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Help make democracy work on election day.

Two weeks before November 4, our Voter Service Hot Line will be in place for the third election this year. Our local PBS station provides its community room and PSAs. More than 85 League volunteers (4-hour shifts throughout the 12-hour day) answer questions with the help of manuals prepared by our Voter Service Committee and laptops providing the most current statewide voter registration and precinct locater information. Callers can request nonpartisan information regarding ballot issues and referendums, precinct and early voting locations, and verify their registrations. Some even ask how to join the League! The Supervisor of Elections loves the extra information we supply; the PBS station loves the partnership and visibility during election season; the voter loves talking to a live person; and the League does what it does best ... provides a great service, while generating new membership growth and retention!


--Pamela S. Goodman, LWV of Palm Beach County (FL) president

After you pass strong laws, write good regulations, and train Election Judges, how do you know whether that's made a difference, whether all voters feel welcome at the polls and confident their votes are counted? Our League contracts with our Board of Elections to provide 50-60 volunteers, each of whom attends a training session and visits 3-5 assigned polls on Election Day with a detailed questionnaire about the facility and the voting process. Their mission is to document what's going right, identify and help judges to correct things that aren't, answer questions, and alert the Board of Elections immediately to any major problems. This is a win/win relationship: The League gets funds for our Voters' Guides and a volunteer opportunity that's popular with members (including nationally recruited members). The Board of Elections gets a nonpartisan assessment of their polling places. And the voters get a better experience at the polls!


--Judy Morenoff, past LWVMC president & coordinator of the Montgomery County (MD) Polling Place Support Program

Since 2006, Indiana Leaguers have been monitoring what happens at polling places. Using our election reform committee surveys, poll watchers observe voting in local precincts; election boards distribute our surveys in their poll workers packets; and voters complete exit surveys. Information from these surveys identified significant problems: not enough ballots available for voters; workers confused by provisional ballots; too few poll workers; new registered voters names not being entered into poll books; poll workers having difficulty contacting election headquarters, voters without Voter ID not being able to vote, etc. We send the results to the county elections boards so they can correct problems before the next election. This summer, we are sending our recommendations to all county election boards in Indiana. It's exciting to know the League can prevent close elections from being lost by systemic and human error.

--Jeanette Neagu, LWVIN Election Reform Committee chair

The LWVs of Palm Beach County (FL), Montgomery County (MD), Indiana and other state and local League members have stepped up to serve voters on Election Day. They urge you to join in this vital and rewarding activity. We also remind you of the February 2008 National Voter, p. 12, "Step Up" call for poll workers. It's predicted that two million poll workers (double the number in 2004) will be needed this November because of the expected influx of voters. Whether or not you have ever engaged in Election Day activities, you are needed more than ever in this presidential election year.
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Title Annotation:STEP UP AND DO YOUR PART!
Publication:National Voter
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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