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Helmets, pigs on the lurk, and I hate the dirt that gets on my grip tape! Ahhhh! (Prime cuts).

AS CLOSE TO SF as a $5 dollar return-bridge toll will get you, Novato skatepark is newly-located on some of the most expensive property in America. Main County, home to rich ex-hippies, rock stars and Charles Manson, kicked down a park that's about a 5 on the Richter Scale.

Good: Smooth, free, juker, blaster, Carvin' Marvin, "endless lines, bro."

Bad: Nothing over six-feet, uber-moms in SUVs yelling at "their" kids, same old bowl trannies--no different than my old mini-ramp. Come on, spice it up! Helmets, pigs on the lurk, and I hate the dirt that gets on my grip tape! Ahhhh!

Directions: US 101 North from SF. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge, 15 minutes from there to Novato. Take the Nave Dr. exit towards Hamilton Field. As usual, it's behind the McDonald's.
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Author:Stephens, Luke
Date:Dec 1, 2002
Previous Article:The streets have knobs, cracks, and security. The skateparks have fences, rules, moms, and--well, these guys. It's like trading in one headache for...
Next Article:There is essentially no tranny. A true street park. (Prime Cuts).

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