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Heckler Sports Brings Sports Enthusiasts Together.

Just in time for NBA Finals comes Heckler Sports, the first comprehensive all sports social network that also allows fans to heckle one another in real-time. Heckler Sports is not just another sports site. It has been built from the ground up to be the sports social network upon which other sports sites, publications, leagues, teams, athletes and individual users can share content.

Backed by former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown and former NFL Pro-Bowler Everson Walls, the LIVE feature on the platform provides fans and athletes the excitement and banter of the stadium right at their fingertips. Wherever you're enjoying the game whether it's from the stadium, the airport, a local bar stool or the comfort of a couch you'll never miss a high five moment or an opportunity to bash a bad call again. Heckler is the best place to breakdown plays, heckle other fans, and follow your favorite teams and games easily on your computer or mobile device. With Heckler, you can heckle and rally friends to join in on the action during a game in real-time.

"I am so thrilled to be a part of Heckler Sports," said Tim Brown, legendary NFL wide receiver. "Wherever I plan to watch a game, I have a whole community of friends and fans at my fingertips to enjoy the game with. It's like having the excitement of the stadium in my living room." More than a sports news site, the SPORTS BAR feature makes Heckler the perfect place to engage with sports news socially, reacting with friends and sharing their love for the game with fellow fans from all over the world. Additionally, you can add photos and highlights from your office baseball team or share a YouTube video of your daughter's first soccer game with your family and friends.

"The future of social networking is in shared interests," said Baayan Bakari, CEO and co-founder of Heckler Sports. "Sports are meant to be social - whether fans are cheering from the stands, gathering at a local sports bar, or playing in their own sports league. People want to do more than just watch the game - they want to discuss it, share their excitement with other enthusiasts and really be a part of the action. Heckler makes this all possible."

Heckler Features: Heckler Live. View upcoming events as well as other games that are trending on Heckler, and rally friends to join. Once the game is live, heckle rivals and discuss the game with friends. The conversation is also available on iPhone, so take it anywhere! Heckler Sports Bar. Features sports headlines that are easily shared with fans and available for comment. View what friends are doing on Heckler Sports and choose from five different reactions to respond. Post comments, pictures, links, or videos and join the conversation!

Heckler Locker. Create a profile to include your personal sports interests, display your favorite teams, and show off your bio and pictures. Search and connect with profiles from fellow fans, friends and athletes.

Never miss an opportunity to heckle again. The roar of the crowd is at your fingertips, so get in the game. Find Heckler Sports Online: Website: Facebook:!/hecklersports Twitter: @HecklerSports

About Heckler Sports

Heckler Sports is THE SPORTS SOCIAL NETWORK! From heckling your rivals during a big sporting event to sharing pictures and videos of a little league game, Heckler Sports is the best place to share the thrill and agony of the sports you love. Get instant updates during live sporting events from your friends, professional and college athletes, sports writers and commentators. Top sports news headlines and your own sports commentary are instantly made social as you react to the stories, links and videos with your friends. Build profiles to share your love for the game and boast about your own sporting achievements by sharing stats, workouts, and upcoming events.

For more information, visit or call 510/502-2981.
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Date:Jul 1, 2012
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