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Heartfelt call is well and truly justified; The yob culture demands action.

Byline: Eileen Taylor

WHO can blame Helen New love for calling for the death sentence to be restored?

This heart broken woman never wanted to be a campaigner. She just wanted to be Gary Newlove's wife and mother to their three lovely daughters. Instead she is a widow.

She had already faced that prospect when Gary had stomach cancer. But he overcame that only to die because of the savagery of three youths who have shown not a jot of remorse for kicking her husband to certain death.

Like so many other victims of crime, she might feel some small crumb of comfort if her husband's killers were also deprived of their lives. But given that we no longer have capital punishment, the least she might expect is that they be deprived of freedom for the rest of their days. Not a chance.

She knows that they could all be out in well under 20 years. Given their ages, this means they may still be young men on release, with years to enjoy a future of which Gary was robbed.

These louts didn't just destroy Gary.

The impact of their crime will ripple down the years not only on Helen but on the couple's three daughters whose lives will forever be tinged with sorrow. Each important event in their lives - be it a wedding day, motherhood, or career success, will be marred by the fact that Garywon't be there. While his killers will one day be set free, Gary's family will never be free of their sense of loss and of what might have been if he hadn't stepped bravely out into the night to challenge one of the hundreds of gangs terrorising streets all over the country.

How ironic then, that in the very week that Gary's killers go to prison, misguided campaigners are calling for the removal of Mosquito devices which emit a sound which dissuades gangs from hanging round outside shops and off licences.

Those calling for the devices to be removed say they are infringing the human rights of teenagers. As usual, it seems that the only people ewho have human rights these days are those who have committed a crime or who enjoy making life a misery for others.

Those same gangs must be laughing their heads off at the news that in order to save money, some councils are switching off street lights and leaving suburbs in darkness, making dark streets a playground for thugs .


LOSS: Gary New love
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 15, 2008
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