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Heaters and heating elements.


In cooperation with Bucher, Inc., offers heat pipes for optimizing thermoset mold heating. Using heat pipes together with tubular electric heaters reportedly allows for even heat distribution over cavity surface, including deep into cores, resulting in faster cycles and more uniform curing.


Direct gas-fired healing equipment and evaporative coolers. Make-up air heaters range from 4000 through 50,000 cfm with ETL listing. Evaporative cooling delivers temperatures to 80 F. Reducing ambient temperature around injection molds reduces sweat. A 40,000-cfm unit has 50-ft throw in four directions.


Electric ovens for laboratory and production applications designed to meet ASTM and UL test specifications. Also temperature/humidity chambers and temperature cycling chambers for environmental testing of plastics and composites.


Electric surface heating and insulating jackets/blankets. Insulators can enhance performance and prolong life of strip, band and ceramic heaters through better heat retention and less on/off cycling. Heated insulators feature integral, durable, woven heating elements that enable one-product installation, wiring ease, maintenance accessibility, and uniform heat distribution. Available in standard or custom designs. Options include protective fabrics, closure methods, temperature sensing and control devices, and multiple zoning.


Supplies infrared ovens, dryers and furnaces. Type FB flat quartz infrared heaters and Unitube tubular quartz infrared heaters provide peak efficiencies by matching emissive wavelengths of heating elements to the absorption wavelengths of product (Selective Wavelength Method). Typical systems include profile heating for orienting PET, PE and PP film; heating fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic sheet for forming; and drying and curing coatings on plastics and film.

Conveyorized systems heat reinforced composites and standard plastics prior to stamp-forming. Optical pyrometers, multizone heater banks and computerized, self-teaching control systems ensure precise control of process.


Microwave heating utilizes magnetron systems. On/off time-proportioning control or amplitude modulation. In amplitude modulation, the current power is adjusted to control instantaneous magnetron output.

Remote sensors measure material temperature within the microwave chamber and modulate magnetron power output to maintain temperature control. Using microwave energy is reportedly efficient in contrast with conventional heating/temperature-control techniques. Where there is minimal or no direct microwave heating response by materials being processed, use of susceptor additives will provide an efficient means of conversion of microwave energy to heat within the material.

Microwave ovens specifically designed to requirements of each conversion/assembly process. Safety standards and FCC regulations ensured.


Heaters and heating elements include band heaters, thermocouple cartridge heaters and square-coil nozzle heaters. Band heaters available in six styles with operating temperatures to 900 F, I.D.s from 3/4 to 8 in., and wattages from 75 to 950 in 120- and 240-v models. Cartridge heaters available in conventional and high-watt-density configurations with operating temperatures to 450 F and 120- and 240-v models. Conventional heaters in diam. from 1/4 to 3/4 in., lengths from 2 to 16 in., and wattages from 40 to 1250. High-watt-density units in 1/4- to 3/4-in. diam., lengths from 1 to 14 in., and wattages from 100 to 2200.

Square-coil nozzle heaters feature high watt density to 106 watts/[in..sup.2] and operating temperatures to 1200 F. A 0.750-in. I.D. version available with and without thermocouple in 125 and 250 watts, and 0.875-in. I.D. version in 125 or 250 watts. For high-temperature applications to 1500 F, two versions of 240-v high-watt-density thermocouple cartridge heaters available: one with 3/8-in. diam., lengths from 1 3/4 to 8 in., and wattages from 200 to 775; the other with 1/2-in. diam., lengths from 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 in., wattages from 420 to 975.

Also carries line of conventional and thermocouple cartridge, square-coil and rectangular heaters for its internally and externally heated runnerless molding systems.


Watt-Flex, split-sheath cartridge heaters with continuous coil render a more even temperature profile, often eliminating need for distributed wattage. Because unit has no coil segments and cold spots of conventional heaters, it is suitable for sealing bars for package and bag sealing. Hot-tip feature, accomplished by passing the coil across the tip of the heater, improves performance of extrusion sheet die or gate probe by putting more responsive heat in the lip of the die or tip of the probe. Independent, bilateral expansion of the two legs effects contact of both sides of the sheath to a bore, providing better heat transfer and consequently a cooler-running coil. As heater is de-energized, it contracts, making heater removal easier and eliminating bore seizure. Grooved heaters externally accommodate needle-type thermocouples, which monitor process temperature, not internal coil temperature. Independent replacement of thermocouple or heater is a feature not available with conventional designs.


