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Prevalence of ZnT8 Antibody in Turkish Children and Adolescents with New Onset Type 1 Diabetes. Elmaogullari, Selin; Ucakturk, Seyit Ahmet; Elbeg, Sehri; Doger, Esra; Tayfun, Meltem; Gurbuz, Fatih Report Jun 1, 2018 3797
Neonatal Presentation of Unremitting Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Ebrahimi, Sara; Khademi, Gholamreza; Jafari, Seyed Ali; Nejad, Nona Zaboli; Norouzy, Abdolreza; Iman Case study May 1, 2018 2021
"Neuro-psycho- BS": A Case Report of Rare Association with Bipolar Disorder. Ali, Mustafa; Das, Soumitra Case study Feb 1, 2018 1573
Demyelinating polyneuropathy, dermatomyositis, and interstitial pneumonitis associated with autoantibody against melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5. Chiu, Yu-Hsiang; Chen, Yu-Hsiu; Chou, Chung-Hsing; Chen, Hsiang-Cheng; Lu, Chun-Chi Sep 1, 2017 1494
Disseminated Mycobacterium genavense infection in patient with adult-onset immunodeficiency. Asakura, Takanori; Namkoong, Ho; Sakagami, Takuro; Hasegawa, Naoki; Ohkusu, Kiyofumi; Nakamura, Akir Jul 1, 2017 1370
A study on fine needle aspiration cytology of enlarged thyroid gland and its correlation with anti-TPO antibody level in a tertiary care hospital of eastern region of India. Barui, Gopinath; Talukdar, Manas; Datta, Kaberi; Karmakar, Rupam Report Jun 19, 2017 3042
Pathology of Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody--Associated Pulmonary and Renal Disease. Smith, Maxwell L. Report Feb 1, 2017 6444
Anti-Cardiac Troponin Autoantibodies Are Specific to the Conformational Epitopes Formed by Cardiac Troponin I and Troponin T in the Ternary Troponin Complex. Vylegzhanina, Alexandra V.; Kogan, Alexander E.; Katrukha, Ivan A.; Antipova, Olga V.; Kara, Andrey Report Jan 1, 2017 5341
Autoantibodies to NR2A Peptide of the Glutamate/NMDA Receptor in Patients with Seizure Disorders in Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Yang, Yan; Yuan, Chao; Shen, Shu-qun; Wang, Xue-er; Mei, Qing-hua; Jiang, Wen- qing; Huang, Qin Report Jan 1, 2017 4662
Serum Autoantibodies against STIP1 as a Potential Biomarker in the Diagnosis of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Xu, Yi-Wei; Liu, Can-Tong; Huang, Xin-Yi; Huang, Li-Sheng; Luo, Yu-Hao; Hong, Chao-Qun; Guo, Hai-Pen Jan 1, 2017 5518
Endothelial Cells in Antibody-Mediated Rejection of Kidney Transplantation: Pathogenesis Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications. Wang, Shuo; Zhang, Chao; Wang, Jina; Yang, Cheng; Xu, Ming; Rong, Running; Zhu, Tongyu; Zhu, Dong Jan 1, 2017 6220
The Association of Thyrotropin and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease in Developing Papillary Thyroid Cancer. Lee, I.-Shuan; Hsieh, An-Tsz; Lee, Ting-Wei; Lee, Ting-I.; Chien, Yu-Mei Report Jan 1, 2017 5700
United Kingdom : GSKs Benlysta (belimumab) shows sustained benefits in patients with SLE. Nov 17, 2016 405
Interferon-[gamma] autoantibodies as predisposing factor for nontuberculous mycobacterial infection. Valour, Florent; Perpoint, Thomas; Senechal, Agathe; Kong, Xiao-Fei; Bustamante, Jacinta; Ferry, Tri Jun 1, 2016 1705
Unmasking of myasthenia gravis during pegylated Alfa 2 a interferon and ribavirin therapy for chronic hepatitis C. May 31, 2016 1848
Follow-up: potential mechanisms of autonomic involvement in subgroups of chronic fatigue syndrome patients. Busby, Laurie Dennison Apr 1, 2016 742
Autoantibody response to ZRF1 and KRR1 SEREX antigens in patients with breast tumors of different histological types and grades. Dyachenko, Lada; Havrysh, Kristina; Lytovchenko, Anita; Dosenko, Irina; Antoniuk, Stepan; Filonenko, Report Jan 1, 2016 4977
The Role of [gamma][delta] Cells in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Wu, Meng; Yang, Jinhua; Li, Xiaofeng; Chen, Junwei Jan 1, 2016 7329
A study on the clinico-epidemiological aspects and evidence of autoimmunity in patients with multiple drug allergy syndrome. Sreekanth, Sukumarakurup; Riyaz, Najeeba; Sasidharanpillai, Sarita; Binitha, Manikoth Payyanadan; Mu Clinical report Nov 26, 2015 3825
Development of Crescentic Immunoglobulin A Nephritis and Multiple Autoantibodies in a Patient during Adalimumab Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Li, Xia; Ma, Jie; Zhao, Yan; Wang, Hai-Yun; Li, Xue-Mei Clinical report Sep 20, 2015 1307
Current and Future Clinical Applications of Zinc Transporter-8 in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Yi, Bo; Huang, Gan; Zhou, Zhi-Guang Report Sep 5, 2015 6533
Insulin Autoimmune Syndrome: 73 Cases of Clinical Analysis. Wang, Yun-Lin; Yao, Pei-Wei; Zhang, Xiao-Ting; Luo, Zhuo-Zhang; Wu, Pei-Qiang; Xiao, Fang Clinical report Sep 5, 2015 896
Assessment of the Frequency of Autoantibodies in Chronic Viral Hepatitis. Report Feb 28, 2015 3097
