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Healthful PL items offer value.

NEW YORK -- A comparison of costs of market baskets containing more than two dozen items suggests "special needs store brands" save money for consumers shopping for organic products and other merchandise to maintain or improve their health, according to the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA).

"Consumers trying to maintain or improve their health are increasingly seeking specialty food and nonfood alternatives," PLMA states. "Whether they are organic, gluten free, dye free or lactose free, these products can be costly, but a new survey of special needs store brands items shows significant savings for consumers."

PLMA assembled a market basket consisting of 27 typical specialty products that consumers might purchase as healthy alternatives or for special dietary needs. These included gluten-free pancake mix and organic milk as well as nonfood allergy-free items such as perfume-free laundry detergent. For every category in the study, a leading national brand product was compared to a similar store brand product, when available, and prices were adjusted to account for all known discounts, coupons and promotions available for each of the four shopping visits in the study, PLMA says.

The survey discovered that many organic products on the shelves had a private label product but sometimes did not have a national brand counterpart. However, when a national brand was available for comparison, private label products saved consumers 15%, PLMA says.

Similarly, a comparison of gluten-free products found that the private label products cost 17% less, on average, than national brand alternatives. And some store brand products in the gluten-free category saved shoppers as much as 41%, PLMA notes.

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Date:Nov 16, 2015
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