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Health ministry makes '2C-B' drug illegal

TOKYO, June 8 Kyodo

The Health and Welfare Ministry decided Monday to make illegal the chemical compound "2C-B," which has a strong hallucinatory and stimulatory effect, under the Narcotics Control Law, ministry officials said.

The ministry will designate 2C-B as a narcotic by revising the government ordinance at a cabinet meeting Tuesday, to take effect July 12, the officials said.

An 8 to 10-milligram dosage of 2C-B can cause a strong hallucinatory effect lasting for six to eight hours, making it about five times the strength of "ecstasy," a narcotic already outlawed, doctors say.

The drug has been on the market in Japan for a few years and is sold on the Internet under the name "Performax," the officials said.

After the law is implemented, possessing, using or giving the h offenders facing up to seven years in prison, they added.

The drug cannot be used for medical purposes, according to the officials.

The ministry is calling for people who currently possess the drug to report to police or narcotics control bureaus and hand it in.
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Publication:Japan Policy & Politics
Date:Jun 15, 1998
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