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Helmet liner not safe for use.

Aircrews and ALSE shops, make no mistake about it. The Oregon Zetaliner you got through the USAARL helmet problem fit program for your aircrew integrated helmet system (AIHS) is not authorized.

The Army has not approved the Zetaliner for general use. Units issued test helmets with the Zetaliner should contact Sergeant Michael Christie at U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL), (334) 255-6849, for guidance.

The Zetaliner has failed the impact test and increases your risk for head injury. Check your helmet. If it has a Zetaliner, let your ALSE tech remove it and install the authorized thermal plastic liner (TPL) instead.

The info is in PM AW message ALSE 05-01. Make a note until the IETM, EM 0205, TM 1-1680-377-13&P is updated. The TM is not available on the LOGSA website, but can be downloaded from the document section of the Air Warrior Website: You'll have to apply for a password. Contact John Jolly, (256) 876-6538, DSN 746-8492, or email:
Here are the
approved TPLs for
your HGU-56/P

NSN 8415-01- Size

394-9999 XXS
395-0000 XS
395-1555 S
395-0001 M
395-0002 L
395-0003 XL
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