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Expo 2020 Dubai launches worker wellness programme. Ashley Williams Jul 27, 2020 388
Smart gadgets aiding cyclists. Jul 27, 2020 488
'I cry every day over not being able to afford food for my disabled sons during crisis'; EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Hobbs, from Bristol, has highlighted the devastating impact the lockdown had on sons Stanley and Nathan, as charity Action for Children warned parents are skipping meals because they cannot afford food. By, Dave Burke Jul 14, 2020 1185
No improvement in death rate for COVID-19 patients who received hydroxychloroquine. Jul 1, 2020 508
Detoxification effects of long-chain versus a mixture of medium- and long-chain triglyceride-based fat emulsion on propafenone poisoning. An, Xusheng; Mei, Yong; Sun, Hao; Zhang, Jinsong Medical condition overview Jul 1, 2020 3966
EFFICACY OF TOPICAL ANAESTHESIA IN REDUCTION OF OCULOCARDIAC REFLEX DURING SQUINT SURGERY. Sana Abbas, Omar Zafar, Muhammad Awais, Beenish Abbas, Umer Hayat and Basit Mehmood Jun 30, 2020 3338
self help. Jun 24, 2020 316
Critically ill COVID-19 patients 10 times more likely to develop heart rhythm disorders: Study. Jun 24, 2020 396
SELF HELP. Jun 23, 2020 312
self help. Jun 23, 2020 316
self help. Jun 23, 2020 316
SELF help. Jun 23, 2020 316
self help. Jun 23, 2020 316
self help. Jun 23, 2020 312
Critically ill COVID-19 patients 10 times more likely to develop heart rhythm disorders: Study. Jun 23, 2020 346
SELF HELP. Jun 22, 2020 312
self help. Jun 22, 2020 316
Fatty acid found in fish helps decrease blood pressure and helps depression; A study by Aston University found that Omega-3 has a positive effect on five different areas of heart health, including blood pressure and chronic heart disease. By, Neil Murphy Jun 16, 2020 536
Morocco King undergoes successful heart surgery. MENA Jun 15, 2020 154
IT'S GREAT TO GET MY OWN RESTART; Wigan's Robinson cleared for return after heart scare ended dream move to AC Milan. DAVID ANDERSON @MirrorAnderson Jun 13, 2020 412
Acute effects of Zamzam water on blood pressure and heart rate variability. Rabia Latif, Farrukh Majeed, Ahmed Al Sunni, Rahmah Mohammed K ALamrie and Shaykhah Nasser AlNaimi Jun 10, 2020 3436
Novadoz awarded FDA approval for generic versions of Oseltamivir and Dofetilide. Jun 5, 2020 163
The Effect of Positioning on Adaptation to Spontaneous Breathing in Premature Infants After Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Guler, Funda; Calisir, Husniye Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 4450
Esophagoduodenoscopy or colonoscopy: which should be done first?/Ozofagoduedonoskopi veya kolonoskopi: ilk ne yapilmali?. Sayin, Pinar; Bostanci, Ozgur; Turk, Hacer Sebnem; Isil, Canan Tulay; Oba, Sibel; Mihmanli, Mehmet Jun 1, 2020 4386
Frostbite injuries: independent predictors of outcomes. / Donuk travmalari: gidisatin bagimsiz belirleyicileri. Schellenberg, Morgan; Cheng, Vincent; Inaba, Kenji; Foran, Christopher; Warriner, Zachary; Trust, Ma Jun 1, 2020 2752
Native mitral valve endocarditis due to Neisser ia elongata following an untreated dental abscess. Foissac, Maud; Bergon, Ludovic; Mourguet, Morgane; Prudhomme, Laurent; Khatibi, Sarah Jun 1, 2020 1528
Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Performance in U.S. Military Personnel While Operating OCONUS--A Review. Linderman, Jon K.; O'Hara, Reginald B. Jun 1, 2020 5042
Response of the Autonomic Cardiac Control Induced by Resistance Training Using the Sarcoplasma Stimulating Training Method. Gambassi, Bruno Bavaresco; Queiroz, Ciro; Nogueira, Raquel; Novais, Tania Maria Gaspar; Costa, Cyren Jun 1, 2020 3434
A randomized, crossover trial comparing the efficacy and safety of fesoterodine and extended-release oxybutynin in children with overactive bladder with 12-month extension on fesoterodine: The FOXY study. Ramsay, Sophie; Naud, Elizabeth; Simonyan, David; Moore, Katherine; Bolduc, Stephane Jun 1, 2020 5829
Cardiac Autonomic Control in Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis During the Glittre Activities of Daily Living Test. Andrade, Jr., Antonio Beira de; Ferreira, Arthur de Sa; Assis, Ana Carolina Brandao; Paula, Leila; N Jun 1, 2020 6312
Palonosetron Pretreatment is not as Effective as Lignocaine for Attenuation of Pain on Injection of Propofol. Kant, Ravi; Dubey, Prakash K.; Ranjan, Alok Jun 1, 2020 3544
The Effect of the Open and Closed System Suctions on Pain Severity and Physiological Indicators in Mechanically Ventilated Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Randomised Controlled Trial. Ebrahimian, Abbasali; Tourdeh, Maedeh; Paknazar, Fatemeh; Davari, Hossein Report Jun 1, 2020 4498
Evaluating the Relationship between the Pleth Variability Index and Hypotension and Assessing the Fluid Response in Geriatric Hip Fracture under Spinal Anaesthesia: An Observational Study. Kupeli, Ilke; Subasi, Faruk; Eren, Nurhan; Arslan, Yusuf Kemal Report Jun 1, 2020 4194
Multilevel Analysis of 24-Hour Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Associated Factors among Police Officers in Hanoi, Vietnam. An, Dao Thi Minh; Hoat, Luu Ngoc; Son, Dinh Thai; Toan, Do Thanh; Minh, Luu Ngoc; Van Mai, Phan; Van May 31, 2020 8624
Atenolol's Inferior Ability to Reduce Central vs Peripheral Blood Pressure Can Be Explained by the Combination of Its Heart Rate-Dependent and Heart Rate-Independent Effects. Teeaar, Tuuli; Serg, Martin; Paapstel, Kaido; Vahi, Mare; Kals, Jaak; Cockcroft, John R.; Zilmer, Mi May 31, 2020 6324
Effect of Ketamine/Propofol Admixture on Peri-Induction Hemodynamics: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Smischney, Nathan J.; Seisa, Mohamed O.; Morrow, Allison S.; Ponce, Oscar J.; Wang, Zhen; Alzuabi, M May 31, 2020 9096
Learning from Large-Scale Wearable Device Data for Predicting Epidemics Trend of COVID-19. Zhu, Guokang; Li, Jia; Meng, Zi; Yu, Yi; Li, Yanan; Tang, Xiao; Dong, Yuling; Sun, Guangxin; Zhou, R May 31, 2020 4671
