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Health ministry draws up flu prevention program.

TOKYO, Nov. 17 Kyodo

The Health and Welfare Ministry on Wednesday unveiled a package of measures aimed at minimizing the spread of influenza this winter in Japan.

The measures, approved by the Council on Public Health, include the distribution of pamphlets and posters urging the public to get vaccinated and books entitled, "Influenza Q and A."

From December, the Infectious Disease Surveillance Center at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases will start accepting inquiries about the flu from citizens and medical workers.

The ministry will send flu prevention manuals to welfare facilities for elderly citizens, and urge each facility to draw up its own prevention program based on the manuals.

Every winter, more than 1 million people are infected with influenza in Japan.

Last winter, a number of group infection cases were reported, especially at facilities for the elderly. Cases of infants who developed brain fever after being infected with influenza were also reported.
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Publication:Japan Science Scan
Date:Nov 22, 1999
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