Seronegative anti-GBM disease with coexistent ANCA positivity. Ratelle, John T.; Palacios, Carlos R. Franco; Selby, Michael G.; Palacios, Maria Franco; Fidler, Mar Clinical report Oct 1, 2014 1947
Childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus in Southwestern Iran: a clinical and serological study. Alyasin, Soheila; Amin, Reza; Moghtaderi, Mozhgan; Kashef, Sara Clinical report Sep 1, 2014 2116
Autoantibodies are clearly pathogenic in certain disorders, such as autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Wener, Mark H. Report Sep 1, 2014 436
The presence of autoantibodies against vascular and nervous tissue in sera from patients with neuro-Behcet's disease/Noro-Behcet hastalarinm serumlarinda beyin dokusu ve beyin damarlarina karsi otoantikor varligi. Colpak, Ayse Ilksen; Kalyoncu, Umut; Gursoy Ozdemir, Yasemin Clinical report Jun 1, 2014 4113
Islet autoantibodies and type 1 diabetes: does the evidence support screening? Calderon, Boris; Sacks, David B. Mar 1, 2014 2034
Serology of lupus erythematosus: correlation between immunopathological features and clinical aspects. Cozzani, Emanuele; Drosera, Massimo; Gasparini, Giulia; Parodi, Aurora Report Jan 1, 2014 9849
Headaches in lupus patients not linked to disease activity. Nov 30, 2013 482
Measurement of thyroglobulin by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in serum and plasma in the presence of antithyroglobulin autoantibodies. Kushnir, Mark M.; Rockwood, Alan L.; Roberts, William L.; Abraham, Dev; Hoofnagle, Andrew N.; Meikle Report Jun 1, 2013 5055
Acquired Factor VIII inhibitors: three cases / Edinsel Faktor VIII ihibitorleri: Uc Olgu. Kyaw, Tay Za; Jayaranee, S.; Ping, Chong Bee; Min Chin, Edmund Fui Case study Mar 1, 2013 3560
Thyroid autoantibodies in pregnancy: their role, regulation and clinical relevance. Balucan, Francis S.; Morshed, Syed A.; Davies, Terry F. Report Jan 1, 2013 12724
Assessment of T regulatory cells and expanded profiling of autoantibodies may offer novel biomarkers for the clinical management of systemic sclerosis and undifferentiated connective tissue disease. Cordiali-Fei, Paola; Mussi, Anna; D'Agosto, Giovanna; Trento, Elisabetta; Bordignon, Valentina; Trin Jan 1, 2013 4671
Autoimmune cytopenias in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. D'Arena, Giovanni; Guariglia, Roberto; La Rocca, Francesco; Trino, Stefania; Condelli, Valentina; De Jan 1, 2013 5897
The link between ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn's disease, Klebsiella, and starch consumption. Rashid, Taha; Wilson, Clyde; Ebringer, Alan Jan 1, 2013 6526
NIH scientists identify novel approach to view inner workings of viruses. Brief article Jan 13, 2012 101
Cryptogenic hepatitis: a case study in autoantibody negative autoimmune hepatitis. Gacad, Vincent; Waller, Kathy Clinical report Sep 22, 2011 3215
Autoantibodies key to early diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. Reinhardt, Robert Aug 1, 2011 781
A case of recurrent silent thyroiditis/Tekrarlayan sessiz tiroidit olgusu. Ipekci, Suleyman; Cakir, Mehtap Case study Jun 1, 2011 1539
Research and Markets: Alzheimer's Disease Autoantibodies, Vaccines and Therapeutic Antibodies Pipeline - 2011 Report. Mar 31, 2011 881
Smooth muscle antibodies and cryoglobulinemia are associated with advanced liver fibrosis in Brazilian hepatitis C virus carriers. Andrade, Luis Jesuino de Oliveira; de Melo, Paulo Roberto Santana; Atta, Ajax Merces; de Sousa Atta, Jan 1, 2011 1640
Limited Wegener granulomatosis of the orbit complicated by Streptococcus anginosis (milleri group) infection. Shah, Sabah A.; Meyer, Dale R.; Foulke, Llewellyn; Carlson, J. Andrew Jan 1, 2010 3073
In situ detection of inflammatory cytokines and apoptosis in pemphigus foliaceus patients. Rodrigues, Denise Bertulucci Rocha; Pereira, Sanivia Aparecida Lima; dos Reis, Marlene Antonia; Adad Report Jan 1, 2009 2140
How useful are autoantibodies in diagnosing thyroid disorders? Downs, Heather; Meyer, Albert A.; Flake, Donna Sep 1, 2008 1285
Skin, heart meds join list of lupus-inducing drugs. Walsh, Nancy May 15, 2008 678
Rheumatoid factor and anti-CCP autoantibodies in rheumatoid arthritis: a review. Lee, Ashley Nicole; Beck, Carolyn E.; Hall, Margot Jan 1, 2008 3131
Incidence of seropositive myasthenia gravis in Cape Town and South Africa. Bateman, K.J.; Schinkel, M.; Little, F.; Liebenberg, L.; Vincent, A.; Heckmann, J.M. Oct 1, 2007 3579
Autoantibodies seen in many type 2 adolescents. Kilgore, Christine Oct 15, 2006 957
Fusion proteins for combined analysis of autoantibodies to the 65-kDa isoform of glutamic acid decarboxylase and islet antigen-2 in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Rickert, Mathias; Seissler, Jochen; Dangel, Werner; Lorenz, Helga; Richter, Wiltrud May 1, 2001 4831

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