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Heat transfer system.

Following a fault at a unit in American Pan UK's original process line; solvent used for the cleaning process overheated and ignited, with the subsequent fire spreading throughout the facility. While initially devastating, it provided an opportunity for American Pan and RE Architects to completely rethink operations and re-design process lines. Because of the fire, American Pan couldn't easily bring its processes back online so it decided to reappoint a warehouse to a new process line. And because it was an all-new line, it could design a layout that would future-proof and enhance the cleaning process.

FULTON says its solution features a horizontal, gasfired RBC1500 steam boiler with fully-modulating burner and automatic boiler controls, skid-mounted with blowdown vessel, condensate return and feed tank and water treatment including water softener, chemical dosage sets and sample cooler. Commenting, RE Architect's Richard Every says: "Fulton's system doesn't require 24/7 supervision/monitoring so can be left un-attended but operational for periods of time. This is vital for the processes as it can take a long time to heat cleaning solvents/fluids from cold."

Fulton says thanks to its efficient system, American Pan has reduced the acidity content of its cleaning solution and increased the performance from the solvent. Pans now get a deeper clean, are treated faster and, when combined with the company's proprietary coatings, don't carbonise in the bakery as quickly.

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Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Nov 1, 2017
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