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Coronavirus: Health ministry extends screening programme. George Psyllides Jul 13, 2020 222
Covid -19: Look how Dubai airport handles international tourists and passengers. Nilanjana Javed, Digital Content Editor Jul 9, 2020 403
COVID-19: See how Dubai airport handles international tourists and passengers. Nilanjana Javed, Digital Content Editor Jul 9, 2020 426
All you need to know: Free or cheap health check-ups in the UAE. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Jul 7, 2020 831
XPhyto Therapeutics says COVID-19 rapid screening test prototype achieves validation. Jul 7, 2020 505
All you need to know: Free or discounted health check-ups in the UAE. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Jul 7, 2020 831
Ismail Sabri: 414 Covid-19 test dodgers urged to undergo second screening test or prepare to be escorted by cops. Jul 6, 2020 378
Health screening tests every woman needs (2). Jul 5, 2020 1085
Go urges strict health protocols for locally stranded individuals. Jul 5, 2020 497
Ismail Sabri: 620 from home quarantine scheme will face action if they miss second Covid-19 test. Jul 2, 2020 285
PreveCeutical Medical says successfully designed, screened and shortlisted a panel of smart-siRNA constructs with potent gene silencing activity. Jun 30, 2020 474
Screening appointments to restart next month. Jun 30, 2020 226
Senior Minister: First-time returning students, civil servants, disabled persons exempted from Covid-19 screening fee. Jun 29, 2020 385
Health screening tests every woman needs. Jun 28, 2020 1197
COVID-19: PM proud of Cambodia's health screening efforts. Jun 28, 2020 292
Serological (Antibody-Based) Tests for COVID-19 - A Pathologist's Perspective. Muhammad Usman Shams, Raees Abbas Lail and Sobia Khalid Jun 25, 2020 1664
Men's health month: Making prevention a top priority. Jun 23, 2020 472
Viafet is offering Covid-19 testing for UAE. Jun 22, 2020 462
ACT airs demands to ensure teachers' safety. Nazario, Dhel Jun 21, 2020 536
Thermal COVID-19 chest scanner created by UAE professor 80 per cent more accurate than X-rays. Faisal Masudi, Senior Reporter Jun 20, 2020 527
Virgin Voyages Debuts Voyage Well Health Plan. Jun 18, 2020 629
Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi to test residents for COVID-19 at their homes. Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter Jun 17, 2020 343
Combating coronavirus: Abu Dhabi flattens Covid-19 curve with mass testing, early detection. Ashwani Kumar Jun 16, 2020 539
XPhyto Therapeutics reaches significant technical milestone for its oral dissolvable thin film platform. Jun 16, 2020 400
Some YMCA facilities, camps to open next week Y: Reservations, health screenings will be required for patrons. Russell Lissau Jun 13, 2020 350
Lab scientists: Profession that save lives. Jun 13, 2020 643
25 clinic staffers in Dubai contract coronavirus during workers screening programme. Saman Haziq Jun 11, 2020 640
The big 5: Leading health threats for men. Jun 10, 2020 417
Coronavirus news bulletin from UAE: 465 new recoveries reported; firms bolster war on Covid; 45 more special flights to India. Ismail Sebugwaawo Jun 10, 2020 2012
Testing kits not worth the investment: Sara. Jun 9, 2020 392
Coral and Ladbrokes install 'sneeze screens' as betting shops reopen next week; Bookmakers are set to reopen their doors from June 15 with changes made to adhere to social distancing guidelines including 'sneeze screens' at Coral and Ladbrokes shops. By, Graham Hiscott & Jeremy Culley Jun 9, 2020 424
Flir Systems launches Screen-EST software to improve temperature screening. Jun 8, 2020 207
Prevalence of Hypertension & Associated Risk Factors among Tribal Population in a Rural Community of Katihar. Anand, Nipendra; Hussain, Sazid Clinical report Jun 8, 2020 3259
First aid procedure to be presented with blood pressure and sugar testing. Jun 5, 2020 207
Uniform health screenings needed to resume airport operations: Sara. Jun 2, 2020 502
Consortium looks to establish screening stations in airports; HEALTH AND SAFETY. Jun 1, 2020 319
Catecholamine-induced Myocarditis in a Child with Pheochromocytoma. Ucakturk, S. Ahmet; Mengen, Eda; Azak, Emine; Cetin, Ibrahim Ilker; Kocaay, Pinar; Senel, Emrah Jun 1, 2020 1971
