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Heart of science.

Byline: By Carol Malia

Wonderful to see the recent coverage on Look North and in this newspaper about the amazing work, day in day out at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, and in particular the cardio-thoracic unit.

Having seen it first hand, I can tell you it's truly incredible what can be done to save and change lives. The recent interest is in the use of Berlin hearts, devices outside the body, which are hooked up to take on the pumping work of a heart until a person is ready for transplant or surgery.

I am grateful to one of the surgeons, Asif Hassan, who took the trouble to contact me about this and enabled us to take a camera into the hospital.

Only Great Ormond Street in London has similarly advanced technology, so how proud we should be of the Freeman. Sadly, though, each of these Berlin hearts can cost around pounds 40,000 to use and many children are waiting to be hooked up. I hope the money can be found.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 31, 2006
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