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Eating for Nerve Health: Can the right foods and nutrients help reduce nerve pain? Dennett, Carrie Sep 16, 2021 869
Delicious and Nutritious Fish and Seafood: The health benefits abound, but it's important to make informed choices. Mar 1, 2021 774
Omega-3 fatty acids for the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Jaca, A.; Harbron, J. Report Dec 1, 2020 1486
Maternal Supplementation with Polyphenols and Omega-3 Fatty Acids during Pregnancy: Effects on Growth, Metabolism, and Body Composition of the Offspring. Heras-Molina, Ana; Pesantez-Pacheco, Jose Luis; Astiz, Susana; Garcia-Contreras, Consolacion; Vazque Report Nov 1, 2020 11664
Effects of Low [omega]6:[omega]3 Ratio in Sow Diet and Seaweed Supplement in Piglet Diet on Performance, Colostrum and Milk Fatty Acid Profiles, and Oxidative Status. Nguyen, Thi Xuan; Agazzi, Alessandro; Comi, Marcello; Bontempo, Valentino; Guido, Invernizzi; Panser Nov 1, 2020 9614
Milk Replacer Supplementation with Docosahexaenoic Acid from Microalgae Does Not Affect Growth and Immune Status in Goat Kids. Moreno-Indias, Isabel; Hernandez-Castellano, Lorenzo E.; Sanchez-Maaas, Davinia; Morales-delaNuez, A Jul 1, 2020 6581
Healthier Fish Choices: Read up on these five low-mercury fish to include in your diet. Zanteson, Lori Jul 1, 2020 608
Three Nutrients That May Help Lower Triglycerides: Elevated triglycerides increase risk for cardiovascular disease. Thankfully, there are dietary changes that may help. Smith, Kristen N. Jul 1, 2020 845
Dysregulation in Plasma [omega]3 Fatty Acids Concentration and Serum Zinc in Heavy Alcohol-Drinking HCV Patients. Vatsalya, Vatsalya; Agrawal, Ruchita; Frimodig, Jane; Srivastava, Shweta; Schwandt, Melanie L. Jun 30, 2020 6422
Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Counteract Inflammatory and Oxidative Damage of Non-Transformed Porcine Enterocytes. Sundaram, Tamil Selvi; Giromini, Carlotta; Rebucci, Raffaella; Baldi, Antonella Jun 1, 2020 5622
What's the Best Source of Omega-3s? Can a vegetarian source of omega-3 compare with fish oil? Smith, Kristen N. Mar 19, 2020 972
Evaluating Impacts of Different Omega-6 to Omega-3 Fatty Acid Ratios in Corn-Soybean Meal-Based Diet on Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, Blood Profiles, Fecal Microbial, and Gas Emission in Growing Pigs. Nguyen, Dinh Hai; Yun, Hyeok Min; Kim, In Ho Report Jan 1, 2020 5469
Fish Oil Supplements May Do Your Heart Good. Sep 30, 2019 633
A Surprising New Source of Omega-3s. Canter, Len Report Sep 17, 2019 304
Comfort Food: These four nutrients can help soothe sore muscles. Thompson, Candice Sep 1, 2019 392
Metabolic Disturbances Identified in Plasma Samples from ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients. Goulart, Vania Aparecida Mendes; Santos, Anderson Kenedy; Sandrim, Valeria Cristina; Batista, Josima Jul 31, 2019 7206
What's Going on with Fish Oil and Heart Disease? Gaby, Alan R. Editorial May 1, 2019 1333
Healthy Brain Aging Tied to Better Nutrition. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 197
Omega-3's? Mangels, Reed Brief article Apr 1, 2019 246
Vitamins and Mineral Supplements for Retinitis Pigmentosa. Zhao, Ying; Feng, Kai; Liu, Ruibao; Pan, Jinhua; Zhang, Lailin; Lu, Xuejing Clinical report Mar 31, 2019 7675
Eicosapentaenoic acid and aspirin for colorectal adenomas. Danis, Nilay; Tekin, Fatih Report Feb 1, 2019 1160
Omega-3 and GLA Fatty Acids May Protect Against Autism. Brief article Feb 1, 2019 213
3 Basic Supplements for Better Moods: A low mood is more common in the winter months. But it may also signal a gap in your nutrition. Walsh, Kelle Jan 1, 2019 637
JUST ANOTHER FISH TALE? Daily fish oil, vitamin D don't measure up for primary prevention. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2018 1007
Thoughts at Large: Controversies in Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine: Issue #10: STILL ANOTHER UNDERAPPRECIATED SUPPLEMENT: DOCOSAHEXAENOIC ACID (DHA). Moss, Jeffrey Report Dec 1, 2018 2147
Omega-3s May Reduce Risk of Premature Birth. Dec 1, 2018 585
Omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy reduces preterm births. Tester, Jodie Author abstract Dec 1, 2018 474
