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Heartless: New York Times Says Unborn Baby Only Has 'Embryonic Pulsing'.

Micaiah Bilger noted The New York Times is bringing its usual political "science" to the new debate over "so-called fetal heartbeat bills."

Abortionists like Colleen McNicholas assisted HuffPost into a snarky article headlined "The Lawmakers Behind 'Fetal Heartbeat' Abortion Bans Are Lying To You." Dr. McNicholas huffed "To say that a six-week pregnancy has a fetal anything is incorrect," since it's technically an embryo.

This would explain why a Wednesday story by Times reporter Alan Blinder--listed by the paper as an "American South Social Justice expert" for students--is pulling out weasel words instead. It began:
   On the heels of a
   spate of anti-abortion
   legislation passed in
   recent months across
   the South, Louisiana
   lawmakers voted on
   Wednesday to ban the
   procedure after the
   pulsing of what becomes
   the fetus's heart can be

      Several other states
   have passed versions of
   so-called fetal heartbeat
   bills this year ...

Then Blinder tossed in the term "embryonic pulsing," like it's not quite a human yet. This is more philosophical than medical:
   A State House vote
   on Wednesday moved
   the abortion measure
   to the governor's
   desk, after lawmakers
   rejected a series of
   amendments including
   an exception for cases
   of rape or incest. The
   measure would require
   an ultrasound test for
   any woman seeking to
   terminate a pregnancy,
   and forbid abortion
   if the test detects
   embryonic pulsing--which
   can occur before
   many women know they
   are pregnant.

Wired rounded up a group of ob-gyn/abortion advocates for an article insisting "'Heartbeat' Bills Get the Science of Fetal Heartbeats All Wrong."
   [T]here's a
   very immature
   cardiovascular system,"
   says Jennifer Kerns,
   an ob-gyn at UC San
   Francisco ... The rhythm
   specified in the six-week
   abortion bans, she says,
   "is a group of cells with
   electrical activity. That's
   what the heartbeat is at
   that stage of gestation
   ... We are in no way
   talking about any
   kind of cardiovascular

      "Using the word
   heartbeat here
   is an intentional
   obfuscation, " Kerns
   says. "Hearing the word
   heartbeat plays upon
   people's emotions....

      "What's really
   happening at that point
   is that our ultrasound
   technology has gotten
   good enough to be able
   to detect electrical
   activity in a rudimentary
   group of cells," [ob-gyn
   Sarah] Horvath says.

      As the ob-gyn Jen
   Gunter wrote three
   years ago, this is, more
   technically, "fetal pole
   cardiac activity." It's a
   cluster of pulsing cells.

Bilger concluded:
   In 2016, researchers at
   the University of Oxford
   published an amazing
   new study about how
   early a human being's
   heartbeat begins. They
   found that the heartbeat
   may begin earlier than
   initially thought, as soon
   as 21 days of pregnancy.

      The language that
   the world-renowned
   scientists used did not
   mention "embryonic
   pulsing" or "so-called."
   They used words like
   "heartbeat, " "human
   embryo" and "heart

      "First of our three
   billion heartbeats is
   sooner than we thought,"
   the university wrote in
   its news release about
   the research. Later, it
   noted, "The heart is
   the first organ to form
   during pregnancy and
   is critical in providing
   oxygen and nutrients to
   the developing embryo."

Editor's note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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