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Health inequalities across the city. Sep 9, 2021 311
Calls for government and general public to fight disease rise together. JORDAN REYNOLDS Feb 17, 2020 537
Diabetes diagnoses go up by more than 5,000. Feb 17, 2020 264
Killer disease that can be blocked by cutting down on your weight. LISA O'BRIEN Feb 17, 2020 678
Breastfeeding vital in reducing child mortality, stunted growth: President. Feb 7, 2020 564
Breastfeeding vital in reducing child mortality, stunted growth: President. Feb 7, 2020 546
Breastfeeding vital in reducing child mortality, stunted growth: President. Feb 6, 2020 510
Flu Shot Efficacy Reportedly Weakened By Excess Weight. Darwin Malicdem Nov 25, 2019 388
Parking charges at Lickey Hills wrong; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @birminghammail Facebook: Post: Birmingham Mail, 60 Church Street, Birmingham B3 2DJ. Letter to the editor Sep 4, 2019 380
Overweight, Obesity May Up Early Mortality Risk in Pediatric ALL; But no correlation seen for overweight or obesity with early relapse in cohort of Mexican children with ALL. Aug 5, 2019 258
Charity throws its weight behind obesity campaign. Jul 4, 2019 534
GLOMERULAR FILTRATION RATE IN MALNOURISHED CHILDREN. Biswas, Hrishikesh; Dey, Pranoy May 20, 2019 2549
Obesity, diabetes, cancer are top non-communicable diseases among kids in UAE. Mar 26, 2019 810
Obese pregnant mothers have children with heart problems - study. Mar 24, 2019 677
Over 200 kids put into severely obese category in just one year; THAT'S DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF 10 & 11-yearolds compared to ten years ago. Aug 25, 2018 753
This is how many children are 'severely obese' in Coventry; The problem is growing in the city, with the numbers of severely obese children in Year 6 doubling in a decade. Aug 25, 2018 786
HEALTHY LIVING AWARD; WINNER: Nurture Group - Alsop High. Jul 3, 2018 539
Quality of Life in School-Age Children with Obesity. Powell, Shannon Baker; Engelke, Martha Keehner; Swanson, Melvin S. Report Jul 1, 2018 5362
One in five Stockton children obese when they leave primary school; Councillors are now looking at ways to tackle the problem :: It is one of several health issues of concern. May 29, 2018 372
Prevalence and Trends in Prepregnancy Normal Weight--48 States, New York City, and District of Columbia, 2011-2015. Deputy, Nicholas P.; Dub, Bhanuja; Sharma, Andrea J. Jan 5, 2018 4640
Serum Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Levels and Body Mass Index Percentiles in Children with Primary Hypothyroidism on Levothyroxine Replacement. Shaoba, Asma; Basu, Sanjib; Mantis, Stelios; Minutti, Carla Report Dec 1, 2017 4362
USDA: Differences In Households With Obese Children And Those Without. Sep 16, 2017 745
Bill can help beat obesity; Rhondda MP Chris Bryant won a ballot last week to introduce a law on almost any topic. He decided to let the public decide what Private Members'Bill he takes forward. Here Andy Glyde, Cancer Research UK's public affairs manager in Wales, explains why the politician should back new legislation to tackle childhood obesity. Jul 10, 2017 601
Current evidence regarding antibiotic exposure and childhood obesity: an integrative review. Early, Gayle J. Report Jul 1, 2017 5356
Obese Children with Metabolic Syndrome Have 3 Times Higher Risk to Have Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Compared with Those without Metabolic Syndrome. Papandreou, Dimitrios; Karavetian, Mirey; Karabouta, Zacharoula; Andreou, Eleni Report Jan 1, 2017 3530
Kids of obese mums 'will die 8 years early' BMI linked to baby's life expectancy. Oct 18, 2016 213
How weight affects 'wait!' come Halloween. Oct 1, 2016 468
