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Does the Never Trump Movement Matter? Book review Apr 1, 2020 2447
The birth of the imperial presidency: how America's late-nineteenth-century conquest of Cuba and the Philippines still haunts our foreign policy. Book review Jan 1, 2017 1499
The real Reagan: the Gipper's actual record diverges significantly from the posthumous conservative mythology about him. Book review Jan 1, 2016 1507
A Tale of Two Zionists: the terms of the contemporary divide over Israel's identity were laid out nearly a century ago by two fiery journalists, Vladimir Jabotinsky and Abraham Cahan. Book review Sep 1, 2014 2344
Brothers in armchairs: for Allen and John Foster Dulles, regime change was an extension of the family business. Book review Sep 1, 2013 1902
The year of living: historically what Deng Xiaoping, Pope John Paul, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and Margaret Thatcher had in common. Book review May 1, 2013 1843
Brass backwards: Thomas Ricks explains the declining competence of America's senior military commanders. Book review Nov 1, 2012 1834
The GOP's reality-based community: the fall of moderate Republicans wasn't inevitable. But their resurrection is hard to imagine. Book review Jan 1, 2012 2262
From William Lloyd Garrison to Barry Commoner: why the left's despair over Barack Obama has deep historical roots. Book review Jul 1, 2011 1980
The roots of W.: how the president inherited his truculence and recklessness from the Walker side of his family. Book review Jan 1, 2008 1933
Norman's conquest: why Rudy Giuliani loves Norman Podhoretz. Dec 1, 2007 4071
Those weren't the days: Nixon has been looking better lately compared to George W. Bush. But in fact he's as bad as we remember. Jun 1, 2007 2363
An historian's tale: Richard Hofstadter and the rise and fall of American liberalism. Book review Sep 1, 2006 2148
The great conservative crackup: what National Review wrought. Book review May 1, 2006 2184
Bombs away: how Israel got nukes--and set off today's Middle Eastern arms race. Book Review Mar 1, 2006 1375
From Sarajevo to Baghdad: David Rieff's muddled second thoughts on humanitarian intervention. Book Review Apr 1, 2005 1367
Right cross: after Iraq, the conservative infighting begins. Book Review Jul 1, 2004 1553
The cool Zionist. Book Review Jul 1, 2003 936
Diplomatic immunity. Book Review May 1, 2003 951
At home abroad. Book Review Jan 1, 2003 1222
Aid and comfort: David Rieff's eloquent--but dated--meditations on the failure of humanitarian action. Book Review Nov 1, 2002 1585
Generally wrong. (Political Booknotes). Book Review Jun 1, 2002 1167
The Fifty-Year Wound: the True Price of America's Cold War Victory. (Political booknotes: bad company). Book Review Mar 1, 2002 1015
THE COMING COLLAPSE OF CHINA. Book Review Jul 1, 2001 1396
Ker-Splat! Jun 1, 2001 2344
BODY BAZAAR: The Market for Human Tissue in the Biotechnology Age. Book Review May 1, 2001 962
THE DYNAMICS OF GLOBAL DOMINANCE: European Overseas Empires, 1415-1980. Book Review Nov 1, 2000 1838
EASTWARD TO TARTARY: Travels in the Balkans, the Middle East, and the Caucasus. Book Review Nov 1, 2000 1842
INVENTING AL GORE: A Biography. Book Review Apr 1, 2000 2066
Eclipse of a Statesman. Book Review May 1, 1999 2070
Out of Control. Book Review May 1, 1993 1698

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