Aspirin and omega-3 safe, lower bowel cancer risk: Study. Nov 21, 2018 333
Reducing DELAYED-ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS (DOMS) Through Nutrition. Sep 22, 2018 969
ARE FISH FRIEND OR FOE? Fears of contaminants make many shy away from seafood--unnecessarily. Feldscher, Karen Sep 1, 2018 1240
New Evidence Links Omega-3 and Lower Heart Rate. Sep 1, 2018 234
Higher Omega-3 Linked to Lower Mortality Risk. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 192
Research Roundup. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 274
Omega-3 Improves Mood, Sleep in Lupus Patients. Brief article May 1, 2018 204
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Apr 1, 2018 2076
Literature Review & Commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Apr 1, 2018 2626
Dietary supplements and their influence on our mental health. Petroaie, Antoneta Dacia; Cosmescu, Adriana; Coman, Elena Adorata; Bolos, Alexandra Report Mar 1, 2018 3579
An Update on the Use and Benefits of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids. Olivier, Rachel Report Mar 1, 2018 1634
Beyond Heart Health. Field, Sean Feb 1, 2018 4430
Fishing for Good Health: Eat a variety of safe, sustainable seafood for optimal health. Welland, Diane Jan 1, 2018 857
Effects of Oral Supplementation with Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) plus Antioxidants in Pseudoexfoliative Glaucoma: A 6-Month Open-Label Randomized Trial. Villadoniga, Stephanie Romeo; Garcia, Elena Rodriguez; Epelde, Olatz Sagastagoia; Diaz, M. Dolores A Jan 1, 2018 5532
Maresins: Specialized Proresolving Lipid Mediators and Their Potential Role in Inflammatory-Related Diseases. Tang, Shi; Wan, Ming; Huang, Wei; Stanton, R.C.; Xu, Yong Jan 1, 2018 5533
Is Oral Omega-3 Effective in Reducing Mucocutaneous Side Effects of Isotretinoin in Patients with Acne Vulgaris? Mirnezami, Mina; Rahimi, Hoda Report Jan 1, 2018 2748
Literature Review & Commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Dec 1, 2017 2554
Omega-3 Improves Amyloid Clearance. Brief article Nov 1, 2017 223
Higher Omega-3 Levels Linked to Lower Risk of Mortality. Brief article Oct 1, 2017 165
Omega-3 power: make sure your diet has ample sources of this important fat. Weisenberger, Jill Report Aug 1, 2017 543
Omega-3s--the latest. Brief article Jun 1, 2017 291
Effects of chronic stress on memory....... non-fish sources of omega-3....... essential tremor. Fava, Maurizio May 1, 2017 632
DHA for preemies? Brief article May 1, 2017 128
Omega-3 with citalopram in postmenopausal depression. Report Mar 1, 2017 521
Research roundup. Report Mar 1, 2017 278
Omega-3 heals the heart. Report Jan 1, 2017 180
Baseline Oxidative Stress Is Associated with Memory Changes in Omega-3 Fatty Acid Treated Coronary Artery Disease Patients. Mazereeuw, Graham; Herrmann, Nathan; Andreazza, Ana C.; Scola, Gustavo; Ma, David W.L.; Oh, Paul I.; Report Jan 1, 2017 4799
Beneficial Effects of 6-Month Supplementation with Omega-3 Acids on Selected Inflammatory Markers in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 1-3. Pluta, Agnieszka; Strozecki, Pawel; Kesy, Jacek; Lis, Kinga; Sulikowska, Beata; Odrowaz-Sypniewska, Report Jan 1, 2017 5599
Effects of a high protein and omega-3-enriched diet with or without creatine supplementation on markers of soreness and inflammation during 5 consecutive days of high volume resistance exercise in females. Hayward, Sara; Wilborn, Colin D.; Taylor, Lem W.; Urbina, Stacie L.; Outlaw, Jordan J.; Foster, Clif Report Dec 1, 2016 7578
Fish oil prevents seizures. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 215
A fish a day may keep the doctor away. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 213
Do "natural" remedies work for depression? Results are inconclusive, but studies suggest that some alternative meds may be safe and effective. Sep 1, 2016 751
Anti-inflammatory effects of DHA compared to EPA. Tester, Jodie Report Sep 1, 2016 647
Omega-3 supplementation in pregnancy and infancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Tester, Jodie Sep 1, 2016 456
SPMs: Resolving inflammation in the 21st century. Silverman, Robert G. Report Sep 1, 2016 1728