Cardiovascular Safety of Clonidine and Dexmedetomidine in Critically Ill Patients after Cardiac Surgery. Grest, Angelina; Kurmann, Judith; Muller, Markus; Jeger, Victor; Kruger, Bernard; Spahn, Donat R.; B May 31, 2020 4417
Tai Chi Improves Coronary Heart Disease Risk by Inactivating MAPK/ERK Pathway through Serum miR-126. Zhang, Guangwei; Wang, Shuli; Gu, Yan; Song, Ling; Yu, Shui; Feng, Xiaoxing May 31, 2020 11087
Atrial Mass Versus Thrombus. Kate, Yugandhara; Syed, Masood Pasha; Doshi, Adhirath; Patil, Shekhar; Kumar, Deepti May 28, 2020 741
May: 'I was very near death'. May 26, 2020 207
May: 'I was very near death'. May 26, 2020 212
Rock star May 'very near death' after heart attack. LAURA HARDING May 26, 2020 423
May: 'I was very near death'. May 26, 2020 201
Queen star May 'very near death' after heart attack. LAURA HARDING May 26, 2020 202
May: 'I was very near death'. May 26, 2020 212
May: 'I was very near death'. May 26, 2020 212
May: 'I was very near death'. May 26, 2020 212
Mum warns parents to be aware of tell-tale signs of Kawasaki disease in kids; Five-year-old Harry Fields, from west Yorkshire, was rushed to hospital after developing an inflammatory fever and having a heart rate so fast that he was unable to stand. By, Lorraine King May 19, 2020 432
Tributes paid to leading professor of medicine. MARK SMITH Health Correspondent Obituary May 18, 2020 432
Heartbreak as three-day-old boy dies after mother tests positive for Covid-19; Baby boy was diagnosed with fetal bradycardia -- a low heart rate condition -- but his condition deteriorated. By, Mikey Smith & Brett Gibbons May 14, 2020 173
Slumbers in numbers; Staying up later than usual by even a minute can affect your health, say researchers. Putting off going to bed 60 minutes past your routine time could raise your risk of a stroke, heart disease or diabetes as it can affect your resting heart rate the next day. MARIA CROCE takes a look at other fascinating sleep facts. MARIA CROCE May 5, 2020 598
Study of Effect of Shavasana on Handgrip and Cold Pressor Test on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in Young Adults. Sardessai, Sandip R.; Pandarbale, Sanjay S. Report May 4, 2020 2652
An Observational Comparative Study to Assess the Block Characteristics of Intrathecal Buprenorphine and Clonidine When Added to Bupivacaine for Orthopaedic Lower Limb Surgeries. A., Antony K.; M., Anzer Shah Clinical report May 4, 2020 3145
Low potassium. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD May 4, 2020 249
Staying up past usual bedtime is bad snooze for heart. May 4, 2020 260
The Effect of Coloring Mandalas on the Anxiety of Medical-Surgical Nurses and Nursing Support Staff. Maguire, Patricia; Coughlan, Ann; Drayton, Deborah; Lacko, Hannah; Reich, Jessie; Hatfield, Linda May 1, 2020 5212
The Rhythm of Last Resort: An Older Adult Patient with Extensive Cardiovascular Disease and Syncope. Dzikowicz, Dillon J.; Carey, Mary G. May 1, 2020 2314
Heart Rate Variability and Solar and Geomagnetic Energy. Klotter, Jule May 1, 2020 448
Risk Factors Associated with Cardiac Autonomic Modulation in Obese Individuals. Oliveira, Camila; Silveira, Erika Aparecida; Rosa, Lorena; Santos, Annelisa; Rodrigues, Ana Paula; M Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 6138
Conversion from Nonshockable to Shockable Rhythms and Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes by Initial Heart Rhythm and Rhythm Conversion Time. Zhang, Wanwan; Luo, Shengyuan; Yang, Daya; Zhang, Yongshu; Liao, Jinli; Gu, Liwen; Li, Wankun; Liu, Apr 30, 2020 5910
Development of Novel Continuous and Interval Exercise Programs by Applying the FITT-VP Principle in Dogs. Lee, H.S.; Lee, S.H.; Kim, J.W.; Lee, Y.S.; Lee, B.C.; Oh, H.J.; Kim, J.H. Apr 30, 2020 7319
Preprocessing Unevenly Sampled RR Interval Signals to Enhance Estimation of Heart Rate Deceleration and Acceleration Capacities in Discriminating Chronic Heart Failure Patients from Healthy Controls. Cao, Ping; Ye, Bailu; Yang, Linghui; Lu, Fei; Fang, Luping; Cai, Guolong; Su, Qun; Ning, Gangmin; Pa Apr 30, 2020 6034
Strategies to Improve the Outcome of Cryoballoon Ablation in the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation. Huang, Ying; Wang, Yuehan; Song, Chenyu Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 4792
FDA warns against use of malaria drug. Matthew Perrone and Marilynn Marchione Associated Press Apr 25, 2020 434
Planning for Your Future Care: Think ahead when it comes to your health in older age. Apr 23, 2020 975
Coronavirus: Etihad trials new technology to identify medically at risk travellers. Sami Zaatari, Staff Reporter Apr 6, 2020 460
A Comparative Study of Oral Clonidine and Oral Midazolam as Premedicants for General Anaesthesia. Nandi, Amitayu; Haldar, Purba; Ghosh, Arup; Bhattacharya, Supriya; Nath, Manisankar; Hazra, Amit Kum Apr 6, 2020 4501
Comparison of Effects of Intravenous Etomidate and Propofol during Induction of Anaesthesia for Electroconvulsive Therapy. Pragada, Lavan Sagar; Chakole, Vivek; Patil, Bhakti Clinical report Apr 6, 2020 3909
Redmi Band with heart rate tracking, colour display launched in China. Apr 5, 2020 279
RxBox biomedical devices delivered to U.P.-PGH for Covid-19 monitoring. Apr 5, 2020 404
Long-term exercise parameter outcomes in obstructive sleep apnea patients with and without positive airway pressure therapy. Ucar, Elif Yilmazel; Araz, Omer; Kerget, Bugra; Akgun, Metin; Saglam, Leyla Clinical report Apr 3, 2020 3909
Arena Pharmaceuticals reveals positive top-line data from Phase one etrasimod clinical study. Clinical report Apr 2, 2020 240
Arena Pharmaceuticals reveals positive top-line data from Phase one etrasimod clinical study. Clinical report Apr 2, 2020 244
Electrocardiography Parameters Recorded With Holter Monitoring in Sport and Work Horses Before and After Physical Activity. Saljic, Ermin; Seric-Haracic, Sabina; Hodzic, Aida; Tandir, Faruk; Cutuk, Amel; Hadzimusic, Nejra Apr 1, 2020 2436