Acute Liver Failure and Intravascular Haemolysis in Zinc Phosphide Poisoning. Andhale, Amol; Acharya, Sourya; Pratapa, Sreekarthik; Shukla, Samarth; Kadam, Nakul Jun 1, 2020 2197
The Efficacy of New Chinese Diabetes Risk Score in Screening Undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study in Eastern China. Mao, Tao; Chen, Jiayan; Guo, Haijian; Qu, Chen; He, Chu; Xu, Xuepeng; Yang, Guoping; Zhen, Shiqi; Li May 31, 2020 6123
Detection of Diabetic Macular Edema in Optical Coherence Tomography Image Using an Improved Level Set Algorithm. Wang, Zhenhua; Zhang, Wenping; Sun, Yanan; Yao, Mudi; Yan, Biao May 31, 2020 4184
Biological Evaluation of Newly Synthesized Biaryl Guanidine Derivatives to Arrest [beta]-Secretase Enzymatic Activity Involved in Alzheimer's Disease. Ali, Sayyad; Asad, Muhammad Hassham Hassan Bin; Khan, Fahad; Murtaza, Ghulam; Rizvanov, Albert A.; I May 31, 2020 7060
Neck Circumference is an Effective Supplement for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Screening in a Community-Based Population. Jian, Chaohui; Xu, Yiting; Ma, Xiaojing; Shen, Yun; Wang, Yufei; Bao, Yuqian May 31, 2020 4681
HIV Screening During Pregnancy in a U.S. HIV Epicenter. Szlachta-McGinn, Alec; Aserlind, Alexandra; Duthely, Lunthita; Oldak, Sean; Babriwala, Ruchi; Montgo May 31, 2020 4571
Clinical tools for cardiorespiratory assessment and rehabilitation: A primary care perspective. Kalra, Arnav; Kantroo, Viny Report May 31, 2020 2397
Men's health: Importance of regular health screening, medication adherence among Malaysians. May 29, 2020 785
Two OFWs on sweeper flights to Davao fail COVID health screening. May 28, 2020 401
Kebili-COVID-19: screening tests at El Golaa ahead of classes resumption. May 27, 2020 177
Results of COVID-19 rapid screening tests carried out on 60 teachers negative (local health director). May 26, 2020 222
4 levels of health screening for returning Mati residents. May 26, 2020 330
City gov't prepares for influx of arriving passengers at Davao airport. May 26, 2020 447
Agdao market in Davao City closed for disinfection. May 26, 2020 284
Mati City prescribes health screening procedures. May 25, 2020 323
2 returning Davao City residents fail local government's strict health screening. May 23, 2020 342
UAE develops a Rapid Coronavirus laser testing technology. May 22, 2020 380
Aden labs run out of reagents as Yemen reports new virus cases. Saeed Al-Batati May 21, 2020 562
COVID-19: UAE develops equipment for faster mass screenings with test results in seconds. May 21, 2020 706
Fetal Echocardiography Characteristics in a Tertiary Center. Erolu, Elif; Sarisoy, Ozlem May 21, 2020 2539
Frailty and its Correlates in Older Adults: A Challenging and Preventable Geriatric Syndrome. Varan, Hacer Dogan; Kilic, Mustafa Kemal; Kizilarslanoglu, Muhammet Cemal; Dogrul, Rana Tuna; Arik, May 21, 2020 5786
NDA screening test for 72nd Regular Course postponed. May 20, 2020 197
Obando religious rites held amid quarantine. May 20, 2020 496
Ministry unveils programme to curb rising heart diseases. May 19, 2020 512
Medical societies warn employers vs. using rapid test on returning workers. May 19, 2020 509
Health screening awaits those coming into Davao City. May 19, 2020 410
3rd Chinese medical aid to Egypt weighing 30 tons arrives amid COVID-19 crisis. Egypt Today staff May 16, 2020 718
Fresh Test For Wuhan As Cluster Sparks Mass Virus Screening. May 15, 2020 618
Over 1,000 madrasah and tahfiz schools yet to step forward for Covid-19 screening, Health D-G discloses. May 14, 2020 312
University students only given health screenings, not Covid-19 tests, before travelling to hometowns, Health D-G clarifies. May 14, 2020 359
Airport would introduce mass screening if required; 'Implement whatever measures are recommended'. HELEN KREFT May 13, 2020 397
Video: Healthcare workers at Dubai airport get standing ovation before repatriation flight. Web Report May 13, 2020 225
QC offers medical supplies in Syria to combat COVID-19. May 11, 2020 240
Malaysian Medical Association: Govt must be clear on Covid-19 screening guidelines for workforce. May 10, 2020 629
Returning Dabawenyo in sweeper flight tests positive for COVID-19. May 10, 2020 274
Hospitals should test frontline workers weekly, says lady solon. May 10, 2020 468
