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"Some juries are serious, some are somber, but this jury seemed like it was full of beaming, happy people."

Queens County, New York, Supreme Court Justice DANIEL, LEWIS, who presided over a murder trial where into jurors fell in love. After noticing an attraction between 33-year-old Jonathan Cinkay and Traci Nagy, 36, fellow jurors convinced the two to go on a date. They went to lunch together during one break in the trial, and a year later they were engaged and planning to be married--by Lewis.

"It was just people having a conversation around a dog, and it worked for everyone."

ELLEN O'NEILL-STEPHENS, a deputy, prosecutor in King County, Washington, who brought her dog Jeeter to court with her one day. Jeeter, who is a certified assistance dog for O'Neill-Stephens's disabled son, proved such a comforting presence to abused children who were scheduled to testify that day that the prosecutor's office took on a second therapy dog, named Ellie. The two mixed Labradors now regularly serve as four-legged counselors in court.

"If two lawyers can be duped into getting married illegally, then anybody can."

DANIEL MO RAISES, a Chicago lawyer whose wife is in law school, explaining that he thought he had been legally married by a friend who was ordained online by the Universal Life Church. Connecticut, where the marriage took place, is one of several states that do not recognize marriages performed by people who became ministers solely to perform marriages. The state's attorney general said prosecution of Morales's friend for unauthorized performance of a marriage was unlikely.

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Date:Nov 1, 2007
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