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Heart attack.

Even though I don't skate anymore I still get the urge to read your cool magazine. Every year my daddy and his friends get together, order a 12-foot sub and keg of beer and watch the X-Games. They like the X-Games more than the Superbowl. For a while my daddy used to take me to the skatepark on Saturdays, which we would call Skateboard Saturdays, and he'd coach me on tricks. He wanted me to get really good so I could be a pro skater someday. And when he started working on the weekends, I had to go to the park alone and learn tricks on my own. I was trying my hardest to master a boardslide on the flat rail. All of the local douche bags would make fun of me because I pushed mongo. I watched a lot of skate videos and I have seen plenty of pro skaters push mongo. It's funny that no one makes fun of them because they are pro. I was getting really good at skating. I was able to learn kickflips before I could even ollie up a curb. So right there that shows you I learn quicker than the average skater over at our park. After being harassed all the time, I decided to quit skating and take it to a better level and start rollerblading. You can laugh and call me a fruitbooter. Every skater at the park knows I can now go faster and jump higher than anyone else in the park. The cool thing is, no one rides rollerblades there. Everyone has a skateboard and they all look like a bunch of clowns trying to be like their one stupid-ass guru Tony Hawk. At least I can say I'm doing my thing. I am a leader, not a follower like all the rest of the retards at the skatepark. You should try it, at least.


Marc Page

New York City, NY

Buy more boards, let them stack up in the garage.--T-ed
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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Author:Page, Marc
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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