Role of omega-3 fatty acid in dry eye syndrome associated with meibomitis. Rai, Garima; Mishra, Deepak; Khandhadiya, Ketki; Kumar, Shailesh Report Aug 22, 2016 1783
Meta-analysis affirms association between omega-3 and lowered inflammation. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 236
Twelve weeks treatment outcome of omega-3 fatty acid in computer vision syndrome dry eye: an open label, randomized, controlled pilot study. Thakur, Anita; Agarwal, Ruchika; Jain, A.M.; Saxena, Nutan; Chauhan, Chitra Rani Report Jun 16, 2016 3128
Feed your flock to boost omega-3s: three poultry management rules will help you provide healthful, omega-3-maximized eggs and meat for your family and your customers. Brockman, Terra; Brewer, Josh Jun 1, 2016 1208
Fish compound hooks better sleep. Brief article May 1, 2016 285
DHA and photooxidative damage. Klotter, Jule Apr 1, 2016 601
Omega-3 fatty acids for dry eyes. Gaby, Alan R. Author abstract Apr 1, 2016 249
Omega-3 linked with improved survival following breast cancer. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 198
The wisdom of eating pastured meat. Apr 1, 2016 534
Some ovarian problems treatable through diet; Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can have a big impact on the life and health of women who have it. But diet changes, like eating less sugar and more omega 3 fatty acids, can reduce symptoms. Thalheimer, Judy Report Apr 1, 2016 808
Omega-3 fatty acids decrease risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Faloon, Chancellor Brief article Mar 1, 2016 271
Cord blood methylmercury and fetal growth outcomes in Baltimore newborns: potential confounding and effect modification by omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and sex. Wells, Ellen M.; Herbstman, Julie B.; Lin, Yu Hong; Jarrett, Jeffery; Verdon, Carl P.; Ward, Cynthia Report Mar 1, 2016 7853
Fish oil for rheumatoid arthritis. Gaby, Alan R. Author abstract Feb 1, 2016 257
Fish oil improves muscle mass in elderly people. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 182
Omega-3 fatty acids and the menopausal transition: clinical efficacy in depression and beyond. Gillingham, Leah Report Feb 1, 2016 4350
Omega-3 superstar of the plant world: while fish-based omega-3s bask in the limelight, plant-based omega-3s found in flax, chia, and walnuts offer potent benefits, too. Todd, Kaley Report Feb 1, 2016 412
Omega-3 fatty acid levels predict decreased arterial stiffness. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 200
Omega-3s & depression. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 101
Understanding the impact of omega-3 rich diet on the gut microbiota. Noriega, Blanca S.; Sanchez-Gonzalez, Marcos A.; Salyakina, Daria; Coffman, Jonathan Report Jan 1, 2016 3653
Omega-3s and mental health. Hudson, Tori Report Oct 1, 2015 3646
Effect of omega-3 supplementation on visfatin, adiponectin, and anthropometric indices in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Nadjarzadeh, Azadeh; Dehghani-Firouzabadi, Razieh; Daneshbodi, Hoorieh; Lotfi, Mohammad Hassan; Vazi Report Oct 1, 2015 5333
Muscles benefit from Omega-3. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 204
Use of omega-3 for improving behavioural outcomes in autism spectrum disorder in children: a review of the literature. Roux, Cherylle Report Sep 1, 2015 4186
Omega-3 essential for brain development. Brief article Aug 1, 2015 186
Meet stearidonic acid, the plant-based omega-3. Webb, Densie Report Jul 1, 2015 447
Eicosapentaenoic acid prevents arrhythmia after acute myocardial infarction. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article May 1, 2015 222
Omega-3s' therapeutic impact on eye care. Lahr, John W. Essay May 1, 2015 3279
Major cardiovascular disease events. Dudden, Carolyn; Jenkins, Peggy; Brzenk, Ronald Mar 22, 2015 413
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Jan 1, 2015 2284
Ask Dr. Nan. Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Dec 1, 2014 528
Anti-Aging Medicine: an anti-aging approach to alleviating arthritis. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Dec 1, 2014 1717
Fish oils and hot flashes; IBS and probiotics; cohosh and fibroids. Hudson, Tori Dec 1, 2014 2158
