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HealthCare Associates Credit Union.

HealthCare Associates Credit Union, Naperville, Ill., sent employees, dressed as Santa's elves, to spread holiday cheer. The Share-A-Smile idea came as a suggestion from a loan department employee and the desire to serve healthcare facilities has always fueled HealthCare Associates' mission, so the plan to extend good-will to the patients and residents of partner Senior Living Facilities was a perfect fit. Backed by HealthCare Associates Credit Union President/CEO Joe Kregul, the elves visited two area facilities to spend time and bring patients and residents holiday joy. After working with both facilities, they sponsored a bingo day with care baskets and prizes for one facility. At the other facility they assisted in escorting the residents from the nursing home side of the facility as they went on their annual Christmas tree walk to help them enjoy the season.
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Title Annotation:Holiday Donations
Publication:Credit Union Times
Date:Dec 21, 2011
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