Does Inhaled Milrinone Facilitate Weaning From Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Children with Congenital Heart Diseases Complicated with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension? Abd Elbaser, Ibrahim Ibrahim; El Derie, Ahmad Abd El Aleem Apr 1, 2020 4205
Low-Dose Ketamine for Outpatient Hysteroscopy: A Prospective, Randomised, Double-Blind Study. Goswami, Devalina; Nisa, Neisevilie; Sharma, Ankur; Dadhwal, Vatsala; Baidya, Dalim Kumar; Arora, Ma Clinical report Apr 1, 2020 4884
Detecting Congestive Heart Failure by Extracting Multimodal Features and Employing Machine Learning Techniques. Hussain, Lal; Awan, Imtiaz Ahmed; Aziz, Wajid; Saeed, Sharjil; Ali, Amjad; Zeeshan, Farukh; Kwak, Ky Mar 31, 2020 13230
Feature of Heart Rate Variability and Metabolic Mechanism in Female College Students with Depression. Zhao, Shanguang; Chi, Aiping; Yan, Junhu; Yao, Chong Mar 31, 2020 6369
Electrical Stimulation-Guided Approach to Pulmonary Artery Catheter Ablation in Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: A Pilot Feasibility Study with a 12-Month Follow-Up. Goncharova, Natalia S.; Moiseeva, Olga M.; Leandro, Heber Ivan Condori; Zlobina, Irina S.; Berezina, Mar 31, 2020 4517
Gag Reflex-Mediated Restoration of Sinus Rhythm during TEE Probe Insertion for Atrial Fibrillation: A Word of Caution. Ghanim, Zeid NesheiwaMarcel; Eid, Joseph; Patel, Neha; Burmeister, Cameron; Eltahawy, Ehab Mar 31, 2020 1022
Sonographic Assessment of Intravascular Fluid Estimate (SAFE) Score by Using Bedside Ultrasound in the Intensive Care Unit. Killu, Keith; Coba, Victor; Blyden, Dionne; Munie, Semeret; Dereczyk, Darlene; Kandagatla, Pridvi; T Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 5408
One Lung Soldier: A Ventilation Conundrum in a Postpneumonectomy Syndrome Complicated by Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Purewal, Jaskaran K.; Sakul, N.F.N.; Balabbigari, Nikhita R.; Nenninger, Alberto; Kotecha, Nisha Mar 31, 2020 2415
An Update on the Reversal of Non-Vitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants. Mujer, Mark Terence P.; Rai, Manoj P.; Atti, Varunsiri; Dimaandal, Ian Limuel; Chan, Abigail S.; Shr Mar 31, 2020 8288
High-Flow Nasal Cannula: A Promising Oxygen Therapy for Patients with Severe Bronchial Asthma Complicated with Respiratory Failure. Geng, Wanru; Batu, Wuliji; You, Shuhong; Tong, Zhaohui; He, Hangyong Mar 31, 2020 5100
Self-Compassion Demonstrating a Dual Relationship with Pain Dependent on High-Frequency Heart Rate Variability. Tian, Shuxiang; Luo, Xi; Che, Xianwei; Xu, Guizhi Mar 31, 2020 3896
Model of Driver's Eye Movement and ECG Index under Tunnel Environment Based on Spatiotemporal Data. Qi, Weiwei; Shen, Bin; Wang, Linhong Mar 31, 2020 6445
Nuvo passes FDA clearance for INVU pregnancy platform for remote monitoring of fetal and maternal heart rate. Medical condition overview Mar 31, 2020 225
Nuvo passes FDA clearance for INVU pregnancy platform for remote monitoring of fetal and maternal heart rate. Medical condition overview Mar 31, 2020 221
Coronavirus 'can have heart attack like symptoms', doctors warn; While the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, mostly infects the lungs, cardiologists now believe that it could also affect the heart. By, Shivali Best Mar 30, 2020 305
Influence of Bispectral Index Monitoring on Isoflurane Minimum Alveolar Concentration in Off Pump Cardiac Surgeries. Anagha, M. V.; Kamath, Manjunath R. Mar 30, 2020 5515
Comparative Study of Haemodynamic Responses to Laryngoscopy and Oral Endotracheal Intubation in Healthy Normotensive Adults with Prior Administration of Lignocaine and Esmolol Hydrochloride. Bhaskar, B. Vijaya; Charlu, Sarab Jagadeesa Clinical report Mar 30, 2020 2789
Irregular sleeping habits may increase heart disease risk: Study. Clinical report Mar 26, 2020 475
Stay Heart Smart About Wearable Health Devices: High-tech gadgets can help you manage your heart health and fitness, but understand what to do with the data they provide. Mar 24, 2020 1259
Dermot's 16-sec stress busters. SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Mar 23, 2020 219
Wigan defender needs heart treatment. Mar 13, 2020 237
Heart scare blocked my dream move to AC Milan; WIGAN NIGHTMARE SCENARIO; Now gutted Robbo must have op. DAVID ANDERSON @MirrorAnderson Mar 13, 2020 437
A Comparative Evaluation of Intranasal Dexmedetomidine & Intranasal Midazolam for Pre-Operative Sedation in Children. Ghosh, Arcojit; Das, Asoke Kumar; Mukherjee, Maitreyee; Bagum, Sabnam Ara; Chatterjee, Sajib Mar 9, 2020 3040
HEAL LING HOUNDS; AMAZING DOGS S WHO ARE UP FOR CRUFTS AWARD; Oscar, 3, was suffering from a serious brain condition. As he lay unresponsive in hospital, the doctors tried one last thing. EXCLUSIVE by RHIAN LUBIN Mar 5, 2020 1047
Boy, 3, in ICU with brain tumour recovers after therapy dog places paw on his hand; EXCLUSIVE: Oscar Haskell was in intensive care at Southampton Children's Hospital with a rare brain condition when his heart rate rocketed. His mum says Oscar's heart rate slowed when doctors brought in therapy dog Leo. By, Rhian Lubin Mar 5, 2020 1035
Clinical Study of Urine Albumin Creatinine Ratio as an Earlier Predictor of Diabetic Nephropathy. Bhaisare, Sunil Dhanraj; Rao, Anuradha Krishnaraj; Jog, Aniruddha Sunildatta; Kolapkar, Hariom Uddha Clinical report Mar 2, 2020 3802
Solving the Obstetrical Paradox: The FETAL Technique--A Step toward Noninvasive Evaluation of Fetal pH. Balayla, Jacques; Shrem, Guy Report Mar 1, 2020 2908
Daytime QT by Routine 12-Lead ECG Is Prolonged in Patients with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Walker, McCall; Blackwell, Jacob N.; Stafford, Patrick; Patel, Paras; Mazimba, Sula; Mehta, Nishaki; Mar 1, 2020 4766