Omega-3s may reduce risk of Lou Gehrig's disease. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 201
Omega-3 supplements ease osteoarthritis pain in mice. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 210
Omega-3 fatty acids cut tobacco craving. Dye, D. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 188
Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: measuring blood levels to help man- age cardiovascular risk. Superko, H. Robert Sep 1, 2014 1540
Meta-analysis results indicate blood pressure reduction benefit for EPA/DHA. Dye, D. Abstract Jul 1, 2014 209
Are all fish oil supplements safe during pregnancy? Opperman, Maretha; Benade, Spinnler Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2014 532
Consume omega-3 fatty acids to help prevent brain atrophy. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 262
Omega-3 fatty acids improve myocardial function, oxidative stress in Rett syndrome. Dye, D. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 168
DHA improves children's sleep. Dye, D. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 187
Maximizing omega-3 health benefits. Knowlton, S.R. Report Jun 1, 2014 6460
Eating omega-3 fish oils may lessen artery calcification. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 154
Meta-analysis affirms association between omega-3 fatty acid supplementation and lower markers of inflammation. Dye, D. Brief article May 1, 2014 185
Primate brains show omega-3 benefit. Dye, D. Brief article May 1, 2014 192
Meta-analysis associates omega-3 fatty acid supplementation with lower risk of death from all causes over follow-up. Dye, D. May 1, 2014 193
New test measures how fast you are aging--and how well your anti-aging program works. May 1, 2014 1233
Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation of mothers and allergy programming for infants. Hudson, Tori May 1, 2014 411
Increased EPA/DHA, ALA associated with lower risk Of cardiovascular mortality. Dye, D. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 205
OMEGA-3 for Alzheimer's ... can surgery help epilepsy? New drug for alcholod dependence. Fava, Maurizio Column Apr 1, 2014 614
Flax: A wealth of ALA and lignans. Gamonski, william Report Mar 1, 2014 1957
Omega-3 fatty acids, alpha lipoic acid slow decline in alzheimer's disease patients. Dye D. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 165
Try this natural solution to painful rheumatoid arthritis. Jan 1, 2014 828
Carmen Fusco: the research scientist behind rejuvenex[R]. Jon; Finkel Interview Jan 1, 2014 6051
Impact of diet on prostate cancer risk and mortality. Faloon, William Dec 1, 2013 6582
Omega-3 fatty acid could help protect the brain from effects of alcohol. Dye, D. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 210
Lower diabetes risk found in men with higher omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels. Dye, D. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 177
More positive findings for EPA. Dye, D. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 195
Pre-op fatty acids, antioxidants help prevent post-operative atrial fibrillation. Dye, D. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 197
Beneficial Plant-based Omega-3s. Palmer, Sharon Nov 1, 2013 962
EPA improves insulin sensitivity and lowers blood glucose levels in overweight diabetics. Dye, D. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 184
Omega-3 deficiency could contribute to teen psychological disorders. Dye, D. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 213
Omega-3s linked to prostate cancer. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 166
Clinical lipidology update for the integrative practitioner. Mikolai, Jeremy Oct 1, 2013 5161
Women's health update: dry eye syndrome in women. Hudson, Tori Oct 1, 2013 2398
Fish oils linked to higher prostate cancer risk. Sep 1, 2013 140
Fish consumption and the risk of paediatric allergic disease. Sep 1, 2013 625
Omega-3 fatty acid and methotrexate-induced intestinal damage. Sep 1, 2013 670
Should you still recommend omega-3 supplements? Monaco, Julie; Mounsey, Anne; Kottenstette, Jennifer Bello Aug 1, 2013 1433