TEST OF LENGTH; MEDICS SENT NORTH FOR SCREENING English health workers make 400-mile round trip to Scotland to find out if they're infected. JEREMY ARMSTRONG May 9, 2020 416
Indian passengers mistake closed store for Covid-19 screening centre at UAE airport. Ashwani Kumar May 8, 2020 317
Gambia Registers New COVID-19 Case. May 8, 2020 541
Seventeen Senegalese Arrested For Unlawful Entry Into The Gambia. May 8, 2020 392
Johor Health Dept screens 317 madrasah students as preventive measure, says state rep. May 8, 2020 386
Global health security - a call for Taiwan's inclusion. May 7, 2020 685
Getz Pharma set to disinfect thousands of health facilities, screen over 25,000 doctors. May 7, 2020 433
Virus screening camp set up for police. May 7, 2020 204
Seven Covid-19 positive cases from Sarawak General Hospital cluster detected after mass screening of clinical staff, says state health director. May 6, 2020 303
Combating coronavirus: Indian nationals departing from UAE to undergo medical screening. Ashwani Kumar May 5, 2020 180
Over 500 foreign workers in Pudu screened for Covid-19 as area opens up for business under CMCO. May 5, 2020 869
Can family physicians have a role in eradication of hepatitis c infection? Sahin, Ahmet Riza; Erdogan, Aysegul; Gisi, Kadir; Ispiroglu, Murat; Ates, Selma; Okyay, Ramazan Azim May 1, 2020 4551
Mycochemical Screening and Analysis, Antioxidant Activity, and Biochemical Composition of Fermentation Strain Snef1216 (Penicillium chrysogenum). Sikandar, Aatika; Zhang, Mengyue; Wang, Yuanyuan; Zhu, Xiaofeng; Liu, Xiaoyu; Fan, Haiyan; Xuan, Yua Apr 30, 2020 6532
Factors Associated with Postpartum Depressive Symptoms in Community of Central Nepal. Dawadi, Pratima; Bhatta, Aarati Sharma; Shakya, Jayalaxmi Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 4277
FREQUENCY OF UNDIAGNOSED HYPOTHYROIDISM IN OBESE FEMALES. Shahid Iqbal, Rao Saad Ali Khan, Rafi Ud Din, Noureen and Ehtesham Haider Apr 30, 2020 3074
Application of Ficus carica L. and Solanum incanum L. Extracts in Coagulation of Milk: The Case of Traditional Practice in Ab'ala Area, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia. Desta, Welday; Shumbahri, Mohammed; Gebrehiwot, Sibhatu Apr 30, 2020 5109
Practice and Barriers toward Breast Self-Examination among Palestinian Women in Gaza City, Palestine. Baloushah, Suha; Salisu, Waliu Jawula; Elsous, Aymen; Ibrahim, Maryam Muhammad; Jouda, Fadia; Elmoda Apr 30, 2020 4835
Report: Letter confirms requirement for all MPs to undergo Covid-19 testing before May 18 parliamentary sitting. Apr 28, 2020 307
Covid19: No Hotbed of Contamination in Fez, Official. Apr 28, 2020 176
Predictmedix Inc files patent in the US for mass screening of potential COVID-19 cases. Apr 28, 2020 204
Tunisia has not yet received its order for 200 thousand rapid screening tests for COVID-19 (source). Apr 27, 2020 189
Higi is disseminating COVID-19 information. Apr 27, 2020 419
Is it time for Bangladesh to reform health screening systems at ports? Apr 26, 2020 675
MOH moots floor-by-floor screening to avoid mass gatherings at Menara City One. Apr 26, 2020 308
Taiwan-developed rapid screening reagent put into trial production. Apr 24, 2020 352
COVID-19: One more infection reported in Kebili, rapid screening tests start. Apr 24, 2020 158
XPhyto Therapeutics wastes no time getting to work after infectious disease screening test deal with 3a-Diagnostics. Apr 23, 2020 404
Stayaway from eye clinics. Apr 23, 2020 171
Look after your general health, diabetics urged. Apr 22, 2020 171
17 more confirmed infection cases reported. Apr 22, 2020 256
Over 1,000 workers undergo health screens. Apr 22, 2020 501
Make safety of medical personnel a priority: HRCP. Apr 21, 2020 196
Great Wolf Lodge starts housing Navy recruits for 14-day quarantine Quarantine: All recruits have already passed health screening. Doug T. Graham Apr 21, 2020 256
Saudi Arabia's active mass testing contains COVID-19 spread. NOOR NUGALI Apr 21, 2020 644
Saudi Arabia's active mass testing contains virus spread. NOOR NUGALI Apr 21, 2020 747
XPhyto Therapeutics partners with German biotech firm to develop coronavirus screening test. Apr 21, 2020 459
Firm will provide screening stations; HEALTH. STAN ARNAUD Apr 20, 2020 241