Time in Range, as a Novel Metric of Glycemic Control, Is Reversely Associated with Presence of Diabetic Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy Independent of HbA1c in Chinese Type 2 Diabetes. Guo, Qingyu; Zang, Pu; Xu, Shaoying; Song, Wenjing; Zhang, Zhen; Liu, Chunyan; Guo, Zhanhong; Chen, Mar 1, 2020 8091
Effects of high- and moderate-intensity exercise on central hemodynamic and oxygen uptake recovery kinetics in CHF-COPD overlap. Mazzuco, A.; Souza, A.S.; Medeiros, W.M.; Sperandio, P.A.; Alencar, M.C.N.; Arbex, F.F.; Neder, J.A. Mar 1, 2020 7783
Effects of Living High-Training Low and High on Body Composition and Metabolic Risk Markers in Overweight and Obese Females. Gao, Huan; Xu, Jianfang; Zhang, Li; Lu, Yingli; Gao, Binghong; Feng, Lianshi Mar 1, 2020 6641
TRIATHLETE'S LIFE IS SAVED BY HIS WATCH; Charity cyclist diagnosed with acute leukaemia after heart rate shot up. ANDY RICHARDSON News Reporter Mar 1, 2020 762
When a Slow Heart Rate Indicates a Possible Health Risk: If a slow heartbeat is accompanied by dizziness or other symptoms, it may require treatment. Mar 1, 2020 715
Effects of Swimming with Added Respiratory Dead Space on Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Lipid Metabolism. Szczepan, Stefan; Michalik, Kamil; Borkowski, Jacek; Zaton, Krystyna Mar 1, 2020 6300
Concurrent and Construct Validation of a New Scale for Rating Perceived Exertion during Elastic Resistance Training in The Elderly. Colado, Juan C.; Furtado, Guilherme E.; Teixeira, Ana M.; Flandez, Jorge; Naclerio, Fernando Mar 1, 2020 11645
Five Weeks of Aquatic-Calisthenic High Intensity Interval Training Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Body Composition in Sedentary Young Adults. McDaniel, Brittany B.; Naquin, Mildred R.; Sirikul, Bovorn; Kraemer, Robert R. Mar 1, 2020 7135
A Spider in the Spider's View: Behcet's Disease-related Giant Coronary Aneurysm. Altay, Servet; Gurdogan, Muhammet; Yilmaztepe, Mustafa Adem Mar 1, 2020 478
Automatic Classification of Hypertension Types Based on Personal Features by Machine Learning Algorithms. Nour, Majid; Polat, Kemal Mar 1, 2020 4219
The Effect of Mother's Lullaby on Preterm Infants' Physiological Parameters. Shafiei, Elham; Ameri, Zahra Daneshvar; Sheikhbardsiri, Hojjat; Yaseri, Mahdi; Baniasadi, Hamideh Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 3923
The Effectiveness of Heated Humidified High-flow Nasal Cannula in Children with Severe Bacterial Pneumonia in the Emergency Department. Yurtseven, Ali; Saz, Eylem Ulas Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 4076
Aerobic Training, in Combination with Listening Music, Changes Post-Exercise Cardiac Autonomic Function in Collegiate Overweight and Obese Individuals. Tayagi, Neeraj Kumar; Solanky, Anuradha; Jamah, Shahin Naz; Azharuddin, Muhammad; Ali, Kamran; Ahmad Mar 1, 2020 6402
Evaluation of Stress Response under a Standard Euthanasia Protocol in Horses Using Analysis of Heart Rate Variability. Gehlen, Heidrun; Loschelder, Johanna; Merle, Roswitha; Walther, Maike Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 5364
Refinement of LPS induced Sepsis in SD Rats to Mimic Human Sepsis. Bhardwaj, Meenakshi; Patil, Rutuja; Mani, Sugumar; Malarvizhi, R.; Vasanthi, Hannah R. Report Mar 1, 2020 5672
How Much Do You Know About Your "Ticker?" Study reveals that most patients with a device that regulates their heart rhythm want to--and should--know more about it. Feb 26, 2020 659
Just look at her now. Submitted by Northwestern Medicine Feb 26, 2020 890
PlayStation 5 controller could measure your heart rate, Sony patent suggests; A patent filed by Sony indicates that the PlayStation 5 controller could track your 'biofeedback' while you game. By, Shivali Best Feb 26, 2020 369
9-year-old girl thriving despite being born with half a heart. Northwestern Medicine Feb 22, 2020 891
Dibsy 'over the moon' to get back in the gym. DAVID HUNTLEY @davey_huntley Feb 20, 2020 358
The Efficacy of Continuous Venovenous Hemodiafiltration with Cytokine Filter on Sepsis. Yildirim, Mehtap; Kol, Iclal Ozdemir; Avci, Onur; Gulsoy, Zuhal; Kaygusuz, Kenan; Gursoy, Sinan Report Feb 13, 2020 4562
HSHS St. Francis Hospital to host special heart month program. submitted by becky bishop Feb 12, 2020 155
HUSTLE AND MUSCLE ... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. LAUREN TAYLOR Feb 12, 2020 1041
Gross failure led to death of baby Zachary says coroner; Inquest hears six vital errors during and after labour contributed to him dying hours after birth. JAMES DRIVER-FISHER Feb 7, 2020 391
Rhythm AI agrees a research collaboration with Israel's Biosense Webster. Feb 5, 2020 264
Rhythm AI agrees a research collaboration with Israel's Biosense Webster. Feb 5, 2020 262
INQUEST TOLD OF BIRTH TRAGEDY; Hospital's Midwifery-Led Unit did not have water birth heart monitor available, coroner hears. JAMES DRIVER-FISHER Feb 4, 2020 327
Ablation therapy corrects abnormal heart rhythm; STOPPARD. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Feb 3, 2020 445
Ablation therapy corrects abnormal heart rhythm. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Feb 3, 2020 445
At Chelsea, Lampard's experiment may soon become a test. New York Times Feb 2, 2020 1136
Aithre lllyrian: Smart Pulse Oximeter: The Illyrian pulse oximeter measures Sp02 under the earlobe or on the forehead. Intrusive, but full-time monitoring is worth it for some. Anglisano, Larry Feb 1, 2020 1657
Elementary Students Learn to Regulate Emotions with Heart Rate Monitors. Feb 1, 2020 494
Stay Fit With an Elliptical Trainer: These versatile exercise machines provide a full-body workout. Feb 1, 2020 634
Heart rate responses to different temperatures in juvenile Poppiana dentata (Randall, 1840)/Respostas de frequencia cardiaca do Poppiana dentata jovem a diferentes temperaturas (Randall, 1840). Singh, D.S.; Alkins-Koo, M.; Rostant, L.V.; Mohammed, A. Feb 1, 2020 5978
Does Extrathoracic Jugulo-Femoral Venous Shunt Avoid Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Glenn Bi-Directional Shunt Procedure? Elbascr, Ibrahim Ibrahim Abd; Dcric, Ahmad Abd El Alccm El Feb 1, 2020 3651
