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Heat Treating Buyers Guide.

Heat Treating Buyers Guide

MAN-Modern Applications News presents its annual Heat Treating Buyers
Guide, an alphabetical guide to manufacturers and distributors of Heat
Treating suppliers & equipment for the metalworking industry. For your
convenience, the Guide includes eac h company's product, fax lines,
contacts and phone numbers. Our Web site,, also presents this Buyers Guide with
company and product information.

Company Name                   Management/Contacts
Address/Phone/Fax              Products

CRESS MFG. CO., INC.           Arturo Maldonado, Sales
Tel 800-862-7377               Electric heat treating
Fax 775-884-2991               furnaces; Electric kilns;         Furnace accessories, kiln               accessories

Tel 313-895-7215               Polyquench 15XN - nitrite
Fax 313-895-4844               -free polymer quenchanl,          non-sticky and removable               with water, low viscosity
                               and dragout, organic
                               polymer resisis
                               chemical, thermal
                               and mechanical breakdown

LEPEL CORPORATION              Richard Deity, Sales
New York                       Manager
Tel 800-548-8520               Induction heating
Fax 531-586-3232               solutions include                 systems capabilities,                  and power supply designs
                               for both static and in-
                               line treating, joining
                               or forming applications

LUCIFER FURNACES, INC.         Charles Myers, Sales
Pennsylvania                   Manager
Tel 800-378-0095               Manufacturer of
Fax 215-343-7358               industrial heat treat       furnaces, available in        front, bottom, top, and
                               continuous load models;
                               designed for electric or
                               gas fired operation with
                               protective atmosphere to

PRECISION QUINCY CORP.         Wayne Stanek, Vice
Illinois                       President
Tel 815-336-2675               Gas and electric ovens -
Fax 815-338-2960               cabinet, walk-in, heavy    duty, custom batch,        conveyor, bench;
                               temperatures from ambient
                               to 1250[degrees]F

PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY, INC.      David Bewles, General
Ohio                           Manager
Tel 440-352-0706               Hot Isostatic Pressing
Fax 440-352-0566               (HIPping) - a
Pennsylvania                   densification process
Tel 215-674-5844               Involving high
Fax 215-074-4013               temperatures and gas    pressure which improves     the mechanical properties
                               of cast, powder metal,
                               and ceramic components.

RADYE CORPORATION              Jan Leisner, Sales
Wisconsin                      Cordinator
Tel 414-481-8360               Flexitune[TM] 5-30kw (20-
Fax 414-481-8303               60kHz) induction
sales@radyne.cem               converters;                 Power integrated
                               horizontal induction
                               scanning system; Power
                               integrated vertical
                               induction scanmaster; QAS
                               2000 Quality Assurance
                               system for recording
                               "real time" data

SECO / WARWICK                 Beth Manuel, Marketing
Pennsylvania                   Services Coordinator
Tel 814-332-8437               Manufacturer of furnace
Fax 814-724-1407               systems for heat treating           and non-ferrous melting

SENTRY COMPANY (THE)           Thomas Crocker, President
Tel 508-543-5391               Tool steel heat treating
Fax 508-543-1484               equipment including model           AY/HT Dual furnaces,  atmosphere furnaces,
                               tempering furnaces,
                               quench systems, heat
                               treating accessories,
                               and stainless steel heat
                               treating envelopes

SURFACE COMBUSTION, INC.       David Hughes, Marketing
Ohio                           Manager
Tel 419-891-7150               Manufacturer of batch and
Fax 419-891-7151               continuous furnaces for     heat treating ferrous and      non-ferrous materials,
                               and provider of
                               atmosphere gas generators
                               and process control

T-M VACUUM PRODUCTS, INC.      Rabert Knabe, Sales
New Jersey
Tel 856-829-2000               Vacuum furnaces - brazing
Fax 856-829-0990               ,hetatreating, sintering;                  Vacuum Ovens - drying,               baking, curing, solvent
                               removal; Custom vaccuum
                               equipment; Glove boxes -
                               stainless steel glove
                               boxes and gas
                               purification systems
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Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:Apr 1, 2003
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