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Healthy debate; On the web.

AHH! Now we are back on solid ground.

Let's not have any more issues where people could possibly have opposing views.

There is little more certain in life than that health and safety, or elf and safety as it's known at Christmas, will get up peoples' noses.

Otis started it off with: "I was just wondering how far the human race would have progressed if there had been Health and Safety Inspectors around from the start of things.

"You can't invent fire ... too dangerous.

"What do you call that? The wheel? sorry it's dangerous too, look at my foot.

"Bows and arrows? you'll have somebody's eye out.

"Footwear? somebody might trip over the laces.

"A house? No way. You have to climb up to put the roof on. Caves are ok.

"A knife? you will cut yourself. A fork? stab yourself.

"What's that? A spear? and what are you going to do with that? THROW IT ABOUT? You must be joking. It's banned.

"SEX? That's definitely out, you're just a troublemaker aren't you?"

Dismayed of Dalton added: "Health and safety was brought in to protect workers from hazardous jobs, look through history and you will find lead miners suffering from mercury poisoning, the match girls who suffered from fossy jaw and many other industrial diseases, it is only recently that health and safety has got out of hand where the dim-witted are protected at all costs, try looking at the Darwin awards."

Otis: "I believe there was a guy got shot in the eye with an arrow as well.

"The resulting H&S enquiry debated for 6 months and came up with the advice, 'He shouldn't have been there.' "Here, that gene pool, is it the one the council are gonna build in the new sports centre?"

Despondent added: "Health & safety rule only applies in Britain, anyone holidaying in the rest of Europe will have seen hundreds of instances which would not be allowed in the UK, yet life goes on, we're a lot more 'over the top' with rules and regulations."

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 8, 2008
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