Effectiveness of the Analgesia Nociception Index Monitoring in Patients Who Undergo Colonoscopy with Sedo-Analgesia. Soral, Mcrvc; Altun, Gulbin Torc; Dinccr, Pclin Corman; Arslantas, Mustafa Kcmal; Aykac, Zuhal Feb 1, 2020 4597
Physiological Differences of US Army Cadets during a Loaded and Unloaded 6-Mile Ruck March. Walsh, Donald J.; Palevo, Gregory; Polascik, Michael; Slaton, Jake Feb 1, 2020 2886
Validation of the MC-PeakPro[TM] for Metabolic Measures during Rest and Maximal Exercise. Hutchison, Alexander T.; Couper, Scott; Mejia, Abril Feb 1, 2020 4399
Non-Contact Vital Signs Monitoring of Dog and Cat Using a UWB Radar. Wang, Pengfei; Ma, Yangyang; Liang, Fulai; Zhang, Yang; Yu, Xiao; Li, Zhao; An, Qiang; Lv, Hao; Wang Report Feb 1, 2020 6958
In-Person Caretaker Visits Disrupt Ongoing Discomfort Behavior in Hospitalized Equine Orthopedic Surgical Patients. Torcivia, Catherine; McDonnell, Sue Report Feb 1, 2020 3493
Effects of Long-Term Gentle Handling on Behavioral Responses, Production Performance, and Meat Quality of Pigs. Wang, Chao; Chen, Yongjie; Bi, Yanju; Zhao, Peng; Sun, Hanqing; Li, Jianhong; Liu, Honggui; Zhang, R Report Feb 1, 2020 6492
Distribution of Superficial Body Temperature in Horses Ridden by Two Riders with Varied Body Weights. Wilk, Izabela; Wnuk-Pawlak, Elzbieta; Janczarek, Iwona; Kaczmarek, Beata; Dybczynska, Marta; Przetac Report Feb 1, 2020 6032
The Holistic Benefits of Nature-Based Therapy for Women with Breast Cancer. Beil, Kurt Feb 1, 2020 3447
This Leaky Heart Valve Disorder Affects Millions: Awareness of symptoms can lead to early treatments that can help prevent major damage. Feb 1, 2020 964
Why avoiding strength training is a mistake. CM Guest Columnist Jan 31, 2020 930
Top affordable wearables with a heart rate monitor. Jan 28, 2020 540
Global Cardiac Ablation Technologies Market - Drivers and Restraints 2018 to 2026. Jan 27, 2020 902
GIMME STRENGTH; Just how important to your January health kick is building muscle? Lauren Taylor finds out. Lauren Taylor Jan 25, 2020 929
Huawei Band 4 with optical heart rate sensor, sleep disorder diagnosis launched for Rs 1,999. Jan 24, 2020 331
MUSCLE ... HUSTLE AND MUSCLE... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. LAUREN TAYLOR Jan 21, 2020 1049
HUSTLE AND muscle... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. LAUREN TAYLOR Jan 21, 2020 1049
MUSCLE ... HUSTLE AND MUSCLE... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. LAUREN TAYLOR Jan 21, 2020 1049
MUSCLE ... HUSTLE AND muscle... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. LAUREN TAYLOR Jan 21, 2020 1050
HUSTLE AND MUSCLE ... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. Jan 21, 2020 1043
MUSCLE ... HUSTLE AND muscle... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. LAUREN TAYLOR Jan 21, 2020 1049
MUSCLE ... HUSTLE AND muscle... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. LAUREN TAYLOR Jan 21, 2020 1046
HUSTLE AND MUSCLE... LAUREN TAYLOR finds otraining as part of your ne. LAUREN TAYLOR Jan 21, 2020 1060
Generation Xhausted; Staff close to burning out; Fears over heart health. JEROME REILLY Jan 21, 2020 347
Wearable Device Data May Help Predict Flu-Like Illness Patterns; Fitbit data significantly improved prediction of influenza-like illness in top five states with most users. Jan 21, 2020 243
How Helen Mirren and Jaws got my teenage heart racing -- Aidan Smith. Jan 21, 2020 1013
MUSCLE ... HUSTLE AND MUSCLE... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. LAUREN TAYLOR Jan 20, 2020 1048
HUSTLE AND MUSCLE ... LAUREN TAYLOR finds out why avoiding strength training as part of your new fitness regime is a mistake. LAUREN TAYLOR Jan 20, 2020 1051
Comparative Study of Changes in Haemodynamic Responses during Intubation--Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway versus Endotracheal Tube. Toppo, Saurabh; Bharati Jan 20, 2020 2824
MARATHON READY; With just three months to go until the London Marathon, here's our pick of the best running gadgets to keep you on top of your game. Jan 16, 2020 829
NICVD surgeons successfully perform His bundle pacing procedure. Jan 16, 2020 331
NICVD performs Pakistan's first 'HIS Bundle Pacing' procedure successfully. Jan 14, 2020 264
Burnout syndrome linked to cardiac disease: Study. ANI Jan 14, 2020 465
Apple Watch Saved Man's Life Who Unknowingly Has A Life-Threatening Condition. Nica Osorio Jan 10, 2020 368
In times of pressure and stress anybody can breathe to win... When we are a state of heightened stress or anxiety, we might notice our heart rate increasing and our breathing becoming more shallow. Here David Shearer, professor of elite performance psychology at the University of South Wales, explains how controlled breathing can help everyone from elite athletes to the average Joe... Jan 6, 2020 886
One Way to Help Ease A-Fib: Give Up Drinking. Serena Gordon, HealthDay Reporter Jan 2, 2020 787
Health Highlights: Jan. 2, 2020; Bernie Sanders' Health Fine for Presidency, His Doctors Say. Jan 2, 2020 316
Aerobic Exercise Is Good for the Body and Mind: Walking, biking, running and swimming are all aerobic exercise. Jan 1, 2020 565
Interval training in older age. Darrow, Bruce Jan 1, 2020 244
Influence of 8-Week Aerobic Training on the Skin Microcirculation in Patients with Ischaemic Heart Disease. Szygula, Renata; Wierzbicka, Monika; Sondel, Grazyna Jan 1, 2020 7528
Association of Tobacco Smoking with Physical Fitness of Military Males in Taiwan: The CHIEF Study. Su, Fang-Ying; Wang, Sheng-Huei; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Lin, Gen-Min Jan 1, 2020 5473
Fatigue Evaluation through Machine Learning and a Global Fatigue Descriptor. Ramos, G.; Vaz, J.R.; Mendonca, G.V.; Pezarat-Correia, P.; Rodrigues, J.; Alfaras, M.; Gamboa, H. Jan 1, 2020 12899
