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It's all about timing, this is true in many things. Timing related to raising issues in the workplace is no different and it's really important. One of the most frustrating things for a labor representative is to receive a call from an RN with a legitimate complaint, maybe even an issue which would rise to the level of a grievance, only to dig a little deeper to find the issue is an old complaint.

Collective bargaining agreements generally contain language about how to raise an issue; whether that issue is a contract violation, staffing concern and the like. The key is to really be on top of these matters and to seek assistance ASAP. If we are not timely with concerns, sometimes they are not addressed or don't get the attention deserved.

Please, please, please, have the name and number of your union representative and your collective bargaining agreement handy, both at work and at home. When something happens at work that seems odd or makes you feel off, if you notice a contract violation or simply have a question, check your contract and reach out to someone from your union.

Some facilities are large and there may be one or more unit reps in each nursing unit. Some facilities are small and nurses may go right to their union president with questions. In some cases, a nurse will reach out directly to the MNA Labor Representative. It is always better to seek assistance earlier rather than later.

Addendum--literally, and I am not even kidding, as I sat and penned this article, I received an email about a two-year-old pay practice issue. Neither I nor the Union President knew anything about the problem ... HELP US HELP YOU!

Amy Hauschild

BSN, RN, Labor


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Title Annotation:Labor Reports and News
Author:Hauschild, Amy
Publication:The Pulse
Date:Aug 1, 2017
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