Proper maternal folate level may reduce child obesity risk: NIH-funded study suggests an optimal level for pregnant women, particularly those who are obese. Sep 1, 2016 608
The Role of Active Video-Accompanied Exercises in Improvement of the Obese State in Children: A Prospective Study from Turkey. Duman, Fatma; Kokacya, Mehmet Hanif; Dogru, Esra; Katayifici, Nihan; Canbay, Ozden; Aman, Fatma Report Sep 1, 2016 4953
Fitness is not exclusively physical: a lecture prompts reflection. Mehler, Laurel Jun 22, 2016 575
Intra-racial disparities: The effect of poverty and obesity on the psychosocial profile of Mexican-American children. Leiner, Marie; Peinado, Jesus; Villanos, Maria Theresa; Uribe, Ricardo; Pathak, Indu May 1, 2016 4255
Enlarged hearts found in obese kids: MRI scans reveal signs of cardiac disease in young children. Beil, Laura Dec 12, 2015 361
Use of community-based participatory research toward eliminating rural health disparities. Graves, Barbara Ann; Hamner, Karl; Nikles, Sarah; Wells, Haley Report Sep 22, 2015 6183
Caregiver preferences regarding technology's role in supporting adolescent weight management. Bianchi-Hayes, Josette M.; Schoenfeld, Elinor R.; Cataldo, Rosa; Huang, Jiayu; Pati, Susmita Jan 1, 2015 7039
Risks and benefits of green spaces for children: a cross-sectional study of associations with sedentary behavior, obesity, asthma, and allergy. Dadvand, Payam; Villanueva, Cristina M.; Font-Ribera, Laia; Martinez, David; Basagana, Xavier; Belmo Report Dec 1, 2014 8007
Obesity, lifestyle and socio-economic determinants of vitamin D intake: a population-based study of Canadian children. Colapinto, Cynthia K.; Rossiter, Melissa; Khan, Mohammad K.A.; Kirk, Sara F.L.; Veugelers, Paul J. Report Nov 1, 2014 5971
Secrets of our modern youth. Piniewski, Brigitte Sep 1, 2014 1166
Cartoon Boom. Strailey, Jennifer Aug 1, 2014 2003
Family-based childhood obesity interventions in the UK: a systematic review of published studies. Upton, Penney; Taylor, Charlotte; Erol, Rosie; Upton, Dominic Report May 1, 2014 4783
Type 2 diabetes uncommon in children despite obesity. Wendling, Patrice Mar 15, 2014 501
Serum leptin and adiponectin levels in obese and nonobese asthmatic school children in relation to asthma control. Wahab, Atqah Abdul; Maarafiya, Muna M.; Soliman, Ashraf; Younes, Noura B.M.; Chandra, Prem Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 4565
Could yoga be the answer? Power, Teresa Anne Essay Sep 1, 2013 1879
Food behaviors and youth obesity in Pakistan/ Tendencias alimentar e a obesidade juventude no Paquistao. Hashmi, Anjum; Soomro, Jamil Ahmed; Saleem, Khalid Jul 1, 2013 4487
OBESE GRANNIES PUT KIDS' HEALTH AT RISK; Scientists claim problems skip a generation. Jun 6, 2013 233
Sidney Green, Shea Vaughn and Andrea Metcalf Among Featured Guests for the ThYck Troupe's June 8th Fitness FUSION Marathon & Wellness Expo. May 15, 2013 1329
'3-rights'. Author abstract Mar 1, 2013 105
Effects of overweight on risky sexual behavior of adolescent girls. Averett, Susan; Corman, Hope; Reichman, Nancy E. Report Jan 1, 2013 10425
Energy consumption and energy balance during therapeutic hiking and skiing as part of therapy for obese children in the clinic Schonsicht Berchtesgaden. Gebhardt, Gordon; Gro[beta]-Bolting, Bernadett L.; He[beta], Kai; Langhof, Helmut; Ulmer, Hans-Volkh Report Dec 1, 2012 3034
Epinephrine injections. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 205
Parents of obese children and charges of child abuse: what is our response? Lang, Kellie R. Report Nov 1, 2012 3832
The obesity reality. Monaco, John E. Sep 1, 2012 1301
Childhood obesity linked to 50pc higher risk of cancers in adulthood. Jul 24, 2012 407
Fight against child obesity continues. Jul 16, 2012 657