More than 15,000 a day still arriving at UK airports from virus-hit countries; Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the flights were still arriving into Britain but no health checks or screenings for the deadly coronavirus are in place. By, Kara O'Neill Apr 18, 2020 341
Health D-G: Ministry mulls screening all food delivery riders for Covid-19. Apr 18, 2020 361
Narok county commence screening of people in five entry points. Apr 18, 2020 698
Dozen expats left stranded in Peru after health screenings; EMBASSY. Apr 17, 2020 258
Health D-G: No Covid-19 cluster among foreign workers so far. Apr 16, 2020 378
Study says this test can help screen early for diabetes. Apr 15, 2020 303
Surge of Returnees to Ethiopia, UN calls for a Pause Amidst Increased in COVID-19 Enforcement. Apr 14, 2020 831
Director public health tests positive for Covid-19. Apr 14, 2020 805
COVID-19 screening initiated in 12 Sindh district. Apr 14, 2020 272
Heathrow boss says there should be global standard on medical screening at airports; 'Now is the time to agree a common international standard for healthcare screening in airports so that when this crisis recedes, people can travel with confidence and we can get the British economy moving again'. By, PA reporters & Victoria Jones Apr 14, 2020 319
Ethiopia's capital launches door-to-door Covid-19 screening. Apr 12, 2020 599
Egypt's Medical Syndicate issues list for medical establishments to curb COVID-19 spread. Egypt Today staff Apr 10, 2020 321
UAE combats Covid-19: 50,000 workers to be screened in a month. Saman Haziq Apr 9, 2020 336
Coronavirus: Dubai's Al Ras Library space allocated for test centre. Staff Report Apr 8, 2020 253
Nursing home infections, deaths surge amid lockdown measures. Mustian, By Jim; Condon, Bernard; -Clmn-, Candice Choi Associated Press Apr 3, 2020 1355
Stress and coping strategies for parenting children with hearing impairment and autism. Naima Ishtiaq, Nazia Mumtaz and Ghulam Saqulain Apr 2, 2020 3989
Understanding medical student evidence-based medicine information seeking in an authentic clinical simulation. Nicholson, Joey; Kalet, Adina; van der Vleuten, Cees; Bruin, Anique de Apr 1, 2020 5311
Mass Spectrometry in the clinical lab--from drug detection to cancer proteomics. Mikesh, Leann M. Apr 1, 2020 1685
Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy in a Child Receiving Chronic Hemodialysis. Moore, Joyce; Klowak, Jennifer; Isaza, Gloria; Arora, Steven; Belostotsky, Vladimir; Stein, Nina; Ch Report Mar 31, 2020 1729
Hepatitis C Virus Screening of High-Risk Patients in a Canadian Emergency Department. Ragan, Kelsey; Pandya, Anjali; Holotnak, Tristan; Koger, Katrina; Collins, Neil; Swain, Mark G. Mar 31, 2020 4546
Cost of Fighting Against Hepatitis B and C in Pakistan to Rise above $3 Billion by 2030. Mehwish Khan Mar 31, 2020 900
Body Weight, Obesity Perception, and Actions to Achieve Desired Weight among Rural and Urban Ghanaian Adults. Agyapong, Nana Ama Frimpomaa; Annan, Reginald Adjetey; Apprey, Charles; Aduku, Linda Nana Esi Mar 31, 2020 5534
The Usefulness of Genotyping of Celiac Disease-Specific HLA among Children with Type 1 Diabetes in Various Clinical Situations. Deja, Grazyna; Sikora, Dominika; Pyziak-Skupien, Aleksandra; Klenczar, Karolina; Deja, Rafal; Jarosz Mar 31, 2020 5148
A Study of Correlation between Dermatoglyphic Angle and Blood Pressure. Akhtar, Zeenat; Verma, Vishal; Singla, Reena Mar 30, 2020 3344
COVID-19: Confirmed coronavirus cases is an 'almost meaningless' metric. Faye Flam Mar 29, 2020 1167
Medtronic launches new solutions to help monitor patients for COVID-19. Mar 27, 2020 273
In pics: Al Miawiah launches Covid-19 awareness campaign in collaboration with Health Ministry. Egypt Today Mar 27, 2020 261
Screening of truck drivers at Malaba causes 15km jam. Mar 27, 2020 670
Improved cervical screening for women. Mar 25, 2020 248
Cervical tests will now screen for HPV. IAN BUNTING Mar 25, 2020 394
Cervical tests will now screen for HPV. IAN BUNTING Mar 25, 2020 396
PM: Covid-19 mass testing to be conducted in high-risk areas. Mar 25, 2020 364
Repatriated Pakistanis undergo Corona screening test at IIA. Mar 25, 2020 345
Health teams screening people at Bab-i-Mohmand. Mar 25, 2020 247
Repatriated Pakistanis undergo corona screening test at airport. Mar 24, 2020 340
COVID-19: Kwara Trains Health Experts, Screens Travellers At Borders, Airports. Mar 23, 2020 496
