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Health care items can thrive at checkstand.

NEW YORK -- Impulse sales potential is one of the things a product needs to succeed at the front end, and health products can do well if they meet a common need that typically does not prompt a planned purchase.

Breath fresheners and lip balms can fall into this category, and for that reason both have long been mainstays in retail checkout displays. Now, makers of other kinds of health care products are successfully making the case for the inclusion of their items as well.

Concepts in Health Inc., for example, has developed front-end programs for its MidNight sleep product with such retailers as A&P (and its Pathmark chain), Big Y Foods Inc. and Discount Drug Mart Inc.

"MidNite is a great candidate for front-end placement because it is the only solution to a huge problem--middle-of-the-night waking--that is shared by more than half of the adult population of the United States," comments Concepts in Health president Holly Rosenthal. "It is also a frequently purchased item because most of these sleep sufferers have the problem several times per week."

Many people do not yet know about MidNite, Rosenthal points out, so the front-end exposure really helps.

"As a result of this program MidNite has become the No. 1 sleep aid at Big Y and A&P/Path-mark," she adds. "We don't get competitive data from Discount Drug Mart, but our shipments to this account have doubled."

Dream Products LLC is another company addressing the needs of consumers who have trouble sleeping. The company's Dream Water products (available both as an 8-ounce beverage and a 2 1/2-ounce shot) offer an alternative to sleeping pills, and are featured in some retail front-end displays.

The ubiquity of cough and cold symptoms has helped Fisherman's Friend cough and cold lozenges (distributed by Pez Candy Inc.) win front-end placement at some drug chains.

HerbaSway, meanwhile, has developed a product aimed at the estimated 67% of Americans who consume alcoholic beverages. The product, called Last Round, is a blend of natural ingredients that promises to help the body process alcohol, helping drinkers avoid a next-day hangover when it is taken before bed. The product, which is available in 2 1/2-ounce shots, also generates impulse sales at the front end.


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Date:Apr 18, 2011
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