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Help at last for those with "bad marks." (tattoo removal)

Although some of the marks of youthful indiscretion might disappear over time, there was one whose victim seemed doomed to carry it to his grave--the tattoo. Perhaps some individuals cherish a particular tattoo for whatever fond memories it may evoke. However, many who succumbed to some distant tattoo artist's skills would doubtless like to rid themselves of the miserable thing.

Dermabrasion and other techniques of the dermatologist have had varying degrees of success-at least in lessening the visual impact of the original art form, if not totally removing it. Now, however, FDA approval of the Candela Tatulazr has made possible the virtually scarless removal of these previously permanent disfigurements.

Firing extremely rapid bursts, the laser causes the pigmented particles that make up the tattoo to explode into tiny fragments. Other skin cells carry the debris of the tattoo away when the cells are shed normally. Little or no scarring occurs because the procedure does not change the texture of the skin but instead affects the pigment under the skin.

The average person requires two to six treatments at one-to-two month intervals to remove a tattoo completely. The Tatulazr works best on black and blue pigments.
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Publication:Medical Update
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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