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Healthy People 2000 Initiative: Notable Progress.

Nearly 60% of the 319 national health goals in the Healthy People 2000 initiative have been met or are on target to be met by next year.

Newly released data show that 15% of the objectives have already been met, and the nation is making progress toward meeting another 44% of the goals, according to the latest Healthy People 2000 update from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Progress has been especially notable in the areas of nutrition, maternal and child health, and heart disease, HHS said, citing data from years as recent as 1997.

The proportion of low-income children with growth retardation has been reduced below the target level of 10% in most ethnic groups. Breast-feeding rates are up from the beginning of the decade and are inching towards the year 2000 goal of 75%, according to the update.

The percentage of children who receive basic immunizations, which was just over 50% in the 1980s, is now greater than 80% across all racial categories and is headed into the 90% range for the year 2000. Infant mortality has nearly dropped to the target of 7/1,000 live births.

Other good news includes a reduction in the rate of repeat cesarean deliveries from 91% in 1987 to 66% in 1997, close to the goal of 65% for 2000.

More mothers are getting prenatal care in the first trimester, up to 83% in 1997, approaching the year 2000 goal of 90%.

Coronary heart disease deaths are also well on the way to meeting the goal of 100 per 100,000 (age adjusted) by next year, having reached 105 in 1997.

Improvements also have been documented in mammography screen rates, breast cancer mortality, consumption of fruits and vegetables, and reduction of outbreaks of waterborne and food-borne diseases, according to HHS.

Yet for 20% of the year 2000 objectives, the latest figures are heading in the wrong direction.

Health tends that are a cause for concern include increases in obesity and asthma and decreases in physical activity, the report noted.

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Date:Jul 15, 1999
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