we say any more?
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 12, 2009
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