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Heart age test? Sue takes the health challenge; SERVICE.

A new Preventive Health employee health screening has officially launched.

And reporter Sue Austin went to test the new service in the surrounds of Salop Leisure's Love 2 Stay.

Her blood pressure check and resting heart rate proved to be spot on. In a 15 minute appointment she also had blood glucose checks and height, weight and waist measurements taken to provide a Body Mass Index calculation. That included a tiny pin prick for the blood glucose.

Sue said what was good about the service was that you didn't just get the results and how they fared on the health check charts - but they came along with excellent explanations from the expert staff.

For instance Sue's BMI was 25.8, a little over what is healthy. But Gill explained that she did a lot of exercise that could be explained because muscle weighs more than fat.

A diabetes risk test showed she had a slightly increased risk.

And then it was time for the heart age test. All the calculations were added up and it came to 58, exactly the same as Sue's birth age.

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Publication:Express and Star (Wolverhampton, England)
Date:Jul 20, 2019
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