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"[I] got to wear a suit, like I do every day."

MELISSA NEGRIN-WIENER, a lawyer in Melville, New York, who portrayed District Attorney Muffinhead in the play Goldilocks on Trial. Members of her firm wrote and produced the play as part of a community outreach effort for the Brandywine Senior Living Facility. Attorneys and residents of the facility took roles in the play, which depicted the fairy tale character on trial for breaking and entering.

"Let's see if they start pulling over plumbers for their pants."

American Civil Liberties Union spokesman EDWIN YOHNKA, warning that ordinances against baggy pants--the sartorial choice of many teenagers--may invite charges of discrimination. Lynwood, Illinois, is the latest town to set a fine for wearing pants that expose more than three inches of underwear. Riviera Beach, Florida, and Flint, Michigan, have instituted similar bans.

"I don't even think about it. It's so slow."

Dallas lawyer Ross ROBINSON, who has developed an easy weight-loss method: He uses a stand-up desk and walks on a treadmill for about 80 percent of his workday. Robinson walks at a slow 0.7 miles per hour and lost around eight pounds the first month.

"Compliance would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible."

WARWICK LEESON, mayor of Nillumbik, Australia, on his decision to forgo a proposed 24-hour curfew for the town's cats. The town already has a dusk-to-dawn curfew for cats, but the new ban would have required owners to keep their pets on their own property at all times. Around 800 cat owners protested the proposed ban.

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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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