Larry Freeman / Synergy Saturday. Mar 23, 2020 417
GB doctor who tested positive for Covid-19 passes away. Mar 22, 2020 347
Health screening of zaireen completes :no case reported. Mar 21, 2020 228
Delayed Identification of Infants Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing--Minnesota, 2012-2016. Meyer, Abby C.; Melinda, Marsolek; Brown, Nicole; Coverstone, Kirsten Mar 20, 2020 3102
Screening test of 107 people conducted in Mianwali. Mar 20, 2020 266
A silent hero of the coronavirus crisis. Mar 20, 2020 1138
LOOK: Laguna de Bay fishermen undergo medical screening. Mar 19, 2020 291
No suspect be remanded in jail without screening test: SHC. Mar 18, 2020 252
GeaCom reports launch of Phrazer/Kitsune tool for keeping medical staff safe during screening of COVID-19. Mar 18, 2020 218
GeaCom reports launch of Phrazer/Kitsune tool for keeping medical staff safe during screening of COVID-19. Mar 18, 2020 216
Memorial Health System to open screening clinic for suspected COVID-19. submitted by memorial health system Mar 18, 2020 420
Memorial Health System to open respiratory screening clinic for suspected COVID-19. submitted by memorial health system Mar 18, 2020 420
Memorial Health System to open respiratory screening clinic for suspected COVID-19 cases. submitted by memorial health system Mar 18, 2020 420
Illegal immigrants screening headache. Mar 18, 2020 514
Healthy eating, exeercise critical for well-being. Mar 18, 2020 331
Need stressed for setting up mobile medical units in rural areas for screening of coronavirus. Mar 17, 2020 329
Coronavirus: Indian national tests positive in UAE after returning from leave. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer Mar 14, 2020 181
Parallax Health Sciences subsidiary to develop coronavirus test through partnership strategy. Mar 12, 2020 408
Health minister visits coronavirus screening desks at airport. Mar 12, 2020 234
COVID-19 outbreak: Unscreened travellers shunned by family, friends in Sindh. Mar 12, 2020 922
Health Department completes screening of 79568 people in Balochistan. Mar 11, 2020 378
Co-Diagnostics remains a Buy as its coronavirus test ships to US and international markets: HC Wainwright. Mar 11, 2020 552
Govt tightens health screening at all entry points: Dr Zafar Mirza. Mar 11, 2020 387
Health Department completes screening of 79568 people in Balochistan. Mar 10, 2020 370
Health ministry tackles hearing loss, deafness. Mar 10, 2020 392
Coronavirus: Egypt tightens curbs in tourist hub. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Mar 9, 2020 463
hiPSC Test Predicts Drug Cardiovascular Toxicity. Mar 9, 2020 586
Why you should screen your baby for hearing problems at birth. Mar 8, 2020 1631
UAE pulls out all stops to halt spread of virus. Team KT Mar 3, 2020 450
Covid-19: UAE pulls out all stops to halt spread of coronavirus. Team KT Mar 3, 2020 468
All newborns in the UAE to be screened for future diseases. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Translator Mar 3, 2020 249
World Hearing Day: 100 Deaf Students To Get Free Hearing Aids In Kaduna. Mar 3, 2020 498
Health D-G: Ex-minister has tested negative for Covid-19. Mar 2, 2020 275
Pakistan, Iran to follow stringent mechanism for border movement. Mar 2, 2020 322
Coronavirus: Robust screening procedures in place at Oman airports. Times News Service Mar 2, 2020 405
Medical camp arranged at FDA office. Mar 1, 2020 160
Medical camp arranged at FDA office. Mar 1, 2020 160
Egypt launches Maternal Health Initiative in four governorates. Daily News Egypt Mar 1, 2020 334
Mobile medical units deployed to screen citizens who returned from Iran for coronavirus. Mar 1, 2020 213
Balochistan health officials declare 252 pilgrims free of coronavirus. Mar 1, 2020 503
Iran-returned pilgrims to be screened for coronavirus. Mar 1, 2020 353
Relationship between proximity to a cochlear implant center and early presentation in children with congenital hearing loss. Al-Shawi, Yazeed A.; Alrawaf, Fahad K.; Al-Gazlan, Najd S.; Al-Qahtani, Munahi M.; Almuhawas, Fida A Mar 1, 2020 2148
Pregnancy associated plasma protein A: An indicator of adverse obstetric outcomes in a South India population/Gebelige bagli plazma proteini A: Guney Hindistan nufusunda olumsuz obstetrik sonuclarin bir gostergesi. Shah, Krupa H.; Anjum, Afsha; Nair, Parvathi; Bhat, Parvati; Bhat, Rajeshwari G.; Bhat, Shashikala Mar 1, 2020 3939