A Rare Case of Multivessel SCAD Successfully Treated with Conservative Medical Management. Alquran, Lance; Patel, Ankita; Safi, Lucy; Patel, Ankitkumar Jan 1, 2020 1386
Liver Stiffness, Not Fat Liver Content, Predicts the Length of QTc Interval in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease. Bellan, Mattia; Rigamonti, Cristina; Giacomini, Greta Maria; Makmur, Giulio; Marconi, Cecilia; Nicos Jan 1, 2020 5101
Feasibility of non-intubated anesthesia and regional block for thoracoscopic surgery under spontaneous respiration: a prospective cohort study. Li, Hanwei; Huang, Daiqiang; Qiao, Kun; Wang, Zheng; Xu, Shiyuan Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 4760
Effects of Tomato Juice Intake on Salivary 8-Oxo-dG Levels as Oxidative Stress Biomarker after Extensive Physical Exercise. Khavari, Ali Pour; Haghdoost, Siamak Jan 1, 2020 4811
Ranolazine Induced Bradycardia, Renal Failure, and Hyperkalemia: A BRASH Syndrome Variant. Zaidi, Syed Arsalan Akhter; Shaikh, Danial; Saad, Muhammad; Vittorio, Timothy J. Jan 1, 2020 2155
Noninvasive Glucose Measurement Using Machine Learning and Neural Network Methods and Correlation with Heart Rate Variability. Gusev, Marjan; Poposka, Lidija; Spasevski, Gjoko; Kostoska, Magdalena; Koteska, Bojana; Simjanoska, Jan 1, 2020 10269
Granule of BU-XIN RUAN-MAI Attenuates the Patients' Angina Pectoris of Coronary Heart Disease via Regulating miR-542-3p/ GABARAP Signaling. Yan, Dong; Zhao, Li-Li; Yue, Bo-Wen; Qian, Hui; Zhang, Zi-Han; Wang, Ning; Yan, Shi-Hai; Qian, Yu-Li Jan 1, 2020 11453
Increased Rider Weight Did Not Induce Changes in Behavior and Physiological Parameters in Horses. Christensen, Janne Winther; Bathellier, Suzie; Rhodin, Marie; Palme, Rupert; Uldahl, Mette Jan 1, 2020 5909
Relationship between Resting and Recovery Heart Rate in Horses. Lindner, Arno; Esser, Martina; Lopez, Ramon; Boffi, Federico Report Jan 1, 2020 4632
Effects of Transport Conditions on Behavioural and Physiological Responses of Horses. Padalino, Barbara; Raidal, Sharanne L. Report Jan 1, 2020 10446
The Physiological Cost Index and Some Kinematic Parameters of Walking and Jogging in Blind and Sighted Students. Karami, Honeyeh; Karami, Khodabakhsh; Khafaie, Morteza Abdullatif; Zahednejad, Shahla; Arastoo, Ali Report Jan 1, 2020 4574
Liposomal and Non-Liposomal Formulations of Vitamin C: Comparison of the Antihypertensive and Vascular Modifying Activity in Renovascular Hypertensive Rats. Khalili, Azadeh; Alipour, Shohreh; Fathalipour, Mohammad; Purkhosrow, Azar; Mashghoolozekr, Elaheh; Report Jan 1, 2020 5656
World's first wireless foetal monitor wins award. Jan 1, 2020 355
Health Highlights: Dec. 31, 2019; Bernie Sanders' Health Fine for Presidency, His Doctors Say. Dec 31, 2019 316
Doctor sues Apple over irregular heartbeat detection. Web Report Dec 30, 2019 198
Apple Is Marketing Its Watch as a Healthcare Gadget. How Accurate Is This Claim? Dec 26, 2019 374
The Pluses of 'Steady-State' Training. Len Canter, HealthDay Reporter Dec 25, 2019 303
Heart Tissue May Be Harmed by Heavy Drinking: Study. Report Dec 24, 2019 343
ALEXACUTIONER; Amazon speaker tells Danni to kill herself to save planet. RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor Dec 20, 2019 379
ALEXACUTIONER; Amazon speaker tells Danni to kill herself to save planet. RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor Dec 20, 2019 377
ALEXA CUTIONER; Amazon speaker tells Danni to kill herself to save planet. RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor Dec 20, 2019 377
To be able to get out of the house with an appropriate wheelchair would be amazing... student with rare condition raising funds to help her regain independence. CATHRINA HULSE News Reporter Dec 17, 2019 602
Oligohydramnios with Liquor <5 cms and Its Maternal and Foetal Outcome. Sarmishta, M.; Usharani Dec 16, 2019 2787
Long-acting Beta2 agonists didn't boost BP in COPD. Dec 7, 2019 265
Zardari's health critical with chest pains, increased heart rate. SHAFQAT ALI Dec 6, 2019 619
Zardari's health deteriorates, family mulling heart surgery. Dec 5, 2019 496
Cleaner Teeth, Healthier Heart? Dec 2, 2019 321
I've been having chest pain, and my doctor scheduled me for a stress echocardiogram. What does this test involve? Dec 1, 2019 343
Safety and Efficacy of High-flow Nasal Cannula Therapy in the Pediatric Emergency Department/Cocuk Acil Servisinde Yuksek Akisli Nazal Kanul Tedavisinin Guvenilirligi ve Etkinligi. Yurtseven, Ali; Saz, Eylem Ulas; Hennes, Halim Dec 1, 2019 7392
Impact of Pre-Emptive Intravenous Ibuprofen on Perioperative Analgesia in Patients Undergoing Third Molar Extraction: A Randomised Controlled Study. Kupeli, Ilke; Gulnahar, Yakup Dec 1, 2019 2525
A Novel Control Method for Rotary Blood Pumps as Left Ventricular Assist Device Utilizing Aortic Valve State Detection. Petukhov, Dmitry; Korn, Leonie; Walter, Marian; Telyshev, Dmitry Dec 1, 2019 6264
Cough Suppression during Flexible Bronchoscopy Using Transcutaneous Electric Acupoint Stimulation: A Randomized Controlled Study. Zhang, Wei; Yang, Yi-Xiao; Yu, Wei; Qi, Si-Hua Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 6819
Cardiac Damage Biomarkers and Heart Rate Variability Following a 118-Km Mountain Race: Relationship with Performance and Recovery. Martinez-Navarro, Ignacio; Sanchez-Gomez, Juan M.; Collado-Boira, Eladio J.; Hernando, Barbara; Pani Dec 1, 2019 6570
Concurrent and Construct Validation of a Scale for Rating Perceived Exertion in Aquatic Cycling for Young Men. Colado, Juan C.; Brasil, Roxana M. Dec 1, 2019 9633
The Effect of 1600 [micro]g Inhaled Salbutamol Administration on 30 m Sprint Performance Pre and Post a Yo-Yo Intermittent Running Test in Football Players. Merlini, Michele; Beato, Marco; Marcora, Samuele; Dickinson, John Dec 1, 2019 3979
Electrocardiographic Studies in Shall Sheep. Mirabad, Muhammadmehdi; Rezakhani, Ali Dec 1, 2019 3644
