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Heifer giveaway.

I would LOVE to win this heifer (enter our young heifer giveaway at www.Grit. corn/belted-galloway-giveaway).

I moved from Southern California to Kansas ... talk about a culture shock. Then I met and married a farmer. When my husband showed me his farm and said he had to "combine" the fields, I thought he just talked with an accent, and I even asked what he combines them with (not knowing a combine was a piece of farm equipment).

I had never been on a farm or up close to a cow, and he told me he'd buy me a calf because I wanted to milk a cow ... well, that hasn't happened, so I would LOVE to win this heifer so I could have a cow of my very own.

Won't I be the talk of all my friends in good old Los Angeles?!


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Title Annotation:Mail Call
Author:G., Melody
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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