Meta-analysis reaffirms protective effect of preoperative omega-3 fatty acids against postoperative atrial fibrillation. Dye, D. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 191
Higher omega-3 levels linked with lower risk of dying over a 16-year period. Dye, D Brief article Jul 1, 2013 176
These foods, high in healthful fats, will be available soon at your local grocers. Jul 1, 2013 615
DHA supplementation and pregnancy outcomes. Finney-Brown, Tessa Brief article Jun 1, 2013 310
The relevance of serum levels of long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and prostate cancer risk: A meta-analysis. Chua, Michael E.; Sio, Maria Christina D.; Sorongon, Mishell C.; Morales, Marcelino L. Report May 1, 2013 5005
Higher omega-3 blood levels associated with lower risk of macular degeneration. Dye, D. Brief article May 1, 2013 158
Omega-3s and heart disease. Mangels, Reed Brief article Apr 1, 2013 283
Science by Ambush. Faloon, William Editorial Apr 1, 2013 2711
Omega-3 supplementation improves working memory in young adults. Dye, D. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 168
Omega-3 supplements slow biological clock. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 265
Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation improves marker of aging. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 177
DHA and arthritis. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 163
Omega-3s, from fish and pills. Palmer, Sharon Jan 1, 2013 1048
Q&A. Jan 1, 2013 699
All sugar is not the same--this kind harms your brain. Jan 1, 2013 843
Effects of [omega]-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on plasma proteome in Rett syndrome. De Felice, Claudio; Cortelazzo, Alessio; Signorini, Cinzia; Guerranti, Roberto; Leoncini, Silvia; Pe Report Jan 1, 2013 5535
A high-fat diet enriched with low omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio reduced fat cellularity and plasma leptin concentration in Sprague-Dawley rats. Tekeleselassie, A.W.; Goh, Y.M.; Rajion, M.A.; Motshakeri, M.; Ebrahimi, M. Report Jan 1, 2013 5926
DHA & arthritis. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 163
Nutrient formula improves cognitive function in older humans. Dye, D. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 214
Elena Pezzo's innovative thinking saves her brother and helps her find a new career. Finkel, Jon Dec 1, 2012 1317
Omega-3 fatty acids, heart disease, and mortality: a fishy meta-analysis. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial Dec 1, 2012 1152
DHA: an essential brain food. Stokel, Kirk Report Nov 1, 2012 3976
DHA status of vegetarians. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 267
Bioequivalence of docosahexaenoic acid from different algal oils in capsules and in a DHA-fortified food. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 231
Algal-oil capsules and cooked salmon: nutritionally equivalent sources of docosahexaenoic acid. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 219
A meta-analysis shows that docosahexaenoic acid from algal oil reduces serum triglycerides and increases HDL-cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol in persons without coronary heart disease. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 208
Endogenous signaling by omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid-derived mediators sustains homeostatic synaptic and circuitry integrity. Nov 1, 2012 297
Docosahexaenoic acid promotes hippocampal neuronal development and synaptic function. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 201
Fatty acid supplement lowers inflammation. Oct 1, 2012 359
Fish oil's health benefits: groundbreaking study reveals new mechanism behind. Bronwell, Logan Report Sep 1, 2012 6276
Fishing for omega-3 supplements from marine algae. Sep 1, 2012 465
Omega-6:omega-3 dietary ratio. Sep 1, 2012 239
Omega-3 fatty acids as adjunctive therapy for depression. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 285
Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation appears to attenuate particulate air pollution--induced cardiac effects and lipid changes in healthy middle-aged adults. Tong, Haiyan; Rappold, Ana G.; Diaz-Sanchez, David; Steck, Susan E.; Berntsen, Jon; Cascio, Wayne E. Report Jul 1, 2012 7342