Electrically heated, high-pressure and high-temperature heat pipes, flexible hose and tubing. Applications include product transfer and viscosity control of plastics and adhesives.


Standard and customized cast-in heaters for extrusion equipment available in aluminum, bronze or iron can provide continuous operating temperatures to 1100 F. Electrical and cooling-tube terminations optional.


Compact Hi-Temp cartridge heaters for fast heat transfer, high operating temperatures, shock resistance, and long life. Unswaged cartridge heater suitable for moderate watt-density applications.

Better Band band heaters for heat transfer and a wide selection of terminations. Designed to reach temperatures to 1400 F. Also economical mica bands with many options for terminations. And extruded or cast aluminum, insulated ceramic, and tubular band heaters.

Strip heaters designed for efficient heat transfer and easy installation. Ultima strip heater capable of operating temperatures of 1200 F; and Better Strip heater for increased watt densities for higher performance. Also finned strip heaters for air-flow heating applications.


Electric infrared ovens used for preheating material prior to forming.


Line of high-temperature hot-air tools including hand-held benchtop systems. Hot-air Serpentine heating element capable of temperatures to 1600 F. Sylvatherm ceramic heaters, (far-infrared heat sources) constructed of high-temperature heating element embedded in ceramic body. When heaters approach operating temperatures, their original rose color turns to brown for easily identifying nonoperating units. Operating life of 5000 to 10,000 hr for heaters.


Extruded aluminum Starflex band heaters employ refractory insulated tubular heating elements. Low-expansion clamping band provides snug barrel fit and assures heat transfer to maximum heater temperatures of 600 F.


Web-processing ovens, conveyorized ovens, and heaters and controls for predrying, drying, curing, preheating, heating, sintering and fusing. Oven options include electric infrared, gas infrared, infrared combined with ambient-temperature air, hot-air impingement, hot-air impingement combined with infrared, flotation, and through-air. Also ovens for densifying EPS scrap and post-consumer waste, and for heating plastic parts and medical tubing.


Custom-designed heating elements include MAX2000 high-temperature and high-watt-density band and strip heaters. Patented nonstick cartridge heater features nonstick barrier coating, which eliminates need to apply release agents before installation, eliminates downtime, and reduces damage to equipment and tools, says company. Cartridges are standard sizes, needing no special boring.

Flexible heaters with insulating materials such as silicone rubber and Kapton are used in composite repair, curing, preheating, or drying applications where heater temperature operates below 500 F.

Specializes in heaters to OEM specifications or for OEM replacement parts.


Range of heater bands from standard mica-core to low-profile keylock; and from super-high watt density to plastic-proof and expandable ceramic-insulated. Included are metric-size, mica-core bands. Also standard and built-in thermocouple cartridge heaters, heater and thermocouple wire, and other accessories for heater connection and use.


Range of standard mica, ceramic, and cast-in heaters as replacement heaters for injection molding machines and extruders. Also customized heaters in cylindrical, flat, rectangular, and other configurations. Cartridge heaters in standard sizes or customized. An air-cooled heater assembly is used as a replacement for water-cooled applications and other uses.


Heating elements offered by Italian manufacturers.


Line of unit heaters, duct furnaces, make-up air units and other heating products.


Noren Thermal Pin heat conductors (similar to heat pipes) transfer heat quickly and uniformly from one part of a mold to another. Commonly used to extract heat for mold cooling, but also to transfer heat into hard-to-reach mold areas in thermoset molding. Units cool cores and molds faster than water to reduce cycle time, and draw heat from the plastic, transferring it to water channels or to the mold base. Because units are virtually isothermal, heat transfer is even. Hot spots, which cause sink marks, pulling, and spotting are eliminated. Only one water line is required. Thermal Pins eliminate scale and plugging of small-diameter water channels going into the core, reducing maintenance; and can isolate old or damaged mold components from the coolant when seepage or leak problems occur. In blow molding, the hollow unit uniformly cools the end of the blow pin and evenly cools necks of blow molded bottles. More than 350 sizes stocked.


Heating and control products include Mighty Watt and Mighty Watt Plus cartridge heaters. Mighty Watt Plus stocked to allow thousands of combinations of size, rating and lead configurations. Band heaters include Mighty Miser ceramic, Mighty-Tuff high-temperature, Aluma-Flex aluminum and mica band heaters for cylindrical heating applications.


Heating cables and strip, cartridge, tubular electric, immersion, and band heaters, as well as laboratory and specialty units. Accessories include thermocouple, RTD and thermistor sensors, along with associated wire, connectors and hardware. Also heating system instrumentation, such as controllers, meters and computer interfaces. A line of ovens and ceramic and other oven heating elements can be used as replacement components or to construct customized ovens.


