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Heavy snowfall blocks transportation across Turkey.

BOLU (CyHAN)- Heavy snowfall which has already made itself apparent in many parts of Turkey forced roads to close, crippling transportation across the country on Tuesday.

Continuing snowfall which began late on Monday and icing caused many roads to shut down, including the D-100 Ankara Highway. Many vehicles are reported to be trapped on its Yumrukakaya connection. Rescue efforts for the stuck vehicles are reportedly ongoing in the region.

Occasional obstructions on the road's Bolu mountain connection due to snowstorms could be seen, with the depth of the snow reaching 25 centimeters in the region. Salting and shoveling continues on the road.

Traffic police are warning people to avoid speeding in such poor weather and to keep a safe distance from other drivers.

A total of 430 village roads are closed in Kastamonu and the lowest temperature in eastern Turkey was -29 degrees Celsius, measured at night in Ay-ry province, being the highest region in Turkey. Heavy snowfall expected in the region is estimated to continue until Friday.

A total of 17 village roads have been closed due to heavy snowfall in Zonguldak, forcing local schools to close.

Schools in Bolu, KarabE-k, some districts in Rize and Artvin provinces are also closed for Tuesday due to the poor weather.

With snowfall forecast for ystanbul, ystanbul Governor HE-seyin Avni Mutlu downplayed speculation over impending school closures. "It is not right to expect the closure of schools as soon as snowfall is forecast in ystanbul."

He further said: "The Meteorology Directorate forecast that the snowfall will be more intense on Wednesday and Thursday. If the snow falls at a level to obstruct education in ystanbul we will do whatever is necessary in accordance with that."

Mutlu also warned drivers to use snow tires if it snows and suggested that commuters use public transportation to help clear traffic in ystanbul, in order to ensure a safe winter in ystanbul for all citizens.



VAR of Bolu city center under snow

heavy snow fall

People walking in the streets

Snow cleaning works

VAR of peageons on the street

One of main highways under heavy snowfall

hardly moving vehicles



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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Dec 10, 2013
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