Omega-3 fatty acids also beneficial for polycystic ovary syndrome. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 240
Omega-3 fatty acids for depression. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 285
Fish oil does not increase risk of bleeding during surgery. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 235
Canadian researchers prevent age-related vision loss in lab tests. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 210
Seafood, best catch for health: aim for at least two servings of protein-rich, low-saturated-fat seafood every s week to boost heart and brain health and enhance mood. Ruhs, Barbara Report May 1, 2012 1251
Balance your fats to resist AD: consuming more omega-3 fats and limiting omega-6, saturated, and trans fats can help protect the brain. May 1, 2012 784
Omega-3, vitamin A slow the progression of devastating eye disease. Dye, D. Brief article May 1, 2012 182
Study to analyze benefits of vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids in older men and women. Dye, D. Brief article May 1, 2012 191
Role of lipoxins and resolvins as anti-inflammatory and Proresolving mediators in colon cancer. Brief article May 1, 2012 262
Omega 3s: substantial past, impressive future: a robust industry looks to support new health claims through science while confronting sustainability and communication challenges. Schutt, Ellen Apr 1, 2012 2919
Wellness essentials personalized daily nutrition. Apr 1, 2012 253
Eat more fish to improve your heart health and lower your cancer risk: helping older adults lead happier, healthier lives. Apr 1, 2012 773
Fish--the "fintastic" brain food: consuming cold-water fish at least once a week may lower risk for cognitive decline, stroke, depression and more. Apr 1, 2012 853
Fish oil may hold key to leukemia cure. Finkel, J. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 194
Omega-3 improves peripheral nerve injury recovery. Dye, D. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 173
Synthetic alpha tocopherol shown to increase prostate cancer risk: we predicted this outcome! Faloon, William Clinical report Mar 1, 2012 6979
Small increase in daily omega-3 results in large reduction in arrhythmia-related events and fatal heart attack risk in diabetic patients. Dye, D. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 226
Certain nutrients could help protect your brain. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 171
Omega-3 fats and vitamins boost brain function. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 142
The long-chain omega-3s and depression fact or fiction? Mar 1, 2012 1235
An infancy essential. Mar 1, 2012 1895
Neurological benefits seen. Brief article Jan 16, 2012 122
The alpha to omega of krill. Jan 1, 2012 1397
Omega-3 fatty acids dont prevent heart problems. Dec 2, 2011 369
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Dec 1, 2011 2310
Growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality in broilers, fed flaxseed meal. D., Mridula; Kaur, Daljeet; Nagra, S.S.; Barnwal, P.; Gurumayum, Sushma; Singh, K.K. Report Nov 17, 2011 5735
The inflammatory factor underlying most cancers. Hoffnung, David Nov 1, 2011 4346
Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation associated with decreased cognitive decline in older men and women. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 157
Meta-analysis adds evidence to association between omega-3 supplementation and homocysteine reduction. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 178
Omega-3 Fatty Acid protects brain from severe stroke damage. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 200
Anti-ache recipe: a diet rich in omega-3s wards off inflammation. Wozny, Nancy Nov 1, 2011 508
The controversy associated with the oxidation of EPA and DHA oils. Nov 1, 2011 1034
Not all omega-3-fortified foods are created equal: ALA vs. DHA and EPA. Oct 1, 2011 496
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Oct 1, 2011 1905
Anti-Aging Medicine: An anti-aging approach to depression. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Oct 1, 2011 1360
This healthful fish can give you cancer. J.A., Foran Report Oct 1, 2011 1243
