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Helm Inc. Saves $50,000 Annually With Cypress; Document and Output Management Technology Provides High Reliability and Boosts Efficiency for On-Demand Printing Operation.

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 13, 1998--Cypress, a leading provider Ideal Solution for Helm's Massive Printing Needs

As a provider of marketing services that include the funt on-demand operation. Prior to Cypress, the ctly," said Michael Wacht, Director of Informatireliability, Helm wanted to utilize the Xerox Dt of customization to make a solution work," Wacht explained. "They adapted their product to perfectly meet our expectations and the professionalism and support the peopction two hours sooner."

Helm is also staach change and that could take anywhere from 25 n as Information Systems Corporation (ISC), is the leading provider of robust, high-quality document and outpdocument and output management standards for Uns Corp.

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ustry Awards Names Sequent's NUMA-Q 2000 `Server Product of the Year'

Business Editors/Computer Writeability and Redundancy that Outmatch SMP Technol The Networking Industry Awards are hosted annually in the UK by Network Week, a CMP Media publication. NUMA-Q 2000 won the award in the face of strong competition from all the leading server vendors.

The panel of eight judges commended Sequent for taking the concept of SMP one step further with its NUMA-Q 2000 (Non-Uniform Memory Access) architecture. NUMA-Q 2000 was judged to be an "outstanding product" and "absolute winner" for those organizations that want more than basic SMP. The judges recognizedoofed and removes investment risk. We are del

Sequent Computer Systems (NASDAQ:SQNT), the leader in Intel-based systems for the data center, is commzed for the scalability, availability and manast-growing server vendor with systems priced bes more than 10,000 installations worldwide, inComputer Systems, Inc.

COMED PRODUCT Today's News On The Net - Businond Generation Cell-Separation Instrument

r CellPro's second-generation cell-separation dthe improved instrument. CellPro has already pro launch the new i expanded label indication for peripheral blood and tumor purging. The newly designed instrument incorporates improved softwl selection system on the market.

Commentlar attention should be given to the Investment Considerations labeled "Legal Proceedings," "Patents and Proprietary Technology" and "Dependence on CEPRATE(R) SC System,ion systems for use in a variety of therapeuticNGTON

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Date:Jul 13, 1998
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