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Hello, goodbye.

Christmas came early, especially for those good little boys who asked Santa (Satan?) for new brain-bashing videos for under the tree. Just as we were recovering from Cory Goes Bellingham and Enjoi's amazing Oververt we found ourselves bombarded with Plan B's True, Tyler Surrey and Wes Kremer's Pack of Hydes Sk8mafia part, Dekline's True Blue, Westgate's Zoo England and even a new joint from Ishod "The Sheriff" Wair. When it rains it rains blood, apparently. Will one of these on-line opuses be enough to establish a 2015 SOTY? Is the scoring cumulative? Do contests count? What about King of the Road? Who's adding up this data, anyway? We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.


In new news of new pros, DC's Tommy Fynn got the nod as did their Euro-secret self-starting media weapon, Madars Apse. Go ahead and spread that around on Facebook, why don't ya?

Closer to the streets, Primitive gave Nick Tucker a signature stick while Norman Woods claims pro status over at Warco.

After parting ways with Converse, Nick Trapasso is rumored to be selling his Long Beach pad and parting ways with CA, too. The Golden State's loss is AZ's gain, we guess.

Meanwhile, tight-bro-from-wayback, Collin Provost, left his home on long Beach's lurker's row for a country estate down in rural Vista, CA. Backyard ramp coming soon?

In other So-Cal developments, Aidan Campbell got his star and moon over at Foundation as an am, while Ryan Spencer got bumped up to professional following a psycho performance in Dekline's True Blue. Congrats, boys. Etnies got so caught up in the Plan B True excitement that they Fwent and collaborated on a shoe with the iconic brand, including a murdered-out all-black model. Collectors of the world, take note!

Farther up the foot food chain, Brian "Slash" Hansen and Justin Figueroa have launched a new sock company,

Psockadelic, that promises to be nothing if not trippy as hell. Relax your mind, float downstream and buy some socks! Figgy will also be taking his band, Harsh Toke, to Europe to promote his new Emerica kick with a series of heavy musical engagements. Something tells us he might grind a rail or two over there while he's at it.

Vans is working with the locals out in Cambridge, MA to build the Lynch Family skatepark. No word yet on whether a C-Bowl or Turtles replica is part of the proposed design. But fingers are firmly crossed.

Legend of progression, Eddie "El Gato" Elguera, is hosting his own event in Palm Springs, CA this January open only to skaters who competed in the Hester Series through to the Gold Cup series of contests of yesteryear. Whether or not the El Gato Classic will finally cleanse the riff raff who have plagued all previous "masters" events remains to be seen, but since it's a World Cup event, don't be surprised to see Sergie in there, too. We kid, Cat!

With the King of the Road 2014 webisodes speeding towards the finish line, the skate world waits, breath baited, to find out which of these maniacal road crews will take the title. Final episode and winners announced live at the Skater of the Year awards in SF on December 13th!



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Title Annotation:TRASH
Date:Dec 11, 2014
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