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Heineken USA.


Caption: Heineken USA has launched three new 15-second TV spots for Amstel Light. In the "Sauna" spot, above, a couple is shown in a sauna. The woman asks the man, "ready for another light beer?" She pours a generic light beer on the rocks to create more steam. She then pours the remainder of the bottle over her head to cool off. A voice over then says. "Other light beers have their place. We just don't recommend drinking them. "In Slalom," a couple enters a bar in ski gear and orders two Amstel Lights. The bartender slides them down the bar, and on the way to the couple, the bottles "ski" around obstacles. In "Low Rise Jeans", the camera moves through waist-high at a party, where partygoers are wearing low-rise jeans, showing off fit waistlines. Then the camera comes to an overweight man dancing and sporting trendy low-rise jeans. The voice over says" "with today's fashions, if you're going to drink, drink responsibly. 95 calorie Amstel Light." The spots will air nationally.
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Title Annotation:new television advertisement for Amstel Light
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Jan 20, 2003
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