Association between gender and students in nutritional status of public school system/Associacao entre genero e estado nutricional em estudantes da rede de ensino publica. Moreira, Osvaldo Costa; de Oliveira, Claudia Eliza Patrocinio; de Oliveira, Renata Aparecida Rodrigu Jul 1, 2012 3477
Physical activity and childhood obesity: strategies and solutions for schools and parents. Green, Gregory; Riley, Clarence; Hargrove, Brenda Report Jun 22, 2012 2524
Keeping Kids Moving: How Equitable Transportation Policy Can Prevent Childhood Obesity Toolkit--Resource List. Report May 1, 2012 144
Making the Grade: Reversing Childhood Obesity in Schools Toolkit--Resource List. Report May 1, 2012 149
Making the Grade: Reversing Childhood Obesity in Schools Toolkit--Why Use It? Report May 1, 2012 283
Healthy choices and heavy burdens: race, citizenship and gender in the 'obesity epidemic'. Firth, Jeanne Report Mar 15, 2012 8732
Make a commitment: encouraging wellness and healthy living at camp. Henderson, Karla A.; Saltmarsh, Amy Mar 1, 2012 5292
The effects of childhood obesity on overall health: adopted 2011 Georgia Nurses Association action report. Feb 1, 2012 512
Poll ranks concerns over children's health. Fuller, Caitlin Survey Sep 16, 2011 507
Low vitamin D levels tied to obesity in kids. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 136
Maternal physical-activity-related parenting behaviors may influence children's physical activity levels and relative weight. Rosenkranz, Richard R.; Dzewaltowski, David A. Jan 1, 2011 4930
Push to cut kids' obesity: Michelle Obama and her city allies. Peirce, Neal Jun 14, 2010 814
Cities encouraged to apply for playful city USA status. Duda, Ben Conference news Apr 5, 2010 538
Childhood Obesity: A Heavy Problem. Costley, Kevin C.; Leggett, Timothy Report Apr 1, 2010 304
NLC to assist southern cities in combating childhood obesity. Sharma, Lisa L. Feb 22, 2010 423
Audioconference to focus on city strategies to reduce childhood obesity. Meade, Katie Conference news Feb 8, 2010 506
Toolkit to help workplaces address obesity in children. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 173
The overweight child with hypertension. Rome, Ellen Report Jan 1, 2010 613
Too much junk food and TV? 'Obesity epidemic' on upward trajectory. Dillon, Thale Dec 22, 2009 2795
Lap band surgery improves health of morbidly obese kids. Clinical report Nov 4, 2009 181
The A-Z of Obesity Treatment Dubai to showcase local case studies & practical approaches to obesity. Oct 15, 2009 520
Severe childhood obesity rate triples. Sep 1, 2009 353
Watermelon 2.0. Jun 19, 2009 370
Physical activity within rural families of overweight preschool children: a pilot. Seal, Nuananong; Yurkovich, Eleanor Report Mar 22, 2009 6178
Childhood obesity epidemic is a myth, say researchers; Controversial study suggests doubts over risk to health. Feb 7, 2009 634
pounds 50bn COST OF THE OBESITY TIMEBOMB; Anti-flab plan to beat child health risk. Feb 5, 2009 238
High ALT in obese kids is not always fatty liver. McNamara, Damian Dec 15, 2008 327
Prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity in 8 to 10 year-old students of a municipal school in Campo Grande--MS/Prevalencia de sobrepeso e obesidade em escolares de 8 a 10 anos em uma escola da rede municipal de ensino de Campo Grande--MS. Bonetto, Erick Vinicius; Neto, Rafael Ibanes Moraes; Silva, Saulo Vieira Sep 1, 2008 3145
Childhood obesity in a South Florida Elementary School. Lewis, John E.; Filpes, Charlie May 1, 2008 805
THE FATS OF LIFE; Children face serious health problems as obesity soars. Apr 1, 2008 336
