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Hebrew Word Nerd Takes On the Ultimate Translation Feat: The Ikea Catalogue.

Avshalom Kor is the Israeli John McWhorter, a linguist who became a pop culture icon to the swelling ranks of word nerds out there. A scholar as well as a TV and radio host, he's made a name for himself as the bespectacled knight crusading on behalf of the Hebrew language. Whenever an English wordemail, say, or Internetgrows popular, Kor is there to scoff and, usually with a double dose of dad humor, offer a purist alternative in the mother tongue. Few of his alternatives caught onyou won't catch any Israeli telling you she logs on to the mirshetet to check her doalbut his star still burns bright. Or, at least, bright enough to inspire some creative mind to recruit Kor in an effort to Hebracize the most daunting of all foreign-language texts: The Ikea catalogue.

In a new commercial for the Swedish DIY giant, Kor complains that the company's new mifratonthat would be the proper Hebrew term for the thick doorstopper featuring the company's furnitureshould be translated so that every sofa, armoire, or end table receive their proper designation in the language of the prophets.

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Author:Leibovitz, Liel
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Sep 6, 2017
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