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Heirloom Jewelry Gets Fresh Face Using 3-Dimensional Photo Imagery.

ST. LOUIS, April 3 /PRNewswire/ -- An emerging fashion trend is providing family heirloom jewelry with a much-needed facelift. While photo-lockets were the tradition of past generations, today's women are sporting 3-dimensional, precious metal charms created from their precious loved ones' photos.

St. Louis jewelry designer Joel Ragan calls the new line "Baby Faces." Available at , Ragan transforms photos into 3-D custom pendants for clients who call them heirlooms.

For new father Nick Clawson of St. Louis, a 3-dimensional bracelet charm of his son Evan was the perfect gift for his wife as they start their own family and heirloom collection. "I plan to have a new charm made each year to commemorate our son's life," said Clawson.

What makes Clawson's pendant original is that the charm was created from his son's photograph to capture the baby's distinct facial contours and expression.

"As a designer, I like to make jewelry that creates emotion," said Ragan. "Heirloom jewelry is a time-honored fashion trend because it tastefully represents a person's heritage. I consider Baby Faces the next generation in heirloom jewelry because it's contemporary yet still creates an emotional response for whoever receives it."

Using computer technology, Ragan creates a 3-dimensional image from the child's photograph. He then transfers the image to a computer-aided milling machine, which carves a model of the charm from a block of wax. Finally, Ragan's custom jewelers take the wax model and cast it into silver, gold, or platinum Baby Faces charms, starting at $179.

"When I first saw my charm, it looked better than I could have imagined," said Clawson. "I recommend these charms to anyone I know who's looking for a unique gift."

"I made my first Baby Faces charms for my mother," added Ragan. "When I saw her reaction, I knew I had to offer these charms to moms everywhere. Almost daily, we receive correspondence from mothers saying how much they cherish their charms. In fact, we've even seen customers literally brought to tears when we present them with their completed pieces."

Customers can view sample charms or place orders online at or by calling (877) 496-BABY (2229).

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Date:Apr 3, 2006
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