Efficiency of the diet therapy in the prevention and treatment in the atherosclerosis in obese children and adolescents/Eficiencia da dietoterapia na prevencao e no tratamento da aterosclerose em criancas e adolescentes obesos. Costa, Carla Fernandes; Batista, Carolina de Paula; Aguiar, Shirlei Estela Vieira Verissimo; Navarro Mar 1, 2008 7764
Prevalence of overweight in North Florida elementary and middle school children: effects of age, sex, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Johnson, Suzanne B.; Pilkington, Lorri L.; Deeb, Larry C.; Jeffers, Sheila; He, Jianghua; Lamp, Cami Report Nov 1, 2007 4222
Fight childhood obesity with school reports. Oct 23, 2007 474
New report shows rise in U.S. obesity rates: NLC working with city leaders to reverse childhood obesity epidemic. Karpman, Michael; Meade, Katie Sep 3, 2007 755
Evidence-guided approaches to addressing child obesity: what approaches can dietitians use in their everyday practice? Okely, Anthony D. Sep 1, 2007 1530
Family-focused weight management program for five- to nine-year-olds incorporating parenting skills training with healthy lifestyle information to support behaviour modification. Golley, Rebecca K.; Perry, Rebecca A.; Magarey, Anthea; Daniels, Lynne Case study Sep 1, 2007 4036
Asthma and obesity... the struggle continue. Monaco, John E. Sep 1, 2007 992
FAT IRISH KIDS NEED 42IN WAIST UNIFORMS; Obese pupils at risk warn experts HEALTH 1. Aug 29, 2007 445
City, school leaders gather to confront childhood obesity. Becerra, Carlos A. Jul 23, 2007 695
Obesity from childhood to adulthood. Farham, Bridget Jun 1, 2007 285
Children gain more weight in summer. Aria, Donya C. Brief article May 1, 2007 152
Fewer but larger meals may aid obese children. Dixon, Bruce K. May 1, 2007 475
Obesity in children/adolecents linked with risk of low vitamin B12. Boylan, Matthew Clinical report Mar 1, 2007 315
Mom's obesity dims child's weight-loss hopes. McNamara, Damian Jan 1, 2007 585
New action kit highlights municipal strategies for leaders to help combat childhood obesity. Karpman, Michael Nov 20, 2006 679
Childhood obesity epidemic. Sep 22, 2006 466
Controlling parents create fat kids. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 268
Fighting obesity: what schools can do. Aug 1, 2006 656
Hypertension seen in 31% of obese adolescents. Goldman, Erik May 1, 2006 628
Prevalence and degree of childhood and adolescent overweight in rural, urban, and suburban Georgia. Lewis, Richard D.; Meyer, Mary C.; Lehman, Salli C.; Trowbridge, Fredrick L.; Bason, James J.; Yurma Apr 1, 2006 6349
Taking action, getting active in our communities. Mar 1, 2006 1251
Kids and healthy lifestyles: how camps can help. Henderson, Karla A. Jan 1, 2006 4030
Trauma more severe, healing takes longer among obese. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Dec 1, 2005 464
Obesity is not a risk factor for chronic daily headache. Lerman, Debbie Dec 1, 2005 473
Exercise, obesity & children. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 217
Childhood obesity. Brownell, Kelly D. Jun 22, 2005 507
Obesity doesn't worsen child's asthma outcomes. Mahoney, Diana May 1, 2005 492
Childhood obesity: nine million kids in the U.S. are considered overweight. That's three times the number in 1980. Health officials call the growing rate of youth obesity a national crisis. Landauro, Victor Cover Story Mar 7, 2005 1648
Childhood obesity. McCabe, Suzanne Editorial Mar 7, 2005 99
Are you raising fit or fat kids? Oct 1, 2004 672
Soft drinks + fast food--do they add up to fat kids? Mangels, Reed Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 214
Community-based strategies for pediatric nurses to combat the escalating childhood obesity epidemic. Henry, Linda L.; Royer, Linda Mar 1, 2004 2588
Should soda be banned from schools? Brief Article Feb 23, 2004 329
