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Heinz' Mayochup is about to go on sale in Tesco - but with a very different name; Heinz' famous hybrid sauce is finally coming to Britain, available at Tesco stores from 23rd August - but it won't be called Mayochup.

Byline: Molly Holt

Keen ketchup and mayo fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Heinz' controversial Mayochup to UK shores, after the famous British brand announced that the sauce was soon set to cross into UK shores.

And while it's finally here, all is not quite as it seems.

Rather than being dubbed Mayochup, Heinz' latest condiment will now instead be called 'Saucy Sauce',

Launching later this month, 'Saucy Sauce' as it shall now be known is a genius blend of two of Heinz' other best-selling sauces: Heinz Ketchup and Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise.

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Mayochup's UK debut follows a successful launch in the US last year, but trademark laws have sadly prevented Heinz from using the same name in Europe as another company already owns it.

In fact, the bizarre sauce turned out to be so popular stateside that two other equally as bizarre hybrids soon followed, including "Mayomust" (mayonnaise and mustard) and "Mayocue" - yep, mayo and barbecue sauce... which we refuse to believe is nothing other than a truly hellish combination.

After a surge of requests online from fans to launch Heinz' curious Mayocup condiment across the pond, Heinz put the decision in the hands of the British public, launching aTwitterpoll to see whether there was enough interest to bring it across the Atlantic.

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Unsurprisingly, thousands of Brits voted 'Yes, get me Mayochup right now please', meaning that Heinz has now officially managed to get the union of iconic sauces into British supermarkets.

Exclusive to Tesco, the new Saucy Sauce will be available to buy from August 23rd, setting you back [pounds sterling]2.69 for a bottle. So if you're not sure on the taste or not yet, it may just be cheaper to mix your normal Heinz ketchup and mayo together yourself...

Now here's to hoping Mayocue doesn't soon join it on the shelf...


Who else is excited?

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Date:Aug 9, 2019
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