The effect of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on the inflammatory response to eccentric strength exercise. Jouris, Kelly B.; McDaniel, Jennifer L.; Weiss, Edward P. Report Sep 1, 2011 5413
Why is EFSA evaluating the safety of long-chain omega-3s? Sep 1, 2011 956
The battle of the omega-3s. Sep 1, 2011 595
To date, there are in excess of 20,000 published studies on omega-3, more than 8000 of which are human clinical trials. Sep 1, 2011 870
Algal DHA Omega-3 for every stage of life. Sep 1, 2011 929
Our omega-3 future sustainable, clean and healthy. Sep 1, 2011 1705
Eating fatty acids, nutrients during pregnancy cuts breast cancer risk in daughters. Aug 4, 2011 292
Omega-3 fatty acids protect against obesity-related disease. Dye, D. Report Jul 1, 2011 192
Fish oil pumps up responses to breast cancer drug tamoxifen. Finkel, J. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 267
Science versus politics. lsmail, Adam Jul 1, 2011 844
To serve and protect sourcing sustainable moega-3: Dr Kevin Robinson spoke with Matts Johansen, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Aker BioMarine, to discover more about the company and its product for the nutraceutical market: Superba Krill. Robinson, Kevin Interview Jul 1, 2011 1243
Two nutrients your heart will appreciate. Jul 1, 2011 1429
A question of cardiovascular health. Robinson, Kevin Interview Jul 1, 2011 1239
Dietary omega-3 fatty acids aid in the modulation of inflammation and metabolic health. Zivkovic, Angela M.; Telis, Natalie; German, J. Bruce; Hammock, Bruce D. Report Jul 1, 2011 5175
Asthma patients with specific genotypes identified for fish oil treatment trial. Fortenko, Olga; Zeki, Amir; Schuster, Gertrud; Davis, Cristina; Allayee, Hooman; Stephensen, Charles Report Jul 1, 2011 4603
DHA-rich fish oil improves complex reaction time in female elite soccer players. GuzmAn, Jose F.; Esteve, Hector; Pablos, Carlos; Pablos, Ana; Blasco, Cristina; Villegas, Jose A. Report Jun 1, 2011 3685
Fish for eyes. Brief article May 1, 2011 212
Women's health update. Hudson, Tori Report May 1, 2011 3396
The power of omega-3 phospholipids: omega-3 fatty acids from Superba Krill Oil show increased bioavailability compared with triglyceride omega-3s. May 1, 2011 1431
Chia seed: the new omega-3 powerhouse. May 1, 2011 1503
Omega-3 fatty acids essential for healthy mood. Wagner, E. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 144
Omega-3 fatty acids In vegetarians and vegans. Brief article Mar 22, 2011 178
Greater omega-3 fatty acid intake associated with protection against advanced age-related macular degeneration. Dye, D Brief article Mar 1, 2011 203
Breakthrough natural approaches to longevity: the role of natural health therapeutics in anti-aging medicine. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Feb 1, 2011 1498
DHA improves stroke recovery. Dye, D. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 175
Fish oil packs a punch. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 243
Fish oil didn't help postpartum depression. Moon, Mary Ann Jan 1, 2011 699
Omega-3s miss the mark. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 318
Gamma-tocopherol and docosahexaenoic acid decrease inflammation in dialysis patients. Report Jan 1, 2011 273
Omega-3 DHA and EPA for cognition, behavior, and mood: clinical findings and structural functional synergies with cell membrane phospholipids. Report Jan 1, 2011 265
Researchers get more than $780,000 for breast cancer studies. Jan 1, 2011 470
Brain claims headache. Ismail, Adam Jan 1, 2011 660
Omega-3 supplements may not slow Alzheimer's disease. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 135
DHA through pregnancy for maternal depression and neurodevelopment. Murphy, Kathleen Report Dec 22, 2010 788
Reports available. Report Dec 1, 2010 377
Omega-3 fails to prevent recurrent atrial fib. Wendling, Patrice Dec 1, 2010 582
Good gums. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 162
Can fish oil fight depression? Hirt, Megan Brief article Dec 1, 2010 312
Prenatal fish oil didn't improve infant cognitive scores. Moon, Mary Ann Nov 1, 2010 568
U.S. Army approves Omega 3 study. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 111
