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Effects of Dietary Andrographolide Levels on Growth Performance, Antioxidant Capacity, Intestinal Immune Function and Microbioma of Rice Field Eel (Monopterus Albus). Shi, Yong; Zhong, Lei; Liu, Yanli; Zhang, Junzhi; Lv, Zhao; Li, Yao; Hu, Yi Report Oct 1, 2020 9117
Anti-Candida Activity of Geraniol: Effect on Hydrolytic Enzyme Secretion and Biofilm Formation. Sharma, Yamini; Rastogi, Sumit Kumar; Saadallah, Sahar Saadallah Amin; Fadel, Khadija Al; Manzoor, N Report Sep 1, 2018 5509
The New Developments of Cantharidin and Its Analogues. Wang, Guofang; Wang, Wei; Wu, Chunlei; Hu, Chunqi; Deng, Liping Report Aug 31, 2017 7300
Anti-Inflammatory Activity of the Essential Oil Citral in Experimental Infection with Staphylococcus aureus in a Model Air Pouch. Martins, Hellen Braga; Selis, Nathan das Neves; Silva, Clarissa Leal Souza; Nascimento, Flavia S.; d Report Jan 1, 2017 5952
Triterpenoid Saponins from the Methanol Extract of Ocimum basilicum Aerial Parts. Report Oct 31, 2016 2649
Protective effects of lupeol against mancozeb-induced genotoxicity in cultured human lymphocytes. Srivastava, Amit Kumar; Mishra, Sanjay; Ali, Wahid; Shukla, Yogeshwer Report Jun 15, 2016 8141
Two triterpeniods from Cyclocarya paliurus (Batal) Iljinsk (Juglandaceae) promote glucose uptake in 3T3-L1 adipocytes: the relationship to AMPK activation. Zhu, K.N.; Jiang, C.H.; Tian, Y.S.; Xiao, N.; Wu, Z.F.; Ma, Y.L.; Lin, Z.; Fang, S.Z.; Shang, X.L.; Report Aug 15, 2015 5478
Modulation by geraniol of gene expression involved in lipid metabolism leading to a reduction of serum-cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Galle, Marianela; Kladniew, Boris Rodenak; Castro, Maria Agustina; Villegas, Sandra Montero; Lacunza Report Jul 15, 2015 6703
A structure--activity relationship study on antiosteoclastogenesis effect of triterpenoids from the leaves of loquat (Eriobotrya japonica). Tan, Hui; Ashour, Ahmed; Katakura, Yoshinori; Shimizu, Kuniyoshi Report Apr 15, 2015 5952
In vitro inhibitory effects of terpenoids from Chloranthus multistachys on epithelial-mesenchymal transition via down-regulation of Runx2 activation in human breast cancer. Fu, Jianjiang; Wang, Shan; Lu, Hong; Ma, Junchao; Ke, Xiaoqin; Liu, Ting; Luo, Yongming Report Jan 15, 2015 4765
Estimate the level of deoxynivalenol and several biochemical factors in Iraqi and imported wheat. Mehdi, Wesen A.; Kasem, Sarah A. Report Jul 1, 2014 5227
Exploring drug targets in isoprenoid biosynthetic pathway for Plasmodium falciparum. Qidwai, Tabish; Jamal, Farrukh; Khan, Mohd Y.; Sharma, Bechan Report Jan 1, 2014 6945
21-O-angeloyltheasapogenol E3, a novel triterpenoid saponin from the seeds of tea plants, inhibits macrophage-mediated inflammatory responses in a NF-[kappa]B-dependent manner. Yang, Woo Seok; Ko, Jaeyoung; Kim, Eunji; Kim, Ji Hye; Park, Jae Gwang; Sung, Nak Yoon; Kim, Han Gyu Report Jan 1, 2014 5151
Oleanolic acid enhances the beneficial effects of preconditioning on PC12 cells. Ndlovu, Babongile C.; Daniels, Willie M.U.; Mabandla, Musa V. Report Jan 1, 2014 3342
Estragole blocks neuronal excitability by direct inhibition of [Na.sup.+] channels. Silva-Alves, K.S.; Ferreira-da-Silva, F.W.; Peixoto-Neves, D.; Viana-Cardoso, K.V.; Moreira-Junior, Report Dec 1, 2013 5564
Antitubercular diterpenoids from vitex trifolia. Tiwari, Neerja; Thakurb, Jayprakash; Saikia, Dharmendra; Gupta, Madan M. Report May 15, 2013 5085
Triterpenoids and steroids isolated from aerial parts of Glochidion multiloculare. Al Hasan, Abdullah; Azam, A.T.M. Zafrul; Haque, Mohammad Rashedul; Hasan, Choudhury Mahmood Report Sep 1, 2012 3711
Comparative analysis of terpenoid emissions from Florida host trees of the redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae). Niogret, Jerome; Kendra, Paul E.; Epsky, Nancy D.; Heath, Robert R. Report Dec 1, 2011 5505
Terpenoids inhibit Candida albicans growth by affecting membrane integrity and arrest of cell cycle. Zore, Gajanan B.; Thakre, Archana D.; Jadhav, Sitaram; Karuppayil, S. Mohan Report Oct 15, 2011 6689
Ganoderic acid Mf and S induce mitochondria mediated apoptosis in human cervical carcinoma HeLa cells. Liu, Ru-Ming; Zhong, Jian-Jiang Report Mar 15, 2011 3925
Synergistic properties of the terpenoids aromadendrene and 1,8-cineole from the essential oil of Eucalyptus globulus against antibiotic-susceptible and antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Mulyaningsih, S.; Sporer, Frank; Zimmermann, Stefan; Reichling, Jurgen; Wink, Michael Report Nov 1, 2010 5026
Synergistic effects of [beta]-aescin and 5-fluorouracil in human hepatocellular carcinoma SMMC-7721 cells. Ming, Z.J.; Hu, Y.; Qiu, Y.H.; Cao, L.; Zhang, X.G. Report Jul 1, 2010 3890
Antiprotozoal activity of betulinic acid derivatives. Dominguez-Carmona, D.B.; Escalante-Erosa, F.; Garcia-Sosa, K.; Ruiz-Pinell, G.; Gutierrez-Yapu, D.; Report Apr 1, 2010 3196
Antinociceptive and hypothermic evaluation of the leaf essential oil and isolated terpenoids from Eugenia uniflova L. (Brazilian Pitanga). Amorim, Ana Carolina L.; Lima, Cleverton Kleiton F.; Hovell, Ana Maria C.; Miranda, Ana Luisa P.; Re Report Oct 1, 2009 3811
Madecassoside attenuates inflammatory response on collagen-induced arthritis in DBA/1 mice. Li,; Gong, Xia; Zhang, Li; Zhang, Zhuo; Luo, Fuling; Zhou, Qixin; Chen, Jin; Wan, Jingyuan Report Jun 1, 2009 4872

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