Characteristics of Congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Children at ENT Outpatient Clinic Sanglah General Hospital Denpasar in 2017. Wiranadha, I. Made; Hartayanti, Adriyani Report Mar 1, 2020 1830
US Tuberculosis Rates among Persons Born Outside the United States Compared with Rates in Their Countries of Birth, 2012-20161. Tsang, Clarisse A.; Langer, Adam J.; Kammerer, J. Steve; Navin, Thomas R. Report Mar 1, 2020 5826
The Role of Cardiac Ganglia in the Prevention of Coronary Atherosclerosis: An Analytical Examination of Cholesterol-fed Rabbits. Koza, Yavuzer; Aydin, Mehmet Dumlu; Bayram, Ednan; Sipal, Sare; Altas, Ender; Soyalp, Celaleddin; Ko Mar 1, 2020 3214
Maternal Anxiety Associated with Newborn Screening. Alan, Sumeyra; Alpar, Sule Ecevit Mar 1, 2020 6056
Sleep Quality of Hospitalized Patients, Contributing Factors, and Prevalence of Associated Disorders. Kulpatcharapong, Santi; Chewcharat, Pol; Ruxrungtham, Kiat; Gonlachanvit, Sutep; Patcharatrakul, Tan Mar 1, 2020 5539
Carriage of Extended-Spectrum-[beta]-Lactamase- and AmpC-[beta]-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae (ESBL-PE) in Healthy Community and Outpatient Department (OPD) Patients in Nepal. Mandal, Dipendra Kumar; Sah, Shiv Kumar; Mishra, Shyam Kumar; Sharma, Sangita; Kattel, Hari Prasad; Mar 1, 2020 6228
Severe Rhabdomyolysis Associated with Acute Amphetamine Toxicosis in a Dog. Smith, M. Ryan; Wurlod, Virginie A. Mar 1, 2020 2938
Magnitude of Antenatal Depression and Associated Factors among Pregnant Women in West Badewacho Woreda, Hadiyya Zone, South Ethiopia: Community Based Cross Sectional Study. Lodebo, Mengistu; Birhanu, Dagmawit; Abdu, Samuel; Yohannes, Tadele Report Mar 1, 2020 8198
Early Pregnancy Screening for Women at High-Risk of GDM Results in Reduced Neonatal Morbidity and Similar Maternal Outcomes to Routine Screening. Clarke, Erin; Cade, Thomas J.; Brennecke, Shaun Report Mar 1, 2020 4466
Screening for Fabry Disease in Patients With Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Kiykim, Ertugrul; Sahin, Sezgin; Zubarioglu, Tanyel; Barut, Kenan; Adrovic, Amra; Cansever, Mehmet S Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 2866
Balochistan health officials declare 252 pilgrims free of coronavirus. Feb 29, 2020 513
CM Kamal, Dr Zafar Mirza discuss health facilities at Pak-Iran border. Feb 29, 2020 405
340 Pakistanis stranded in Iran return home. Ramsha Jahangir / Saleem Shahid / Ali Raza Rind Feb 29, 2020 1276
Iran border temporarily opened as govt seeks to dispel viral fears. Feb 29, 2020 800
80% of Iran travellers cleared of coronavirus: health dept. Feb 29, 2020 1060
Iran border temporarily opened as govt seeks to dispel viral fears. Muhammad Zafar Feb 28, 2020 918
Wasps doc Ralph is working hard on mental health. Feb 28, 2020 288
Over 200,000 screened for coronavirus at Torkham. Ibrahim Shinwari Feb 28, 2020 472
Enhance prevention, surveillance strategy to avert disease outbreak. Feb 27, 2020 806
Bauchi First Lady Offers Free Medical Services To 3,000 Women. Feb 26, 2020 489
Malaysia, Singapore agree to align entry screening protocols, other measures to tackle Covid-19 outbreak. Feb 26, 2020 265
Free hepatitis screening camp held. Feb 25, 2020 198
Step-by-step guide to getting your UAE medical visa in 30 minutes. Staff Report Feb 23, 2020 638
Step-by-step guide to getting your medical results, UAE visa in 30 minutes. Staff Report Feb 23, 2020 638
Universal newborn hearing screening program Guidelines for hospitals and maternity homes. Dr. Anjum Naveed Feb 19, 2020 1671
MinuteClinic offering free heart health tests. Feb 17, 2020 230
Free hepatitis screening of officials in the offing. Feb 13, 2020 355
Kgalagadi plans for corona virus outbreak. Feb 13, 2020 602
Is There a Relationship Between Microvascular Complications and the Severity of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? Catan, Funda; Bener, Abdulbari; Ozturk, Mustafa Clinical report Feb 13, 2020 5142
Co-Diagnostics arranges $10.2M financing as it sells coronavirus screening test. Feb 12, 2020 438
UAE Pink Caravan Ride: Details of free cancer screenings revealed. Afkar Abdullah Feb 12, 2020 1097