Efficacy of Enhanced External Counter Pulsation on Clinical Parameters and Health-Related Quality of Life in Coronary Heart Disease patients with Diabetes Mellitus. Singh, Vikram; Kumari, Girija; Chhajer, Bimal; Vijayasimha, Mulavagili Report Dec 1, 2019 6566
Tai Chi exercise and functional electrical stimulation of lower limb muscles for rehabilitation in older adults with chronic systolic heart failure: a non-randomized clinical trial. Hao, Yi; Zhang, Long; Zhang, Zhenhua; Chen, Lin; He, Ning; Zhu, Shuai Report Dec 1, 2019 4221
Increased Heart Rate Variability following Elective Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients with Stable Coronary Artery Disease and Preprocedural Anxiety. Oktaramdani, Tessa; Mudjaddid, E.; Muhadi; Shatri, Hamzah Dec 1, 2019 2443
Design of a Remote Real-Time Monitoring System for Multiple Physiological Parameters Based on Smartphone. Naggar, Noman Q. Al-; Hammadi, Husam Mohammed Al-; Fusail, Adel Mohammed Al-; Shaebi, Zakarya Ali AL Dec 1, 2019 6329
Effect of 4 -Week HICTBW Training on Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Sedentary Women. Ajjimaporn, Amornpan; Khemtong, Chutimon; Widjaja, Waree Dec 1, 2019 3722
The Effect of All-Extremity High-Intensity Interval Training on Plasma Pentraxin 3 in Young Overweight and Obese Women. Hovsepian, Volga; Marandi, Sayad Mohammad; Esfarjani, Fahimeh; Zavar, Reihaneh; Sadeghi, Masoumeh Dec 1, 2019 4615
Scientists Measure Blue Whale's Heartbeat For The First Time And That Leaves Them Shocked. Rohit R Nair Nov 27, 2019 382
Blue whales push hearts right to limit; Science: World first by US researchers. NINA MASSEY Nov 26, 2019 483
Automotive Biometric Market: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis. Nov 26, 2019 1005
Heart Attack or Not? Apple Watch Might Give the Answer. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 25, 2019 560
'Flu symptoms' could be serious heart condition, charity warns. Nov 23, 2019 378
An app a day keeps the doctor away? Malavika Kamaraju, Features Editor Nov 22, 2019 1979
French Montana Undergoes Treatment for Increased Heart Rate. Nov 22, 2019 235
Samsung Releases Updates For Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active: What's New? Julio Cachila Nov 20, 2019 415
Lingering flu can mask serious heart conditions. Nov 20, 2019 174
Lingering flu can mask serious heart conditions. Nov 20, 2019 174
Afib Drug Risks. Nov 19, 2019 138
How flu symptoms could actually be serious heart condition; Experts have warned people to be alert. Rebecca Koncienzcy Nov 19, 2019 312
Could Short People Have an Advantage When It Comes to A-Fib? Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 19, 2019 528
Effect of Two Different Priming Doses of Cisatracurium in Addition to its Bolus Dose--A Randomised Double-Blind Controlled Trial. Sinha, Sandip; Ghosh, Tirtha Ratan; Saha, Moumita; Roy, Arpan; Majumder, Diptimay; Naresh, Sruthi; T Clinical report Nov 18, 2019 4932
Automotive Driver State Monitoring Systems Market 2019 Global Industry Forecast By Size, Share, Trends, Growth Projections, Business Revenue, Opportunity, Regional And Key Country Analysis To 2023. Industry overview Nov 15, 2019 1313
Cancer Risk May Rise After Heart Attack. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 13, 2019 596
2020 Apple Watch Series 6 Will Be Best Yet: Faster, Better Water Resistance. Julio Cachila Nov 12, 2019 485
Artificial Intelligence Uses ECGs to Predict A-Fib Risk. Nov 12, 2019 440
Frequent Pot Smokers Face Twice the Odds for Stroke. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 11, 2019 588
Global Electrophysiology Devices And Equipment Market Report 2020. Report Nov 8, 2019 886
Spaceflight Alters Human Heart Cells, But Return To Near Normal On Earth. Ilin Mathew Nov 8, 2019 470
Should You Do Strength Training? The answer is yes, in addition to aerobic exercise! Nov 1, 2019 542
Environmental Noise-Induced Effects on Stress Hormones, Oxidative Stress, and Vascular Dysfunction: Key Factors in the Relationship between Cerebrocardiovascular and Psychological Disorders. Hahad, Omar; Prochaska, Jurgen H.; Daiber, Andreas; Muenzel, Thomas Nov 1, 2019 9140
Risk Factors of Periprocedural Bradycardia during Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients with Acute ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction. Li, Yong; Lyu, Shuzheng Nov 1, 2019 3249
Intrapartum Results on Differing Degrees of Ketonuria in Nulliparous Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus during Spontaneous Labor. Huang, Shi-Yun; Yu, Bo; He, Xin; Chen, Yi Nov 1, 2019 8056
Evaluation of Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure by a Formula and Its Role in the Pathogenesis of Glaucoma. Landi, Laura; Casciaro, Federica; Telani, Serena; Traverso, Carlo E.; Harris, Alon; Vercellin, Alice Nov 1, 2019 4677
Uterine Trauma and Intrauterine Fetal Death Caused by Seatbelt Injury. Muraoka, Junsuke; Otsuka, Teruo; Yamauchi, Aya; Terao, Kiminari Nov 1, 2019 1283
Is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth a cause of hyperdynamic circulation in cirrhosis? Maslennikov, Roman; Pavlov, Chavdar; Ivashkin, Vladimir Clinical report Nov 1, 2019 7180
Local dermal application of a compound lidocaine cream in pain management of cancer wounds. Peng, L.; Zheng, H.Y.; Dai, Y. Nov 1, 2019 2724
Is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth a cause of hyperdynamic circulation in cirrhosis? Maslennikov, Roman; Pavlov, Chavdar; Ivashkin, Vladimir Clinical report Nov 1, 2019 6835
Hi-tech medical devices on display at top defence expo. Oct 31, 2019 750
Here's what happens to infants born to mothers breathing polluted air. ANI Oct 30, 2019 393
An Intelligent New Trainer in Oman: Huawei Watch GT 2 Series Promises to Provide Professional Quality Training. Oct 29, 2019 495
Addition of Dexmedetomidine to Ropivacaine in Transversus Abdominis Plane Block Potentiates Post-Operative Pain Relief among Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Patients--A Randomized Controlled Trail. Goswami, Debarati; Dey, Somnath; Dutta, Swarup; Sur, Debraj Oct 28, 2019 3059
