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Heightening Advanced Adult Second-Language Learners' Awareness of Strategy Use in Speaking: A Little Can Go a Long Way.

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While language-learning strategies as promoters of efficiency in second language learning have generated extensive attention, limited work as been done about awareness-raising regarding language-learning strategies. This study explores the relationship between heightened awareness of strategy use on learners' strategy use and on oral production. The experimental group received a strategy awareness-raising session and engaged in task-specific reflection on their strategy use immediately after their weekly speaking activities, whereas the comparison group did not receive the awareness-raising session, but engaged in freewheeling reflection immediately after identical speaking activities. The findings from both the quantitative and qualitative analyses suggest that creating opportunities and mediating tools to foster learners' awareness of strategy use in speaking can go a long way toward advancing their language-learning endeavours. (Contains 7 tables and 3 figures.)

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Author:Huang, Li-Shih
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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