Ceramic and mica heater bands and strips; and cartridge, channel, ceramic air-cooled, cast-aluminum (liquid and air-cooled) ceramic-fiber, radiant-panel, and roller heaters. Also heater accessories, instruments, controls and thermocouples. Stocks mica bands and cartridges, and custom manufactures.


Straight or preformed tubular heating elements, mini-tubular heating elements of 3/16-in. diam., and swaged high-watt-density cartridge heaters with high-temperature leads supplied with or without thermocouples.

Also line of plate heaters (for hot manifolds) with tubular heating elements pressed into respective slots and held in place by staked heater covers. This reportedly results in the performance of a cast-in plate heater combined with the convenience of a replaceable heating element.


UltraThin heater band constructed of high-temperature materials. Thin ceramic insulators inside result in lower mass construction, which improves response to control and minimizes temperature lag and overshoot. Backside thermal insulation minimizes heat loss and lowers sheath temperature. Heater element computer designed for maximum wire size. Available in diam. from 3 to 14 1/2 in. and widths from 1 to 10 in.


Tubular, band and strip heaters include computer-designed Ramaband and Ramastrip heaters. Ramaflex designed in a variety of shapes and sizes and made from lightweight fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber. Provide even heat distribution on uniform and irregular surfaces where moderate heating is required.

Complete engineering and R&D services using CAD available for custom-designed heating assembly needs.


Line of electric heating elements, thermocouples and related accessories, specializing in injection molding, extrusion and auxiliary applications. Products include cast-in aluminum or bronze heater/cooler units for extrusion barrels and dies; high- or low-watt-density cartridge heaters for hot-runner, compression and injection molds, as well as for extrusion dies and welding equipment; Duraband, Micaband, Ceramic Band and Aluminum Channel Maxiband band heaters for injection molding and extrusion barrels, heads and dies; Mica, Maxi and Channel strip heaters for molds, platens and dies; and tubular heating elements and ceramic infrared heaters for thermoforming. Also thermocouples and temperature controls for regulating heating elements.

Line of flange immersion screw plug and circulation heaters for liquid temperature controllers used in mold and die temperature regulation, as well as heavy-duty ASA-rated flange immersion and circulation heaters and control panels. All heaters customized or available in standard designs.


Industrial electric heating elements include cast-in aluminum or bronze band heaters and die heaters; thermastrip, mica, ceramic and nozzle band heaters; tubular elements; strip, cartridge, radiant, immersion, silicone rubber and drum heaters; and thermocouples.


Band and coil heaters for hot-runner applications feature mini-coil design in diam. of 1/2 to 1 in. and lengths from 3/4 to 4 in. Power ranges from 125 to 600 w at 240 v. Hermetic construction for long life in adverse conditions. Low-profile axial clamp with auto-locking features allows easy installation inside smallest nozzle cavities. Available with standard Allen-head screw clamps. Standard flexible leads available in any length to allow bending to 0.1-in. radius in up to 900 F environment. Off-the-shelf units for next-day delivery. Also custom builds.


Common sizes of mica-core heater bands and stainless-steel cartridge heaters.


Band and strip heaters, tubular metal-sheath elements, immersion heaters, flanged immersion heaters, and heat-transfer systems with integral cooling. Also forced-air duct heaters and thermal-sealing hot plates.


Flanged, screw plug, circulation and over-the-side heaters for new applications and replacement needs. Flanges in steel or stainless steel with ratings from 150 to 1200 psi. Screw plugs in steel, stainless steel, or bronze.

Terminal enclosure options include standard, weather-resistant, explosion-resistant, and high-temperature extended heads for use in high-temperature applications to reduce ambient temperature inside wiring enclosures.

Heating elements of 321 or 316L stainless steel, steel, or Incoloy can be brazed or welded to flange. Also copper and other sheath materials.


Swaged Firerod cartridge heater with high-temperature and high-watt-density capabilities. Lead Adapter program with patented lead connection technique permits same-day shipment on over 150,000 variations of Firerod.

Band heaters include MI Band, a high-temperature (1600 F max.) unit with a special mineral insulation that provides long heater life; Thinband heater featuring a flexible design allowing easy installation and replacement on barrel, and providing fast heat-up and cool-down; and Thincast heater of rugged cast-aluminum for long life and resistance to contamination. Also radiant heaters, quartz tubular elements, strip heaters, ceramic-fiber heaters, and cable and nozzle heaters.
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