Overweight U.S. kids, ages 6-19 years. Brief Article Feb 23, 2004 241
Dipstick urinalysis misses protein in obese children: renal disease on the rise. Mulcahy, Nicholas Jan 1, 2004 718
Childhood obesity on the rise. Reece, Beth Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 168
'Overweight' now federal child health statistic: annual 'America's children' report. Silverman, Jennifer Sep 1, 2003 777
Device allows adults to curb TV viewing, aid in obesity prevention: excessive Web surfing also a problem. Jancin, Bruce Sep 1, 2003 470
Obesity easier to treat in children: multicomponent behavioral program. Jancin, Bruce Sep 1, 2003 602
AAP weighs in on preventing childhood obesity: calculate and plot BMI yearly. Wachter, Kerri Sep 1, 2003 556
Type 2 diabetes is different in adolescents than in adults: higher comorbidity. McNamara, Damian Aug 1, 2003 489
Obesity and sexual maturation. Sagall, Richard J. Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 151
Television and food advertising: an international health threat to children? (Leading Article). Jun 1, 2003 1412
Development of the Australian standard definition of child/adolescent overweight and obesity. (Original Research). Baur, Louise A. Jun 1, 2003 3262
The child-fat problem. Eberstadt, Mary Feb 1, 2003 7777
Obesity onset corresponds with preexisting depression. (In Adolescence). Mahoney, Diana Feb 1, 2003 322
Obesity behind rise in incidence of primary hypertension. (Blacks, Hispanics at Highest Risk). McNamara, Damian Feb 1, 2003 678
A burger and fries: the increasing dilemma of childhood obesity. (For Parents Particularly). Blasi, Mary Jane Jan 1, 2003 1086
Obesity and asthma. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article May 15, 2002 153
Obesity and asthma. Sagall, Richard J. Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 176
Obesity: childhood epidemic. (Quick Studies). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 118
Check for insulin resistance syndrome in obese. (African American Children). Tucker, Miriam E. Feb 1, 2002 210
Higher BMI cuts response to LDL-lowering diet. (Those with High BMI Still Got Some Benefit). Mulcahy, Nicholas Dec 1, 2001 398
Risk factors for snoring. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 184
Type 2 diabetes: Why are growing numbers of young people developing it? Rosendahl, Iris Brief Article May 1, 2001 817
On Your Feet, Kids. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 296
HEALTH BEAT. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 662
Federal Initiative Aims to Get Children Moving. Splete, Heidi Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 187
Physicians Need to Step Up to the Plate on Obesity. DEMOTT, KATHRYN Brief Article Nov 15, 2000 994
What To Do If Your Child Is Too Fat. Hughes, Zondra Jul 1, 2000 1450
Childhood Obesity and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: A Review of the Science. Buiten, Cathy; Metzger, Bonnie Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 4055
Parental Perceptions of the Preschool Obese Child. Myers, Sue; Vargas, Zulma Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 4319
Asthma, Weight and Exercise. Jul 1, 1999 210
Asthma, Weight and Exercise. Jun 1, 1999 210
Weight Burdens the Young. May 15, 1999 124
Childhood Obesity. May 1, 1999 181
Childhood Obesity: A National Epidemic. Monaco, John E. Apr 1, 1999 699
Children & Heart Disease. Pellman, Harry Nov 1, 1998 101
Obesity -- A Critical Problem? Monaco, John E. Brief Article Mar 1, 1998 694
I'm a little chubby, and I think I need to lose weight. SerVaas, Cory Dec 1, 1995 221
Today's kids no worse for weight. Kleinman, Ronald Interview Dec 1, 1993 972

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