What does it mean? Nov 1, 2010 796
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Nov 1, 2010 2089
Fish oil ups risk of colon cancer in mice. Oct 6, 2010 238
Vegetarians less likely to be depressed or stressed. Mangels, Reed Brief article Oct 1, 2010 188
Greater omega-3 fatty acid intake associated with delayed age-related hearing loss. Dye, Dayna Brief article Sep 1, 2010 173
Say what? Brief article Sep 1, 2010 227
Omega-3 fatty acids increase brain volume: while reversing many aspects of neurologic aging. Goepp, Julius Aug 1, 2010 2458
Omega-3 fatty acids increase brain volume: while reversing many aspects of neurologic aging. Goepp, Julius Aug 1, 2010 2085
Journal abstracts: omega-3 fatty acids for major depressive disorder during pregnancy: results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Abstract Aug 1, 2010 338
Journal abstracts: ethyl-eicosapentaenoic acid for the treatment of psychological distress and depressive symptoms in middle-aged women: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial. Report Aug 1, 2010 310
Journal abstracts: omega-3 treatment of childhood depression: a controlled, double-blind pilot study. Report Aug 1, 2010 152
Journal abstracts: deficits in docosahexaenoic acid and associated elevations in the metabolism of arachidonic acid and saturated fatty acids in the postmortem orbitofrontal cortex of patients with bipolar disorder. Report Aug 1, 2010 230
Journal abstracts: omega-3 fatty acids in bipolar disorder: a preliminary double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Report Aug 1, 2010 154
Journal abstracts: omega-3 fatty acid treatment and T(2) whole brain relaxation times in bipolar disorder. Report Aug 1, 2010 166
Journal abstracts: omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid in bipolar depression: report of a small open-label study. Report Aug 1, 2010 277
Journal abstracts: omega-3 fatty acids for bipolar disorder. Report Aug 1, 2010 418
Journal abstracts: efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids in mood disorders-a systematic review and metaanalysis. Report Aug 1, 2010 281
Journal abstracts: reduced mania and depression in juvenile bipolar disorder associated with long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation. Report Aug 1, 2010 158
Journal abstracts: efficacy of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on improvement of bipolar symptoms: a systematic review. Report Aug 1, 2010 146
Supplements linked to reduced breast cancer risk - research. Jul 8, 2010 177
Increased omega-3 intake may improve kidney health for diabetics. Finkel, Jon Brief article Jul 1, 2010 173
Omega-3s may reduce the risk of colon cancer: the anti-inflammatory fatty acids appear to have many other health benefits, too. Jul 1, 2010 682
Fish oil may ward off schizophrenia: omega-3 fatty acids in the oil may prevent brain changes associated with the chronic mental disorder. Jul 1, 2010 413
Understanding the Omegas. Jul 1, 2010 1355
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Innovative strategies to combat kidney disease. Goepp, Julius Report May 1, 2010 1315
Optimize your omega-3 status: personalized blood test reveals a novel cardiac risk factor. Goepp, Julius Report May 1, 2010 3769
Optimize your omega-3 status: personalized blood test reveals a novel cardiac risk factor. Goepp, Julius Report May 1, 2010 1697
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Higher omega-3 fatty acid levels correlated with reduced telomere shortening rate. Dye, Dayna Brief article Apr 1, 2010 175
EFSA publishes more health claim opinions. Apr 1, 2010 341
Funds boost Research into cognitive decline. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 355
Infant IQ differences not linked to fatty acids. Thompson, June Abstract Apr 1, 2010 406
Balancing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Mar 22, 2010 1170
Omega-3 fatty acids: the whole package: the omega-3 fortification of packaged foods shows strong growth, despite the recession! Cover story Mar 1, 2010 2003
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EPA and DHA needed for optimal nervous system function. Dye, Dayna Brief article Mar 1, 2010 190
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