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Health economics roundtable.

Health Economics Roundtable


Adams, Orvill B Canadian Medical Association

Allen, James L Miles Laboratories Inc

Appel, David National Council on Comp Ins


Bottiny, Walter J Data Resources/McGraw Hill Inc

Bradley, Tom Rand Corporation


Callender, Robinson W Jeaner Hospital

Carlson, Richard C Spectrum Economics Inc

Cotter, Patrick S American Medical Association


De Nino, Louis A De Nino and Associates

Derrick, Fred Loyola College

Devlin, Charles F National Intergroup Inc

Dimbath, Merle F Merle F Dimbath & Assocs Inc

Dyer, Carmela S American Hospital Association


Felmy, John C Data Resources/McGraw Hill Inc

Field, Jennifer Nationwide Insurance

Filstrup, Scott H TCL

Freeland, Mark S Health Care Financing Admin


Goodman, John C National Center for Policy Anl


Hennessy, Colleen A VSF

Hixson, Jesse S American Medical Association

Holness, Kathleen M A T & T

Holton, Edgar Edgar Holton Company

House, Donald R RRC Inc


Jankowski, Donald J Arthur Andersen & Company

Jones, Frederic B Paul Revere Life Insurance Co


Kennedy, Kim M Cahners Publishing Co Inc

Klinck, Mason J The Oxford Group

Koulbanis, Richard J Elsevier Business Press


Lazar, Jim

Leveson, Irving Hudson Strategy Group

Luke, Ronald T Research & Plang Consults Inc

Luyties, William H IRM International Inc


Malehorn, Jack United Telephone of PA & NJ

Margolis, James W Medical Group Management Assn

McCornac, Dennis C International Christian Univ

McKeon, James C Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins

Michalcik, Joseph Blue Cross Blue Shield of Okla

Milliken, Karen L UNUM Corporation

Moore, Sylvia F Health Trends

Mulvey, Janemarie J American Assoc of Retired Prsn

Musgrave, Gerald L Economics America Inc


Otsuka, Tadasu The Brookings Institution


Parsons, Steve G Criterion Inc

Phillips, Harold R Loma Linda University


Ragno, George T Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co

Reed, Edgar M Jersey City Medical Center

Reynolds, Roger A American Medical Association

Ricardo-Campbel, Rita The Hoover Institution

Robinson, Robert H Washington State Hospital Comm

Rodgers, Jack Congressional Budget Office

Rodgers, James F American Medical Association

Rogers, David N Bristol-Myers US Pharm&Ntr Grp


Sepanik, Martin J The Upjohn Company

Staten, Michael University of Delaware

Stern, Julius Stern Bros Inc

Straszheim, Donald H Merrill Lynch Capital Markets


Vincenzino, Joseph V Metropolitan Life Insurance Co


Whitworth, Regan

Wickersham, Grace K

Wildes, Jay H West Georgia Medical Ctr

Williams, David V Kaiser Permanente
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Title Annotation:no full text - table only; National Association of Business Economists
Publication:Business Economics
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Date:Mar 1, 1990
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