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Heats up: Decor Expo Atlanta.

The excitement is mounting for DECOR Expo Atlanta, which will take place Sept. 9-11 in an all-new venue, the Marriott Marquis Hotel in downtown Atlanta--a city known for design and decor. Creating the buzz are the promise of three action-packed days of education, exhibition and special events and the anticipation of gathering framing-industry professionals from across the country.

One aspect of the show that's sparking interest is the Topics & Trends Education Series. DECOR magazine is presenting the series, which will offer seminars to help framing and design professionals further master their craft with practical ideas, techniques and strategies for improving business and focusing on tracking design trends, honing marketing skills and maximizing sales.

Topics & Trends will also discuss front-of-shop techniques to ensure that your business is gaining the traction it needs to succeed in todays competitive market. How do you position yourself for success in a world that's saturated with do-it-yourself framing? Is your website a powerful sales tool? Are you using social media to gain visibility, customers and profit? In the seminars, industry leaders and peers will address these and other important topics.

Some trusted industry contacts gave their ideas about what this educational series should cover. "The industry is giving us innovation," says Rob Markoff, owner of Gallery Services in San Diego. "The level of quality--from design and concept to execution--is excellent and gives framers more to explore than ever before. That means they need to get outside their comfort zone and learn new design skills, new technology and new merchandising ideas."

Artist Marta Wiley highlights the importance of a framer's design acumen. "You can't sell a frame until there's something to put in it. Don't overlook the importance of what the client brings to be framed and how [that client views] it as precious," she says. "Showcasing the prized piece becomes the challenge-- to make it look fresh and new with the framer's great design skills."

Kimberley Breil, owner of Frame & Picture Shoppe in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, emphasizes the importance of maintaining quality in the craft and keeping up with all the latest industry news. "We need to remember ... that a lot of art gets rematted and reframed, but can you take it apart without damaging the piece? And has the framer used good design and proper materials? Even if it's not expensive, it's the client's expectation that the framer has used proper conservation techniques. I want to be sure I am current on all the design tips and trends that are out there; it's as simple as that."

Barry Diamond, chief marketing officer at Fotiou Frames, with headquarters in Woodbridge, Ontario, and branches in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and Nashville, Tennessee, sums it up: "The Topics & Trends focus is really about the why-to's, not the how-to's."

Diamond is right on target; complementing and building on attendees' skills is the goal of the series.

Drawing from DECOR magazine's adept writers, industry leaders and other experts, the series' seminar leaders will be the best in the industry. DECOR's Paul Casio, Tara Crichton, Meg Glasgow, Michael Pacitti and Litsa Spanos are just a few names in the lineup, and the winners of the Top 100 Art & Framing Retailer Awards will take a front-row seat to share their business success stories.

The following seminars and more will be part of the Topics & Trends series:

* Color Trends

* Designing with Texture

* Period Design

* Evaluating Your Business Acumen

* Protecting Your Business

* The Framing Chronicles

* Events That Make a Difference

* Top 10 for Selling Success

* Top 10 for Marketing with Panache

* The Corporate Advantage

* Success at the Top: Meet the Top 100 Special Award Winners

* Counter Intelligence: Make Your Selling Skills Profitable

DECOR Expo Atlanta is a must-attend show for anyone in the industry, and the Topics & Trends seminars are not to be missed. See you in Atlanta!

With a career that spans 30years, DECOR Managing Editor Linda Mariano is a leader in marketing, brand management, e-commerce and promotion initiatives for major retailers, specialty retail, art industry, media and entertainment, as well as entrepreneurial business environments. For Redwood Media Group, Mariano oversees the marketing and brand-extension efforts of the company.
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