Dr Liza Morton: NHS needs to learn how people living with serious heart disease feel about it. Oct 23, 2019 717
Medical advancements in atrial fibrillation treatment; The heart condition atrial fibrillation (AF) is becoming a more common health concern in Wales. Here, Spire Cardiff Hospital explains more about the condition and how it can be treated... Oct 23, 2019 1056
3 unique workouts you can try for Dubai Fitness Challenge. Dhanusha Gokulan Oct 23, 2019 634
Medical advancements in atrial fibrillation treatment; The heart condition atrial fibrillation (AF) is becoming a more common health concern in Wales. Here, Spire Cardiff Hospital explains more about the condition and how it can be treated... Oct 21, 2019 1056
American Indians May Have Higher Odds for A-Fib. Oct 21, 2019 330
AHA News: Deadly Heart Problem Might Not Be So Deadly. Oct 21, 2019 667
Intramuscular Dexmedetomidine as Premedication for General Anaesthesia in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy --A Comparative Study. Debnath, Anindya Kishore; Dastidar, Anjana Bose Ghosh Clinical report Oct 21, 2019 3857
Woman whose skull is sliding down neck needs life-saving treatment but journey could kill her; Erin Meegan is from East Molesey but is bedridden in Perth, Australia, away from her family. Eleanor Fleming Oct 18, 2019 888
What Kind of Drinking Can Trigger A-Fib? Oct 18, 2019 419
Regular boozing 'is riskier than a weekly binge' Heart disorder threat increases. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Oct 18, 2019 196
Sports Electronics Markets - Global Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024 / Analysis on Pedometers, Activity Monitors, Smart Fabrics, Fitness & Heart Rate Monitors, and More. Oct 15, 2019 1222
PS100k pledge gets Queen's to heart of stroke cure. Oct 15, 2019 210
Meet Fitbit's Newest Smartwatch: Everything That Makes the Versa 2 a Game-Changer. Oct 14, 2019 719
MONEY ADVICE. Oct 11, 2019 240
Global Beta blockers Market Growth Report 2019 by Supply, Demand, Consumption, Sale, Price, Revenue and Forecast. Oct 4, 2019 375
Lightning Defense Martial Art Opens with a Championship Win. Oct 2, 2019 379
AHA News: 24-Year-Old's Fainting Was a Clue to Her Fatal Heart Condition. Oct 2, 2019 796
LEARNING & RELEARNING WHITETAILS. Andersohn, Nathan L. Oct 1, 2019 1955
Comparison of the Effects of Desflurane and Sevoflurane on Cerebral Oxygen Saturation in Patients Undergoing Thyroidectomy: A Randomised Controlled Clinical Study. Akcay, Lerzan; Soyalp, Celaleddin; Yuzkat, Nureddin; Gulhas, Nurcin Clinical report Oct 1, 2019 3310
Multiannual, Intensive Strength-Endurance Training Modulates the Activity of the Cardiovascular and Autonomic Nervous System among Rowers of the International Level. Kowalik, Tomasz; Klawe, Jacek J.; Tafil-Klawe, Malgorzata; Slomko, Witold; Slomko, Joanna; Srokowska Oct 1, 2019 4542
Emergency Surgery Mortality (ESM) Score to Predict Mortality and Improve Patient Care in Emergency Surgery. Tribuddharat, Sirirat; Sathitkarnmanee, Thepakorn; Sappayanon, Pavit Oct 1, 2019 4713
Sevoflurane Alleviates Reperfusion Arrhythmia by Ameliorating TDR and MAPD90 in Isolated Rat Hearts after Ischemia-Reperfusion. Wang, Guilong; Dai, Dongjun; Gao, Hong; Liu, Yanqiu; Wang, Zijun; Li, Huayu; Fu, Xiaokui Oct 1, 2019 3533
A Multichannel Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for the Detection of the State of Mind Using Physiological Signals from Wearable Devices. Chakraborty, Sabyasachi; Aich, Satyabrata; Joo, Moon-il; Sain, Mangal; Kim, Hee-Cheol Oct 1, 2019 10965
Effects of Permissive Hypercapnia on Laparoscopic Surgery for Rectal Carcinoma. Wang, Lei; Yang, Lina; Yang, Jing; Shan, Shiqiang Clinical report Oct 1, 2019 3067
Nitrate Poisoning due to Ingestion of Cabbages (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.) (Brassicaceae) in Kitui County, Kenya. Nguta, Joseph Mwanzia Oct 1, 2019 3242
Maternal Bradycardia Associated with Betamethasone Administration During Pregnancy. Sarumi, Mojirayo A.; Hole, James W.; Gherman, Robert B. Oct 1, 2019 1821
RHYTHM AI Closes Seed Financing Round. Oct 1, 2019 296
Muscle Damage and Repeated Bout Effect from High Intensity Non-Eccentric Exercises. Frimpong, Emmanuel; Ofori, Ernest Kwesi; Kaoje, Yusuf Suleiman; Ababio, Edward; Dzudzor, Bartholomew Oct 1, 2019 5055
Classification of Heart Rate Variability in Swimming. Scorcine, Claudio; Madureira, Fabricio; Freitas, Camila; Pereira, Rodrigo; Couto, Angela; Kayamori, Oct 1, 2019 2252
Body Sensors Market 2019 Global Analysis by Top Industry Players, Body Sensors Type, Aviation Industry Share and Size Forecast till 2023. Sep 30, 2019 1017
Life-saving ECG app, irregular heart rhythm notification feature available for Apple. Sep 29, 2019 508
Electrophysiology (EP) Catheter Market To Accomplish The Growth At A CAGR Of 12.5% During The Forecast Period 2017 - 2022 / Million Insights. Sep 26, 2019 934
Heart Rate Monitor Watch Market 2019 - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2025. Sep 25, 2019 707
You're Using a Fitness Tracker--Is it Worth It? Eat, sleep, walk, swim, run, bike, golf, and repeat. A fitness tracker captures it all. Here's what recent research is telling us about these devices. Smith, Kristen N. Sep 24, 2019 783
Does Parents' Smoking Raise Future Heart Risks for Kids? Sep 23, 2019 652
Fitness is about moving in a Garmin Forerunner 945. Sep 22, 2019 1297
Pacemaker/Defibrillator Lead Extraction Kits Market Projected to Augment at a Notable CAGR during th. Sep 20, 2019 1264
What's The Ideal Heart Rate For Running? Sep 18, 2019 1946
Intense Gaming Can Trigger Irregular Heartbeat, Fainting in Some Players. Thompson, Dennis Report Sep 18, 2019 717
Researchers introduce 'phyjamas' to monitor your health as you sleep. Sep 15, 2019 504
Girl, 12, who died from rare disease waited over hour for ambulance. Sep 13, 2019 1072

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