'NSD a chance to identify undiagnosed patients of diabetes and hypertension'. Disease/Disorder overview Feb 12, 2020 487
Co-Diagnostics shares surge on report of sales of Coronavirus screening test. Feb 11, 2020 424
Ministry of Health to continue screening at Muscat airport. Times News Service Feb 10, 2020 210
Special screening of people coming from China. Times News Service Feb 10, 2020 672
Coronavirus: FG Maps Out Strategy To Combat Spread. Feb 9, 2020 1094
Yasmin opens Punjab's largest school health program in Kasur. Feb 8, 2020 422
Minister starts largest school health project. Feb 8, 2020 260
Correlation of Vitamin D Status with Glycaemic Status of Individuals- A Cross Sectional Study in a Rural Tertiary Care Hospital of North Bengal, India. Konar, Souvik; Banerjee, Ritam Feb 3, 2020 2813
Serological Evaluation of Clinically Suspected Leptospirosis Cases in a Tertiary Care Hospital. Ramanath, Ganesh Hejmady; Karnaker, Vimal Kumar Clinical report Feb 3, 2020 2898
Balochistan takes measures to prevent Coronavirus disease outbreak. Feb 2, 2020 204
A Gig and a Health Screening: Boston Dance Alliance's open call offers a day of cut-free master classes and wellness screenings from local dance medicine professionals. Stahl, Jennifer Feb 1, 2020 728
Cost-effectiveness of Screening Program for Chronic Q Fever, the Netherlands. de Boer, Pieter T.; de Lange, Marit M.A.; Wielders, Cornelia C.H.; Dijkstra, Frederika; van Roeden, Feb 1, 2020 6653
Systematic Hospital-Based Travel Screening to Assess Exposure to Zika Virus. Iqbal, Aftab; Colgrove, Robert; Iacoviello, Vito; Blair, Barbra M.; Chen, Lin H. Feb 1, 2020 2840
Effect of travel distance and rurality of residence on initial surveillance for hepatocellular carcinoma in VA primary care patient with cirrhosis. Villalvazo, Yolanda Rodriguez; McDanel, Jennifer S.; Beste, Lauren A.; Sanchez, Antonio J.; Vaughan- Feb 1, 2020 8141
Chinese coming to Pakistan will undergo screening tests. Kashif Abbasi Feb 1, 2020 578
Coronavirus screening begins at Torkham border. Feb 1, 2020 218
Co-Diagnostics sees successful initial verification of test to diagnose coronavirus; shares jump. Feb 1, 2020 401
Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms. Sprogell, Anne; Skolnik, Neil Feb 1, 2020 868
Ensuring Effective Communication with Patients Who Have Developmental Disabilities. Reiner, Georgia Feb 1, 2020 901
FGEI starts screening of students to avoid fatal diseases. Jan 30, 2020 198
Bong Go tells gov't to further tighten health screening at airports, ports. Jan 30, 2020 228
As nCoV threat grows, health screening in Zambo takes on urgent character. Jan 30, 2020 411
UAE health care providers asked to be vigilant. Sharmila Dhal, Deputy UAE Editor Jan 29, 2020 780
Administration clears Chinese workers screened for coronavirus in Pakistan. Jan 29, 2020 564
Special health desk to be jointly established at Pak-China Border. Jan 29, 2020 259
Co-Diagnostics CEO touts company's coronavirus detection test on CNBC Squawk Box Asia. Jan 29, 2020 561
news Special health desk to be jointly established at Pak-China Border SSb. Jan 28, 2020 211
At the Barbershop, a Trim -- and a Diabetes Screening. Serena Gordon, HealthDay Reporter Jan 27, 2020 605
Community-Based Diabetes Screening Feasible in Barbershops; About one-third of those asked to participate were successfully tested; 9.0 percent had HbA1c ≥6.5 percent. Jan 27, 2020 252
Screening tests. S. Taaruf Hussain Shah - Larkana Jan 27, 2020 191
No passenger from Bengaluru tested positive with coronavirus. ANI Jan 27, 2020 335
TOP NEWS: Astra Sells Hypertension Drugs; Drug Testing Hits Targets. Jan 27, 2020 503
PU issues admission schedule for BA Hearing Impaired students. Jan 26, 2020 123
Suspected cases in Multan: Coronavirus alert keeps health authorities on their toes. Asif Chaudhry Jan 26, 2020 863
PU issues admission schedule for BA Hearing Impaired students. Jan 26, 2020 123
Sudan screens passengers for coronavirus: health official. Jan 26, 2020 284
Punjab University admission schedule - Press Release issued by University of the Punjab. Jan 25, 2020 147
Malaysia Airports steps up health screenings at international entry points. Jan 25, 2020 311
CAA ramps up checks at airports to block spread of China virus. Jan 24, 2020 248
