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Heavy copper high power circuits.

Our heavy copper boards range from 4 oz. up to 15 oz. of copper, available in single-sided, double-side, or multilayer. With currents as high as 600 amps, an engineer can now design a PCB that carries large currents and supports a computer board's fine traces and features needed to drive its high power. We have an arsenal of different heavy copper technologies available to engineers and designers who handle tricky power, heat-sinking projects. Using this technique, we can accurately plate copper up to 4 oz. thick, when combined with the base starting copper. Previously, PCB fabricators would not even quote a double-sided board design over 3 oz. We will eagerly quote and produce your heavy copper designs.

Fast Facts:

* Our multiple levels allow one layer to have 8 oz. of copper for the heavy tracks, and 1 oz. of fine-featured traces for SMT circuitry, all interconnected and intertwined.

* A two-ounce circuit's maximum current is about 25 amps; a 1"-wide 15 oz. trace can carry 200 amps at only 30[degrees]C rise.

* While copper thickness can be varied by layer, line/space requirements are 3 mils per oz. The heavy copper can be any thickness as a base copper from 1/2 oz. to 12 oz. The thicker the base copper compared to the final copper thickness means less to plate and less expense.
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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