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Hear, hear for good beer.

Hear, Hear for Good Beer

Travellers in Ireland often return to the U.S. with tales of the smooth, creamy Guinness Stout they found there. Unfortunately, draught Guinness can be hard to find in the United States. Although the bottled product has its own charms, it doesn't have that creamy draught character.

The introduction of Pub Draught Guinness makes this a moot point. Pub Draft Guinness is pasteurized, and packaged in a can which contains a nitrogen-filled plastic insert. When the pull-tab on the can is opened, the change in pressure forces the nitrogen out of the insert. The result is a creamy, even head, just like that poured by the practiced hand of an Irish barman.

We really enjoyed Pub Draught Guinness. The unique package worked flawlessly, and provided us with a smooth, creamy glass of stout. "I think it's great," said one taster, "and if this is what it tastes like over there, I'm sorry I've missed out."

Pub Draught Guinness is available in limited markets at present, but we eagerly await wider distribution.

* In other news, we were pleased to discover a brew we'd not heard of before, an Indian lager called Kingfisher. Kingfisher is a product of United Breweries of Bangalore, India, produced under license in the U.K. by Shepherd Neame, an old-established Kentish brewery.

Kingfisher is brewed in England for the large expatriate Indian population, and Shepherd Neame has been importing the same beer into the U.S. for some time, marketing it largely through Indian restaurants.

We found Kingfisher a quenching brew, a fine accompaniment to fiery curries. It is a crisp lager with a pleasantly muted hop character, and we'll be keeping an eye out for it.

In other news from Shepherd Neame, plans are afoot to import the company's line of ales. From all reports these are quite good, and we wish them godspeed.

* On the domestic front, we resampled the fine Brooklyn Brown, a dark ale produced under license for the Brooklyn Brewery Co. by the F.X. Matt Brewing Co. of Utica, NY. This is a delicious beer, a rich and chocolatey brew that is well-suited for the season.
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Title Annotation:samplings of several drafts of beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 2, 1991
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