Health D-G: Contact tracing done on eight people who travelled with Singapore's first novel coronavirus patient. Jan 24, 2020 351
Solons want efficient health screening, surveillance amid coronavirus scare. Jan 23, 2020 342
Screening sees marked reduction in joint problems; vet 's corner. WITH MARTIN PATERSON OF DONALDSON'S VETS Jan 23, 2020 357
Screenings begin Friday. Marni Pyke Jan 23, 2020 609
Screenings begin Friday Virus: Screenings involve temperature checks. Marni Pyke Jan 23, 2020 609
Co-Diagnostics Rallies On Plans To Develop Screening Test For Coronavirus. Shanthi Rexaline Jan 23, 2020 329
Coronavirus threat: Mandatory health screening of passengers from China at Indian airports. ANI Jan 21, 2020 613
Coronavirus threat : Mandatory health screening of passengers from China at 7 Indian airports. ANI Jan 21, 2020 435
Primary Care Screening for Dementia Not Harmful; No increases for depressive, anxiety symptoms seen with screening in rural, suburban, urban primary care clinics. Jan 21, 2020 224
Temple to host health session. Jan 17, 2020 110
Coronavirus Outbreak: Nepal initiates screening of travelers from China, Japan, Thailand at airports. ANI Jan 17, 2020 324
Cervical testing push for change. CARMELLA DE LUCIA @ChronCarmella Jan 16, 2020 503
Cholesterol Testing Products And Services Market Report To 2024 by Top players - Bio-Rad Laboratories & Quest Diagnostics / Radiant Insights, Inc. Report Jan 16, 2020 914
US Ambulance Services, Blood Banks, Hospitalist Health Screening Services & Miscellaneous Ambulatory Patient Services Industry, 2019-2026. Jan 16, 2020 814
Senate committee raised eye brows on deteriorating performance of PIMS. Jan 15, 2020 405
Senate body takes notice of PIMS healthcare service delivery. Jan 15, 2020 487
Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination meets - Press Note issued by Senate of Pakistan. Jan 14, 2020 529
Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination meets - Press Note issued by Senate of Pakistan. Jan 14, 2020 529
Taiwan set to develop screening test for China's new coronavirus. Jan 11, 2020 305
Schedule of Screening Tests for Different Posts at University of Peshawar - Press Release issued by University of Peshawar. Jan 8, 2020 188
Newborn ear screening will curb hearing loss burden, says medic. Jan 6, 2020 583
Low points in social media use. Jan 6, 2020 703
Comparative Evaluation of Widal Slide Agglutination Test and Widal Tube Agglutination Test in Diagnosing Enteric Fever among Patients Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Western Odisha. Mukherjee, Shuvankar; Dash, Anshuman; Tiwari, Shreekant Jan 6, 2020 3052
Health Ministry ramping up border screenings over China influenza outbreak. Jan 4, 2020 438
NA health committee concerned over lack of coordination on HIV/AIDS programme. Rahul Basharat Jan 3, 2020 657
Yearly Memory Screening Recommended. Jan 1, 2020 256
Ethnic Minorities Have a Higher Rate of Diabetes at Lower BMI. Jan 1, 2020 228
The Clinical Importance of Mineralocorticoid Screening in Hypertension. Gruszecki, Andrea Jan 1, 2020 3336
Knowledge of diabetic foot care management among medical students at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Abdulwassi, Hassan K.; Safhi, Mohammed A.; Hashim, Raghda T.; Fallatah, Anas M.; Hussein, Sondos S.; Jan 1, 2020 5919
Mental Health Screening for Children and Adolescents. Ivey, Jean Jan 1, 2020 4336
Ask direct questions about suicidality to identify at-risk youth. Haelle, Tara Jan 1, 2020 1142
Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors Undergoing Cancer Treatment: A Case for Trauma-Informed Integrated Care. Regal, Rachel A.; Wheeler, Naomi J.; Daire, Andrew P.; Spears, Nickolas Jan 1, 2020 8271
Human Tongue Thermography Could Be a Prognostic Tool for Prescreening the Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Thirunavukkarasu, Usharani; Umapathy, Snekhalatha; Krishnan, Palani Thanaraj; Janardanan, Kumar Jan 1, 2020 9138
Evaluation of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness, Electroretinogram and Visual Evoked Potential in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease. Ngoo, Qi Zhe; Hitam, Wan Hazabbah Wan; Razak, Asrenee Ab Jan 1, 2020 5931
Diagnostic Imaging Services Market Forecast 2026. Dec 31, 2019 786

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