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Heaps of creativity; Imogen plays array of weird and wacky props.


imoGen heap 02, ABC, Glasgow, February 8 A tweeting toy bluebird, a giant gong, a wine glass and a saw were just a fraction of the intriguing sounds as Imogen Heap ran around the stage sampling everything she could get her hands on.

Resembling a bohemian-style dark fairy, in black feathers, ballet pumps, and sporting a Helena Bonham Carter hairstyle, Heap charmed the audience with her mumbly Hugh Grant-type meanderings and stories.

She let the crowd into the secret of her versatility - ingenious wrist microphones.

The wine glass started the show, as the opening note of First Train Home and with only minor hitches from her props, she eased into the set with the breathy, electronic single from latest album Ellipse.

The large wooden tree that took centre stage came alive for Wait It Out, a beautiful little song with Heap plinking away delicately on the piano.

Heap flits effortlessly from one instrument to the next. The songs shift from poignant to daydream-like, from the piercing vocals of Speeding Cars to the whimsical Little Bird and it is easy to see why Heap is so in demand for writing scores to films and dramas.

She's had tracks in Braff films including Garden State and The Last Kiss. Her Speak For Yourself album features heavily in US hit TV series The OC.

The frantic musical masterpiece Aha!

from Ellipse really shone. After explaining that she auditions for cellists in every city she plays in, she introduced a Glaswegian cellist. What transpired was chaotic and nightmarish but worked fantastically.

The only boos of the night came when she asked what they thought of Jason Derulo's Whatcha Say, a crucifixion, sorry a sampling, of her adored single Hide & Seek.

Saving an emotive rendition of this and other classics for the encore, Heap used her final instrument of the night - the crowd.

She expertly had them singing the backing in a three-part chorus of Just For Now, a feat not just any musician could command.

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on gong... Heap bangs the giant percussion instrument as part of a lively set
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Date:Feb 14, 2010
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