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Healthier hulls.

The Remora SOLO is an innovative new waterproof power cleaning tool from the US. A little more attractive than its namesake, the suckerfish that remove parasites and debris from large marine animals, this is a handy little device that makes underwater surface cleaning tasks come naturally. Tough enough to use in both salt- and freshwater environments, the completely self-contained, battery-powered SOLO eliminates the need for cumbersome hydraulic hoses or dangerous power cords.

It is easy to use, with a powerful gear motor that provides ample torque for even the toughest cleaning jobs. The reversible rotation equalises brush wear to maximise brush life and allows for left and right hand operation, while the ergonomic design gives for multiple ways to grip the tool, meaning less fatigue. Its unique shape and adjustable buoyancy make for effortless handling underwater. RRP US$1695

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY HUB
Publication:Offshore Yachting
Date:Feb 1, 2018
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